[F] Moving to Ontario..

I wrote this for one of my new sexy friends. It’s my first one so please be nice. It’ll be in first person( me and you). 🙈

I will start off by saying that obviously in this story you live in Ontario..

You are on your way home after a long day at work. Exhausted from the day you cannot wait to get home and relax. Since you moved to Ontario for me 😉 you just moved in with me, I do all the household work and have dinner ready for you on top of my other responsibilities. Its only fair since I was just so amazing you had to leave everything you have known.

Wondering what I have made for dinner you park your car and head for the front door, you open it and much to your disappointment you walk in and don’t smell the usual aroma of food cooking that you have grown accustomed to.

You start to investigate why the fuck dinner isn’t even started and as you walk down the hall you see the bedroom door slightly open, figuring I am in there you walk over quietly. As you get closer to the door you hear what sounds like quiet moans coming from inside, you sneak the rest of the way to the door and peak through the crack and it suddenly makes sense why dinner isn’t made.

Lying on the bed with spread legs is me, enjoying the vibrations of our favourite toy.. My wand. I am so enthralled with my pleasure I don’t notice you standing there, just watching me pleasure myself.

Suddenly my eyes open and meet with yours, with a sly smirk on your face and confident arrogance in your voice you say “Enjoying yourself there love?”. Slightly embarrassed I look away, moving my toy away for just a moment, before I look back and you and smugly say “ I am, it doesn’t talk back like you do”.

My brattiness and attitude have always gotten you wound up, and this time was no exception, you were on top of me in seconds, situated between my legs and growling in my ear “ want to try that sentence again princess?”. You lifted your head to lock eyes with mine, under your intense gaze I slightly shifted, your arms on either side of my head and your weight on top of mine, nowhere to go. “ I simply said, that you are superior to any toy” hearing these words your weight lifts a little, just enough for me to get the jump on you and flip us over. Now I am on top,giving you a look with a hint of evil to it. Knowing what gets you going is so much fun. I lean in and give you a quick peck “ hello hun how was your day” I hardly give you the chance to answer before I am kissing your neck..

I start making my way down your body and you know whats coming next, I can feel you growing more and more excited, and it feels like forever in your head. Finally, I get down to the part of your body that needs the most love. I unzip your pants so slowly it feels like torture, and grab your cock, pulling it out of its confines. I wrap my lips around the head, you know I am making this as torturous as possible for you and you grunt out “its been a long day, do not test me baby girl”, I know you are serious and I get to work, down my head goes and your entire cock disappears. I know just how you like it so I am bobbing down and gagging on it, I take my mouth off it and spit on it, quickly jerking it with my hand before shoving it back in my mouth again and proceeding to take it down my throat over and over again, you wrap my hair around your hand, place it on my head and push down even further, restricting my breath temporarily as you let out a loud satisfied moan. After a little while of this your cock is full of spit and pre cum and I quickly climb on, starting the ride off slow to bring down your high a little bit, prolonging our activities. Soon after I quicken my pace and not long after that I am slamming my body down onto your cock while your hands hold my waist. I announce I am going to cum and in a rapsy voice you tell me to cum on your cock like the good little slut I am. The room full of our moans and our bodies starting to glisten with sweat. You feel my pussy tighten around your cock, my breathing quickens and then finally you feel my body convulse as my orgasam reaches its peak. Once the waves of pleasure subside you flip us over so now you are on top, in full control.

Wasting no time you pull the full length out and slam right back in again, my hands reaching around to your back, you keep pulling out as much as possible without actually pulling it all out and slamming back in, over and over again, my nails curl and dig into your back. The intensity of my pleasure my hands roam all over your back, my nails digging in, leaving a trail of scratches all along your back.. Grunting in my ear from the pleasure you get from the pain.

In the midst of all the fun, I remember I forgot to take my birth control today, so I frantically yell out “do not cum in me”, you mutter “okay, I will pull out” hesitantly and I know you’re not happy about it, neither am I.

About 20 minutes later you announce you know you are going to cum soon, caught up in all the pleasure and not wanting you to stop plead with you not to pull out, you remind me about the birth control and I persist, begging you to please fill my pussy with your warm, sticky cum. I feel your cock growing thicker with cum and know you are about to, you start trying to pull out despite my whins to continue going, so I wrap my legs around you, and with one forceful pull of my legs you are once again balls deep inside my warm, tight pussy, just in time for you to start shooting cum, I moan at the throbbing of your cock inside me, feeling your cum shooting the walls of my insides and it is enough to send me over the edge and I orgasm again in the middle of yours.

Once the high comes down, you look at me and ask “what the fuck, what about the birth control”, I grin at you evily and say “oh well” throw on one of your shirts, a pair of lacy panties, keeping your cum inside of me and walk away to go make you dinner.

Let me know what you think, but please be nice! 🥰