Erectile Dysfunction and the new nurse. Pt4

As soon as we got upstairs, Kat was all over me. She pushed me down on the bed and was on top of me in the blink of an eye. We were in 69 position but she wasn’t close enough for me to get to her pussy. He had a hold of my dick, showing it to the girls when they came into to room.

“You girls wanted to watch us fuck. Doesn’t his dick look perfect. I’m going to show you girls how to fuck a big dick.”

She lowered herself on my dick, reverse cowgirl. This gave the girls a good view of me going in Kat’s pussy. She went slow but put me all in without hesitation. She let out a moan and started to fuck me hard. The girls were standing there, watching, and Kat told them to get on the bed with us.

Summer laid on the bed with her feet by my head and Katie sat on her face. Kat and Katie started to make our and I was playing with Summer’s pussy.

Katie was the first to orgasm and her and Summer switched places. Kat orgasmed and climbed off me to catch her breath. She saw Katie’s legs spread open with my hand between them. She smacked my hand away and stuck her head between Katie’s legs. Kat’s ass was sticking up and I moved in behind her and slipped right in.

Summer came from sitting on Katie’s face. She got off of her face and came back to watch Kat eat out Katie. She then saw me fucking Kat from behind and moved to get a better view of us.

“Can I have some of that big dick Kat? It looks so good going in and out of you.”

“Yes but he better not cum inside you or he’ll have hell to pay.”

Summer moved beside Kat on her hands and knees. I move over to her and stick the head of my dick in her. She gasps and tell me to go slow. I do and I’m all in in a few strokes. She is tight and really vocal. She cums again in no time. She collapses on the bed in exhaustion.

I’m looking to finish soon so I go back to Kat, who had just made Katie cum. We reposition on the bed and she is on her stomach with her ass up. I give her ass a smack and ram into her hard.

“Fuck. Yes. Give it too me hard.”

I go as hard as I can for a couple of minutes then unload inside of her. I get up and look and both girls are passed out in the bed. I help Kat up and we go shower together. After our shower, they are still asleep so we decide to go in a spare bedroom to sleep. We have a little talk in bed.

“That was quite an evening Kat. Thank you for allowing it to happen.”

“It was a great evening. Sometimes I get in the mood to share you and those two got lucky. I’m still horny. Let’s fuck again.”

With a laugh, I say, “ok,” and she’s on me in a blink of an eye.