Daddy fucked me dumb after movie night

We were planning to do this movie night the whole week, so when the weekend finally came, we turned off our phones and had the whole day for both of us. I was lying with my head on his warm chest when the movie ended. I suggested to get more popcorn, he agreed. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
He grabbed me by my neck and kissed me deeply, out of the blue. I couldn’t resist but falling for him. I sat on his lap, he grabbed my waist with his big hands and layed me in our bed, positioning himself in between my legs, on top of me. His kisses were full of lust. I was wearing one of his shirts and pannies only. He gave kisses all over my body while he took my underwear off quickly. He hates when I wear them anyway. He stayed in between my thighs, bitting their inner parts, sending shivers down my spine. After a long time together, he just knows how to suck me perfectly. He’s always so feral, always so hungry and needy for my pussy and all the warm juices it can give him. He sucked my clit restlessly, holding my legs apart so he could suck me even more. I couldn’t help but moan under him, pulling his hair while I came in his mouth, leaving his beard all wet and sloopy with my cum, the best fucking thing in the world. He kissed me, putting himself on top of me once again. I could feel my own taste in his tongue, it’s sinful, and I love every fucking second of it.
He entered his thick cock inside of me all at once, he gasped while I squirmed around him. He didn’t give me any time to adjust, instead, he started thrusting into me deeply. I placed my legs around his waist, I felt so small under him, like he could break me if he really wanted to. He kissed my forehead, I held his face in my hands and kissed his mouth, my moans mixed with it.
He got up, standing on his knees as I held my legs to my chest, so he could go deeper. I love to see the way he sighs at every thrust. He held my legs into the matress, keeping me in place while he fucked me fast and deep. I came while he was looking deep in my eyes, I couldn’t resist but let myself go so vulnerable with him. I can’t help but let him do whatever he wants to me, because I know l’ll every second when he pushes over my limits, so I know he will bring me back to safety again.
He didn’t say a thing after my second orgasm, instead, he spread my legs wide open, holding me by my feet. He loves to see me like this, nice and open, nice and exposed for him. His thrusts took a slow and deep pace, hitting my g-spot in a way I have never felt before. Like all of his cock was rubbing against it, like he was going past my cervix, he was fucking my slutty sweet spot. It hurted a little, but I couldn’t care less, the pain was adding more to pleasure more than anything. I was just too lost in it to think about anything other than his black cock stretching my tight pussy. I rolled my eyes to the back of my skull, throw my head back and let out the nastiests moans, he was loving it. I was clenching around him, his dick twitching inside me. My moans have gotten louder and louder, I couldn’t care less if the neighbors could her me or not. My entire body was shivering, my mind was completely blank and all I could feel was tears running from my eyes while I had multiple orgarms on his cock.
“It’s too much for me, daddy”, I said in between gasps and sighs. “Don’t hold back, baby, come for me”. I could feel him hold my feet thigher while increasing his thrusts, his nails digging into my brown skin. I swear I could see my belly bulging while he was approaching his peak. I was cuming back to back, creaming on his cock, screaming and looking like the dumbest slut on earth, just for him. We collapsed together, he pulled out and came all over my puffy clit. I was still orgasming, my legs were shaking involuntarily, I was a mess. He gave kisses on my hip while asking if I was fine.