Accepting your New Life ( Part 1 )

Everything‘s spinning as you slowly get your senses back. You immediately notice a surprising dryness in your throat.

You try to remember what happened yesterday? As you try to recollect your memories, you open your eyes for the first time.

The ceiling you‘re looking up to is unfamiliar.

This is not your room.

You turn your head sideways and see the iron bars. Panic sets in. You stop thinking about the happenings of yesterday and only focus on the here and now.

You‘re in a cage and fully unclothed.

This isnt good.

Why can‘t you close your mouth though? There‘s a round object stuck between your teeth. Given the dry throat and the aching jaw, it seems like you‘ve been wearing it for a while already.

As you try to inspect it, you realise that you‘re physically unable to. Your arms are locked behind your back. Those arent just handcuffs, though. You cant move them apart even the slightest bit. They‘re tied in several places.

Your breathing starts to get faster and faster. You try to calm your mind, but its impossible. You ask yourself why this is happening to you.

You know that, whoever did this, isnt just kidnapping you for some ransom money. You‘re naked. You know better than that.

You‘ve seen a couple of videos of girls in similar situations online, but those people were doing it voluntarily. You‘re here against your will.

You start to look around the room for any type of information to help you understand what‘s going on.

To be continued.