A Healthy Marriage [MF]

Seated at the head of the table, he’d often look over the faces of his writers room with pride and satisfaction. This was all he ever wanted for so damn long. But, in this moment, all he wanted was his wife.

No, not “wanted”. He was far beyond “want”, and “need”, and “desire”, and the like. Anguish. That was the word. The replayed fantasies, the too frequent trips to the restroom, the lost moments in meetings and conversations, the pants-tenting thoughts, the throbbing. Each one an everyday hazard of being away from that beautiful face of hers, but, today, right fucking now, he anguished for her. He could feel every bit of what he was missing by being here. The bickering between writers that had overtaken the room… compared to the thought of her nails digging into his back.

Unable to resolve their differences on their own, the writers turned to him for resolution. Tempted to admit he hadn’t been listening and unload on them the deviance that had taken precedence, he instead urged them all to “sleep on it” and dismissed the room early. He waited for them all to leave to spare them his forthright erection, but there would be no further delay between him and the woman he desperately needed to fill up.

He returned to their beautiful home and found her squatting along to a workout video on one of the balconies overlooking their vast and private property. He salivated over the sexy site of her, her chocolate skin glistening with sweat in the light of the sun that paled in comparison to her own. He wanted to grab the twists that framed her face and bend her over the railing but fixated on her lovely breasts. Salivating was quickly overflowing into drooling.

She wore a shortly cropped top, cropped so shortly that its tattered hem was barely enough to cover her nipples. Still, enough to deny him the peek he pined for. The curvature of her underboob, though, was all too visible. He loved them both so much, and would remind them of his fervor with his tongue soon enough.

Her headphones kept her in the zone and unaware of his presence. He wanted to surprise her anyway. Little did he know, she wanted the same. She was very much focused on feeling the burn in her thighs, but also fond of the sudden vanishing of her shorts and appearance of her husband’s dick in the perfect position for her to squat down on every inch of it. She figured the workout would be more fun that way.

The digression of his mal-mannered mind, brought his attention to down her back and to her round, ample ass. How it tested the limits of her undersized shorts each time she dropped it low. He Imagined cradling his fingers right under her pussy, sliding his hands up to the bare bottom of her cheek that her little shorts failed to contain and getting a handful… just before doing so. She shuddered as she squatted deeper into his hand.

She craned her neck back as far as she could to feel the lips of the man she loved. The lush, flowery backdrop accentuated her beauty and lustful eyes so well. He knocked away her headphones and reciprocated in kind, lips, and tongue. She pressed her ass into his crotch as he pressed his hands beneath her shirt. He groaned in her ear, delighting in both.

She twisted around to face him, offering him yet another beautiful view of the love of his life. He delighted in that too. He pulled her back in. One hand losing itself in the fluff of her ass, the other drawing on her hair, while his lips lined her neck with his love. He inched his way up, but she and her body yearned for him to change course, to head south, for said lips to come ‘round one of the mountains perched on her chest, and unleash its tongue on the brown peak. He knew her, thus he knew as much, but wanted her to wait, for her yearning to build. He wouldn’t dare let her anticipation go to waste. Still, she tried nudging him to her breast, so he bit her lip when he arrived at his destination as punishment for her impatience. And as a reward for being so fucking irresistable, a long, passionate, breath-stealing, tongue-sucking kiss.

She was the one that left him yearning for more this time as she pushed him back against the railing and sashayed back into the bedroom. Before he could possibly think to do anything else, he started to follow her but first needed to abide by her rules.

“Uhn-uhn. Clothes stay on the balcony.”

“But yours stay on?” he asked.

No sooner did he say it, did she bend over for his viewing pleasure and, at a painfully petered pace, peel her shorts from her plump ass and pretty pussy. She then clasped onto her ankles and readied herself with wishful guesses as to what he’d do with her first and how each inch of it would feel.

He was spellbound by the shape of a heart he saw in her ass and thighs. His undeniable urge to fill that heart with his love freed him to fling his clothes off the balcony and come sliding in at her feet. She knew she’d guessed wrong when she felt him spreading her ass from his knees, but it wasn’t her fault the thought of his dick inside her was too pleasing to get past.

He teased them both with just a taste at first before diving his tongue into the pink of her pussy. Her legs almost gave out immediately, like it were actually a viable option. He supported her by wrapping both arms around her thighs and pulling the depths of her pussy further down his tongue and inviting more of her growing appetite for him to flow down his chin and throat. The melody of her moans and the tremble of her legs paired well with the taste.

He began taking his tongue up and down her pussy. With each descent, he’d get closer to her clit. She had a love-hate relationship with his earth-shattering way of toying with her body. She wanted everything, all he had to offer and all of him, without delay. Every time, though, he’d draw it out, and it felt so goddamn good that it only made her more impatient. Finally he made contact with her clit, but the fucker only grazed it before going back up. He brought his tongue down once more and was no longer coy about giving her clit the attention it deserved. He spanked her ass, then enveloped her clit in his tongue. He caressed it good with his tongue, every bit of her body language told him so. He simultaneously sucked and flicked it with sensational speed, and put her on a direct course to heaven. She erupted in orgasm.

He lowered her to knees for a brief, spasmic rest. Her body was still quaking when he delved his dick between her dripping lips from behind. He took hold of her waist and went to town. The clap of her ass against his body – the sound, the feeling. It was nothing new to him but felt no less unreal than the first time. Every deep plunge felt better than the last.

“I love fucking you.” he reminded.

“I love when you cum for me. Please cum for me. Show me how fucking good this fucking pussy feels.” she demanded.

“I love you.” he replied.

“Cum for me!” she again demanded.

“I’m gonna cum!”

He could feel the intensity building within him within her, swelling from the base of his dick, urged by how fucking well she took it and her eargasmic orders. Said feeling crescendoed at the tip.

“I’m cumming!”

He couldn’t see her, but her face was alight with pride and endorphins as he came inside her, still thrusting away. It was draining in more ways than one, but his exhaustion was playing second fiddle to his lust.

He gave her ass a hard pop, and she flipped over to face him just as he intended. He stood and picked her up with him onto his deck. Her feet over his head, he slowly moved in and out of her. Between kisses, he’d ask–

“Did you like it?” and she’d reciprocate his deep gaze with her own and a nod.

“Do you want more?” he asked, and, again, she nodded.

“Show me how much you want this dick.”

Without parting from the warm grip of her pussy, he laid back onto the canopy bed. She promptly straddled him. He could not get enough of looking up at her. She knew it too, but reading it on his face was such a turn on. She bounced her ass on his thighs and etched the look even deeper into his face. His mouth agape, eyes pleading for more and more. The flawless bounce of her full flawless breasts against that little crop top, the glimpses and peeks at her nipples drove him mad, and his madness for him drove him up and down his dick even faster and harder. She reached up and took hold of the beds overhead beams for optimal dick-riding leverage. It was hard to keep up the pace, but her pussy would have it no other way. She needed it hard and fast far more than her arms and thighs needed a reprieve

She leaned forward, and he wrapped his arms around her and his lips around her nipple. She’d waited so so so so long to feel his mouth on her chest, and, just as he intended, her anticipation was not wasted on him. It felt unbelievably better than she even hoped.

His tongue was drunk on its admiration for her perfect, brown, breasts topped with milk chocolate. It would fall into a rhythm – up down up down up down – over the nipple and areola before losing control and sucking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could with his tongue running circles upon circles around its beloved nipple.

The dick-tongue tag team was wrestling control from her too. Another orgasm was just on the horizon. He slid a hand down her spine, caressed the small of her back, eased into one cheek for understandably longer than intended, moved to the crack of her lovely ass, slid his middle finger down the middle, and got a good grip. He forced her down when he thrusted up. She loved it so much. The godawfully sexy utterances her lips were helpless to contain begged him to do it again and again and again and harder and again and harder and again and again and again and again until she screamed from the bottom of her full heart, disturbing flocks of birds from the trees on the property.

As her orgasm echoed over her body, she threw her lips down to his. He spanked her ass as he indulged in the magic of her tongue until she was ready to finish the job.

Biting her lip, she smiled down at him. She rose from his dick and leapt down to take it on her mouth. He so desperately wanted to watch her enjoy him from yet another orifice, but he failed to keep his pupils out of the back of his head.

“You feel so fucking go.” he said. “I want to cum in your mouth so bad. Don’t you want me pouring down your throat?”

Without speaking a word, she responded orally. He could feel her enthusiasm in the thoroughness of her mouth, the slow stroke of her hand. He held his breath. She could tell he was loving it too by how much appreciation he filled her mouth with as he roared and moaned. She salivated and swallowed her bountiful bounty, then lied on his chest.

Her proud, him immobilized, both of them pulsating with ecstasy. He cradled his index under her chin, pulled her face up to his, and their mouths enjoyed more of the other until the last of their energy was spent.