A stranger online [FM and power-play]

I would get an anonymous message and a package to meet someone in a high end hotel room. The package contains sexy lingerie, blindfold, cuffs, flavored massage oil and sex toys.

I have to follow the instruction and do exactly what he wants me to do. I show up freshly showered, in the sexy lingerie and my signature red lip.
When I come the room I’m supposed to get undressed in the bathroom, just keeping the lingerie on. Then I will climb up on the tall king sized bed, put toys and massage oil on the night table, put on my blindfold and cuff myself to the bed, arms over my head.

After a while I will hear a keycard open the door, a man entering and locking and bolting the door. I will hear him undress and walking around in the room. Then I will hear clicking of a camera. He see I’m straining to hear everything, he reminds Me to not to speak in a husky voice, if I’m not going to say the safeword I’m supposed to keep my mouth shut.
I hear him walking around in the room, doing something I can’t pinpoint.

I feel the bed dip, and soft lips are kissing me while hands are roaming my body. He keeps squeezing my large tits with big hands, brushing my nipples with his thumbs, the soft cups don’t hide my stiffening nipples. I feel something cold and sharp against my skin, a knife? He is cutting off my underwear and rips the scraps of my body. 
I’m totally naked now, helpless and at his mercy. I hear more clicking of the camera, he is documenting everything.
I feel him pouring cold liquid on my body, and my whole body gets goose bumps. He massages the oil from my feet up to my neck with rough hands, it feels amazing. He takes special care on my tits, massage them, pulling lightly on my nipples, pushing them together and squeezing them. When I feel a bearded face and a hot mouth on one nipple, I catch my breath and bow my back, he has nipped it with sharp teeth before he lathes the stiff peek with a tick warm tongue, before doing the same to the other.
I feel him moving to the end of the bed before gripping my ankles, forcing them up and apart. He groaned -Fuck! You are so wet for me already. Before moving up on the bed, he uses his thick hairy thighs to keep me open to his view, I can hear him Taking pictures while rubbing his thumb over my sex and rubbing my clit, laughing when I jumps and moan loudly.
He moves closer and starts rubbing at the head of his dick on my clit, he is so warm and hard, he uses his whole cock rubbing over my pussy.
I can feel one, then two finger prodding mine entrance, then slowly start fingering me while checking if I’m ready for his cock, he use the other hand to squeeze and pinch my nipples.
I can’t do anything but feel, and I have never been so horny before.
He suddenly stops, using pillows under my butt, building me up. Before gripping my thighs roughly, place my feet flat on his shoulders and spreads me wide.
Then he plunges inside me with one fast hard stroke. He groans loudly while I cry out in pleasure and pain, it hurt so good. He doesn’t give me any time to adjust, just keep hammering in and out of my pussy and groping my tits in his big hands. It’s like he is possessed, groaning and telling me that he, like his little fuck toy. 
When my pussy starts rippling around his cock with my beginning orgasm, he cums With a shout, and keep pumping my pussy full of his cum, before pulling out and laughing evilly when I curse him out for not letting me cum.
He pulls me to the side giving me a sharp slap on my left butt cheek, reminding me to keep my mouth shut.

I bite my lip, feeling frustrated and annoyed. Then I feel something hard and cool between my thighs, I think it’s one of the toys. He tells me to spread for him, and lies between my thighs, face to my pussy. -I love seeing your cunt dripping with my cum. He turns on the vibrating dildo, lazily rubbing it from my cunt and up to my clit. I moan and wiggle, trying to get him to focus on my clit, but he is taking his time, plunging the toy in and out of my tight hole, Before taking it out and up to my clit again. He did this over and over. Getting me so mindless with lust, I whimper and moan, I would have been begging if I was allowed to speak. But he keeps playing… And when I start so sob with frustration, he starts to eagerly lick my pussy and at the same time fucking me with the dildo, It’s so fucking good, and came with a loud scream, seeing stars.

He lies down beside me, I can feel his hard body against my softer body, he tells me how beautiful I am and how much he likes my body. Then he turns me against him, suckling and squeezing my tits, Pulling one of my knees up to his waist. I still have the vibrating dildo in my cunt and he keeps playing with my clit, making me cum over and over, while sucking on my tits, kissing me passionately or whisper dirty things in my ear.

I can feel he is ready for round two, he has been for a while, his hardness has been pressing against my stomach, his cock jerking and making small trails with his precum. I’m rubbing against him like a cat in heat. He laughs and unlocked my cuffs, he lay back on his back and pull out my vibrating dildo, grip my waist and guides me over him and spears me on his hard cock again.

I start riding him slowly and leaning forward, kissing his mouth hungrily, he swallows my moans and squeezing my ass hard, while grinding me on his cock and pelvic.
I lean back, gripping his thighs, placing my feet flat on the mattress, arch my back and spread my thighs, taking him deeper. He moans deeply both with pleasure and the sight of me spread, glistening with oil and jumping up and down on his perfect cock. He keeps telling me how good I feel, and how he enjoys my tits shaking with our fucking.
When he sits up and catching my nipple in his between his teeth, flicking the hard peak with his tongue and gripping my hips to slam me harder down on his cock, my legs starts shaking both because of my beginning orgasm and exhaustion from the position I’m in.
He tells me I can’t come yet, and turn me over on the bed and thrust inside me a few times before pulling out.
I can hear him jumping off the bed, and suddenly my arms are gripped and I’m being dragged on my back to the edge of the mattress, he hands me another toy, This is a dildo with a clitoral stimulation,  he ordered me to turn it on and insert it. I’m so slick with my own cream and his cum so it slides in easily. When I gasp with pleasure, he drags me over the bed frame, so my head is hanging off the ledge. He commands me to open for him and start to work his cock inside my mouth, I suck hard, hollowing my cheeks. I grip his ass with one hand, while he has his hands on my tits squeezing and plucking on my nipples whilst thrusting his cock in and out, as deep as it can go. He keeps the same furious rhythm as I’m fucking myself with the toy. He grunts loudly and starts spilling hot semen down my throat, when he drags is softening cock out of my wet mouth, I cum with my own scream of pleasure. 
He helps me back on the bed. Kiss me on the mouth, tells me I was a good little whore for him, and to wait until he leaves before removing my blindfold.

When I remove my blindfold, I see he has left another note and a heart-shaped lollipop, it says; 
“Thank you for finally giving me my nudes, I always knew you were a dirty little whore.
Don’t you wish you knew who I was?
BTW, I also made a home tape, I might send you a copy.
Your playmate K.W”