Euphoria Hotel: A Couple’s Adventure p2 (MF) (freeuse) (anal)

Watching the girl she found fuck her beloved Rafael left Juanita’s body steaming hot and sensitive. She could watch the messy slut play with herself while filled to the brim with her man’s cum for some time, but soon she couldn’t take the wait. “Raf, I’m ready.”

He sprung to his feet, slightly unsteady as his tanned and sweaty body fully recovered from the vigors of his romp. Juanita panted slightly watching beads of sweat run across his abs. She needed some bad; her fingers weren’t enough right now. Kiko moaned goodbye, still in the throes Of her self pleasure.

The duo had their head on a swivel, but the only guys Juanita’s type in the hallways they passed were more interested in the shirtless Rafael. Two voluptuous blonde women did try to pull her into a delicious sandwich. She was very tempted, but was more craving being stuffed and stretched by a cock at the moment.

“Hang on. I see the perfect one!” Raf called, slipping into the bar off the lobby. “Wait here.” Apparently whoever he found needed little convincing, and was soon leading a lean, good looking brown haired guy to her. Immediately he circled, his delight palpable. “Fuck, she’s so sexy.” He dropped to his knees when he saw her cinnamon, round ass. Without little warning, he buried his face between her luscious cheeks.

Juanita gasped. “Oh, I like him!” The man’s tongue snaked around her thong and circled her tight hole, causing her eyes to lose focus. She bent over and forced his face deeper in. She saw Rafael mouth “you’re so fucking sexy,” but She heard a number of whoops as passing hotel guests cheered them on. The man pulled his face clear to say, “can i finger her pussy while I lick?” Before She could respond, Rafael replied, “oh, she’ll love that. Go for it!”

Juanita was staring at her lover when the man’s fingers pushed between her lips, already dripping from his tongue and the earlier show. The man easily brought shockwaves of pleasure for her, his fingers bobbing rhythmically with his flitting tongue. She grabbed Rafael’s strong shoulders for support as her legs wobbled in pleasure, moaning out, “I need him to fuck me, now!”

Rafael led the party to the elevator, standing back to watch while the impatient and lustful man stripped off Juanita’s bathing suit and flung them at him. Juanita plunged a hand in his shorts, turning toward her man while she stroked, moaning, “this will be perfect”. The man stumbled into their room as Juanita started disrobing him in the hallway, and was guided face up onto the bed.

At his begged request, she straddled him, burying his face into her ass again while Rafael found some lube and passed it to her. She stroked the lube onto his dick while wiggling her tight hole on his tongue, before scoring forward. A quick pause to apply more lube and she squatted on his cock, moaning as she lowered inch by inch onto his cock. “Fuck, this ass is perfect,” the man shouted, loudly spanking her juicy cheek. Towards Rafael, he yelled, “you’re a lucky man!” Rafael laughed, but his eyes stayed glued to Juanita’s seductive body as she started to ride the man’s cock.

Juanita rode the man’s cock the way she danced, music rhythmically guiding her hips and her holes. She knew both men were entranced by her body and her sex. The man watching her perfect brown ass work, her tight little hole inciting pleasure waves for him. Her lover got the front view, where she winked and rubbed her pussy. At this, Rafael pulled his cock out and began to stroke. Her mind was sensuous explosions as the man’s thick cock stretched her tiny hole, until she couldn’t hold off a shaking orgasm, nor the second one that followed close behind.

Juanita decided to let the man have some control. Positioned next to their bed, the man pushed into her ass from behind. Lustily thrusting and spanking her delicious ass. Stuffing her pussy with her fingers while the man pounded her ass brought a level of pleasure that snatched her body’s control, shaking and cumming constantly, until the man finally relented and shotgun blasted his seed over her ass and rising as his as her upper back.

She stayed in that position, panting while Rafael walked up. “Your girlfriend ass looks amazing, used and cum covered like that.” He nodded and smiled, “I know. Let me add some more.” In moments, Rafael’s thick cock was pushing into her ass. He got a minute’s worth of strokes before he too was blasting his load all over Juanita’s sexually devoured ass.

Admiring for a minute, the man left with a “i would love to see her again.” Rafael collapsed next to Juanita, preferring to rest before a shower.