Amazons-Part Two

Marcus sat criss-cross in the middle of a hut, staring at his blazing erection. He knew what he had to do, he just didn’t know if he had the strength to do it. He really wanted to use his hand and finish himself off, but he couldn’t. For Anastasia. He wanted to give her his best, so he sat, wondering how to get rid of his erection. He stood up, paced, and sat back down. Still hard. He did some push ups. Still hard. He figured he’d just have to wait it out. He almost pulled up his pants, but he realized the touch of the cloth to the most sensitive area would send him spiraling. So there he sat, with only a loose t-shirt on and a blazing erection. He decided to think about his situation and the great many years ahead of him, the beautiful women and all the fucking he’d be doi- *Dammit!* There he was almost cumming again. He decided to think about anything else, at least he tried. *The weather!* Then Marcus thought for a second…the weather. Why was the temperature so perfect? Not hot, not cold… just perfect. Nothing like the humid and horrible weather he had with his father. Just as he began to question this further two young women walked in.

“Heyya! I’m Sammi,” Said the blonde girl, “And I’m Kammi!” finished the brunette. They both sounded and looked identical, besides for the hair color. Sammi and Kammi were both short, not very, but still. They both had bright green eyes and symmetrical faces. Marcus scanned their bodies, they had large breasts for their size, and they were on display. The tight bright green bras they had on didn’t leave much to the imagination. Then down to their skinny stomachs, and even from the front, Marcus could see their tight little asses. Round and pale. “Anastasia sent us!” Kammi spoke while playing with her dark hair, “She wants us to help you get set up for tonight!” Sammie said cheerfully. “And answer any questions you might have!” Kammi and Sammie looked at him expecting a response, but Marcus just ogled at their beautiful little bodies. His open erection grew for them and they giggled. Marcus came back to reality and tried to hide it, he reached for his pants before Sammi stopped him. “We’ll actually be taking these, and all your clothes. You won’t be needing them at all! We try to make you as comfortable and free as possible. It’s tribal law.” Marcus didn’t know what to think, “That’s…quite strange, but i’m happy to oblige!” The girls didn’t see phased at all when he called their culture strange, they just kept going. Kammi continued, “If you have any questions, you’re free to ask us!” Marcus thought for a moment, he had hundreds. “Are you two twin sisters?” Get the simple ones out of the way first. Sammi didn’t miss a beat, “We’re all sisters here, we help each other, support each other, fight for each other, and love each other.” Marcus knew what this meant, he was excited to see the outcome of their sisterhood. Marcus then asked one of the two questions he wanted to ask since the start, “Where are we? What is this place?” Sammi and Kammi looked into each other’s eyes, as if talking without words. Kammi took this one, “We are in…a paradise. We are in the most perfect place on the planet. Simpy… paradise.” Marcus tried to understand this, the most perfect place? What could that mean? He would have to find more information “And one more thing,” Marcus asked, “What are the rules here? What can I do? What can you do?” Sammi and Kammi thought to themselves. Sammi sat down next to Marcus, took his hand, and looked him in the eyes, “You can do anything here, anything. We need a man to please us. We’ve been alone for so, so long. We also have a great community we long for you to be part of, we just need…you” Marcus wasted no time and tried to shift this to his advantage, “Can we…” The girls began to giggle, “Sammi come here,” Kammi guestered for her. They moved away and whispered to each other while glancing at Marcus. Marcus couldn’t hear much but he could feel the tone of their conversation slowly change from excited giggling to a very intimate and slow whisper. Kammi then slowly and tenderly kissed Sammi on the lips for a long moment. Kammi took things one step farther and slowly moved her left hand down Sammi’s back and squeezed her ass. Sammi jolted just a bit before continuing with the subtle sway they had obtained. Kammi then reached into Sammi’s panties and squeezed her ass again, but from within her tight green panties. She then moved her fingers lower. Sammi let out a soft moan before the girls remembered their mission. Kammi jolted her fingers out and looked back at Marcus, his cock standing straight, twitching wildly. “Marcus,” Sammi squealed, “Please don’t cum yet! We’ll need it for the ceremony tonight!” Kammi cut in, “We’ll meet you back here once it’s midnight! Wait for just a bit longer!” And with that, the girls left, and Marcus was right back where he started.

Night. The time had come, and he had not. He stood nude in his empty hut. Then the girls Sammi and Kammi walked in, they looked a bit tired and sweaty, but Marcus paid no thought to it. “It is time,” They spoke together, “Follow us.” Marcus walked out of the hut with them, he was completely nude and his cock lay limply. At least it was, until he stepped out and saw the many women surround the hut. Women of all races, body types, and ages in a large crowd, wearing tight bikinis, skirts, leggings and many different forms of clothing. They were all together except for a path, covered in rose petals, leading to a blanket in front of a fire. Torches lit the path for him and Marcus walked forward. As he walked closer he saw Anastasia standing near on the blanket, waiting for him. She motioned him to join her on the blanket. Her dark skin seemed to shine and her straight hair was done beautifully. When he arrived next to her she spoke loudly to the crowd. There were about fifty women of all types. This was the tribe. The tribe of women he would meet, he would know, he would love. “Sisters! We have finally found the perfect man for our needs. He will be everything we need him to be!” Marcus didn’t know if he could live up to these expectations. “But first, we must begin the acceptance ritual!” The crowd cheered! Marcus felt exhilarated. He knew what was going to happen next. Anastasia sat down and crossed her legs. She asked Marcus to follow. He sat down and looked into Anastasia’s deep dark eyes and felt a strange sense of comfort. She then grabbed his hands and squeezed them in comfort, she then moved his hands onto her tight dark green bra. He looked at her as if to ask for permission and she nodded, granting him access to her. The women around you waited in anticipation. Marcus’s cock twitched, knowing what was to come. Marcus squeezed Anastasia’s tits, she moaned silently. He reached under her bra and massaged her breasts. He then slowly removed her bra and let her tits hang out for all to see. Marcus gasped and took in the view. Her breasts were slightly lighter than the rest of her skin. Her nipples were light and round just begging for him. He pushed her shoulders down, Anastasia was lying down with Marcus on top of her. He went down to her breasts and kissed them, then just tapped them with his tongue, before long he was sucking on her right nipple while fondling her left. She squirmed under him. Then he stopped and stared into her eyes for a moment, “Can I…?” She nodded, “Please, Marcus.” He moved his hands downwards to her hips, he grabbed each side of her panties and slowly slid them down. He held them in his hand for a moment before allowing himself to look upon Anastasia’s tight virgin pussy. She was extremely wet, he just touched the outline of her moist pussy with his cock and she yelped. She’d never had cock before, this was going to be a new experience for both of them. That was the problem, though. Marcus didn’t know what he was doing. Without thinking about anything else he lined his cock right at her entrance, and slammed his entire manhood into her at once. She shrieked a high pitch tone for just a moment, instinctively her arms and legs wrapped around Marcus. But the fleeting moment of Anastasia’s pain was replaced with waves of pleasure. She looked at Marcus with a ravenous stare and whispered in his ear, “Please, please do me hard and fill me all up with you…” Marcus took this as a good sign, he reared up, and slammed into her tight pussy again. Another cry, replaced with moans. He had never felt something so… pleasurable in his life. At this moment he realized he wasn’t the only one enjoying this. The entire group of women were incredibly turned on, horny, and aroused. They were all dripping through their panties, some decided to make themselves happy, fingering themselves right then and there. Others fully nude, tongues and fingers deep in other women. Marcus could’ve sworn he saw Sammi and Kammi scissoring. It was a lust-filled madness. But Marcus had to finish himself. He plunged deep into Anastasia, her moans echoing throughout the camp. And that’s when the feeling aroused, the feeling he needed to get rid of. He pumped hard and fast into Anastasia, he tits bouncing up and down mesmerizing him. Anastasia had reached her point too, she screamed a moan of intense sexual pleasure. Her pussy clenched and tightened even more around Marcus This pushed him to the brink. Anastasia wrapped herself around him as Marcus plunged his cock deep into her orgasming vagina. He released, came inside. It felt like a large dam collapsing around them. He pushed deeper trying to fill her up as she ordered. Cum squirted out as he continued to pump his loads into her, and finally when he was done, he pulled out. Semen gushed out of Anastasia’s hot box, spilling onto her asshole and the ground. Just then two girls ran to it. They began to fight over who would lick up the cum! Marcus could barely believe it! As one of the girls licked his seed off the floor the other went for Anastasia’s tight little ass. Anastasia jumped when the tongue brushed the area. Marcus began to put things together, these women must find cum sacred. Something that cannot be wasted. *Simply Amazing.* But Marcus was tired, and so were the other girls. Everyone went to sleep where they lie, leaving nude bodies strewn across the floor, some still intertwined. Marcus cuddled up to Anastasia’s nude body and caressed her breasts as he fell asleep. He was going to have a great life.