A Knight in shining armor [MF]

I stumbled into town with a sword on my back, a few coins in my pocket, and an empty stomach. The sun was just setting and rain was lightly falling making the dirt path even muddier and full of shit. There was a small tavern not far away so I made my way over to it and kicked some of the shit off my boots before entering, I didn’t want to make a bad impression. As I entered everyone inside looked at me with disgust, I suppose they didn’t really like outsiders around here. I tried to keep to myself and just sat down at an empty table just trying to get some food in me but it didn’t turn out like that. A man with a hood over his face walked up to me and sat down next to me, I thought maybe he was running this place so I asked for whatever food they had hot but he just shook his head. 

“You’re not going to find any food here.” He tells me.
“Why not?” I ask.
“There’s been some bad business recently but you look the type that might be able to help.” He says. 
“Why would you think that?” I ask.
“Well you have that sword on your back not to mention those scars on your face and those eyes that look they’re ready to spill blood at a moments notice.” He says.
“I can’t argue with that logic. What exactly is the problem?” I ask.
“Follow me.” He says.
“Tell me your name first.” I say.
“Elwood, and yours?” He says.
“Call me Morgan.” I say.

This hooded man walks out of the tavern and leads me further into this small town, the rain is starting to fall harder and I can see lighting strikes in the distance. I start to question where we’re going but he doesn’t answer me. As we pass the houses in town they all shut the doors and cover their windows as we pass. Thats when I see the small castle as the edge of town, it isn’t even a real castle but just a single tower with a few guards standing outside. The hooded man nods his head and the guards admit us into the tower where we can finally get out of the rain. Still unsure exactly what I’m doing here I just continue to follow this hooded man where he leads me into this hall where a fat old man with a bronze crown resting on his bald head sits on a large wooden throne. The hooded man tosses off his hood revealing a long thick mane of silver hair, he kneels in front of this fat man with his head down.

“Lord Rivers I found an answer to our prayers.” Elwood says.
“Who is this? He doesn’t look like a knight” Rivers says.
“Thats because I’m not a knight.” I say.
“I wasn’t talking to you.” Rivers says.
“We aren’t going to find any knights around her anytime soon. This is Morgan and he may be our only hope to find your daughter.” Elwood explains standing up. 
“Can someone explain whats going on. I just want some food in my belly and some coins in my pocket.” I say.
“My daughter is missing and a gang of bandits are raiding any and every shipment of food that is on its way to my land.” Rivers says.
“And you think the two might be related.” I say.
“So finally a man with a sword that can actually think for a change. Yes they are related I know it. Find my daughter and you’ll have all the food and coin you could ask for.” Rivers says.

With that he excused himself to his quarters and I was left alone with Elwood who gave me a few more details. Rivers daughter was a maid of nineteen who was apparently quite beautiful with short curly dark hair. Her name was Emilia and she only disappeared a few nights ago with out a trace, the only clue was a family ring that was found on her bed the morning she was discovered missing. Sounded fishy to me but I was hungry and I needed some coin so I started on my quest. 

If there was a gang raiding everything that was on its way to town that meant they had to be camped out pretty close. I passed a forest on may way into the village so I thought that might be my first stop. As soon as I was at the edge of the forest I knew something was waiting for me inside, almost as if I felt a presence watching me. I took a few steps into the forest watching everywhere I stepped, I kept my sword sheathed on my back remembering my mentor who taught me only to take your sword out if you truly meant to use it. I had only walked about a hundred yards into the dark forest when I hear a faint noise to my left, I turned to see what it was but before I could see anything I felt cold steel on my neck. 

“No funny business OK” I hear a voice whisper in my ear. 
“Don’t worry I haven’t cracked a joke for years.” I say.
“Real cute. What are you doing here?” The voice asks.
“I’m looking for a woman named Emilia.” I say. 
“Emilia huh? I can take you to her alright.” The voice says. 

The steel is taken away from my throat but I feel a sharp point stick me in the back and I feel a hand push me in a direction to walk. As I walk I start to see other figures step out from the trees and bushes watching and studying me. After a couple hundred yards of walking with a knife to my back I finally reach a camp of sorts. Several men and women sit around a fire talking and eating, they all turn to look at me when I appear in front of them. They all start to whisper and chatter while looking at me before going back to eating. I am thrust in front of a tent when I feel the knife fall away from my back. 

“Emilia is in there.” The voice tells me before pushing me inside. 

Inside the tent a young woman lays on a makeshift bed, her head is held up by her arm as she flips through some parchment. Emilia looks at me as I enter and tosses the parchment she was reading to the side.

“Are you supposed to be my knight in shining armor?” Emilia asks.
“Well I’m not a knight and my armor is covered in shit so I don’t think so.” I say.
I see a cute smile spread across her face as she stands up and walks towards me. Emilia wears a tight black pants with a dark blue top, a violet necklace is around her neck that falls right between the cleavage of her small breasts.
“Did my father send you?” Emilia asks. 
“Yes he did. He seemed quite worried but it doesn’t seem like your in a whole lot of danger.” I say.
“Thats because I’m not in danger. What did you tell you?” She asks.
“That you disappeared one night and he thought that some bandits might have something to do with it.” I say.
“That dumb bitch. I told him I wasn’t going to be apart of his life anymore and that I want something bigger in my life that just to sit around a tower and tell servants what to do.” Emilia tells me. 
“And what is this bigger thing in life?” I ask.
“To steal from the rich and give it to the people.” She tells me.
“But I the town is starving and your bandits are stealing precious food.” I say.
“Again thats a lie my father told you. For years the village has been starving my father takes most of the food and gives the people the scraps he doesn’t want. I’ve been giving the food back to the people in secret. Who do think fights for me? Common bandits? No its the people in the village that decided enough was enough and to fight back for whats theirs.” Emilia tells me. 
“Seems pretty noble of you.” I say.
“What did my father promise you if you found me safe and sound?” Emilia asks me. 
“Food and Coin.” I answer.
“Well I can give you some food, I don’t have much coin but I can give you the fuck of your life.” Emilia tells me. 
“A fuck?” I ask.
“Look I can’t fuck any of the men or women here they wouldn’t take me seriously as their leader anymore but I have the same needs as everyone else. Your attractive and I bet you haven’t gotten laid in a while, so what do you say?” Emilia says.

Soon enough Emilia’s pants are off and her legs are spread wide in front of me. I get down on my knees and find her genitals with my mouth. I press my tongue against her clit and move it back and forth making her wet. I feel her hands grab a hold of my hair and push my head right in the spot that she wants it. Emilia starts to moan as I continue to lick her wet pussy, I watch as she slides her top off revealing her small tits. She plays with her nipples as my tongue continues to pleasure her, her legs start to shake and her moans get even louder. I push a finger slowly inside her tight pussy moving it back and forth and she looses it. 

“Fuuuuuck!!!” Emilia screams. 

Emilia’s legs quiver and shake uncontrollably and I can tell she climaxed. I stand up while taking off my pants, my cock has been rock hard since the moment I first saw her. I slap the head of my cock against her wetness before I push inside her. Her pussy is so tight and wet around my cock as I thrust deeper inside her. Her small breasts fly up and down as I pick up speed and really start to fuck her. The moans of pleasure are getting so loud I’m sure everyone else camped here knows what we’re doing. All of a sudden Emilia moves away from me and my cock falls out of her pussy. I watch as she gets down on her knees puts my cock in her mouth. She takes my cock nice and deep in her mouth and it feels incredible. It only last for a few moments before she gets back up and bends over. I get the hint and slap her ass before I find her pussy again with my cock. I thrust hard inside her and she screams with pleasure. I grab a hold of her thin hips and start to thrust even harder in and out of her pussy. I start spanking her again and again making her ass red with my hand. I don’t know how much longer I can go on fucking this beautiful woman but before I even have a choice I feel her pussy tighten around the shaft of my cock. Emilia turns her head to look back at me.

“I”m going to cum again.” Emilia says.
“I’m about to cum too.” I say.
“Cum all you want.” She says.

I thrust as hard as I can into her and I watch as her legs start to shake under me. My cock is about to explode when I hear her finally scream again.

“I’M CUMMMMING!!!!” Emilia screams.

I take that as my cue and let my cock cum inside her. I thrust in and out of her for the next minute or two as we both finish cumming on one another. When I’m done she falls off my cock and onto the bed she was laying, I lay down next to her admiring her amazing body. 

“Well that was fun.” She said.
“Glad I could help.” I say.
“Why don’t we get some food in you and maybe give you one more fuck for the road.” 
“I’d like that.” I say.