FF I make you cum against your will

I’d tie you to your bed and gently lick your nipples, alternating back and forth, kissing them, sucking them. You’d fight it so hard, but you’d moan for me. You’d whimper as I suck your clit and start moaning like a dirty whore as soon as I start massaging your g spot raping you with two fingers.

You’d cum harder than you ever have in your life on your rapists fingers and now you’re disgusted with yourself, broken. You sob quietly as I stroke your hair and whisper, “shhhhhh, it’s ok, baby”, as you plead with me.

You seem like a sweet girl so I lube up my toy before I use it. I shove the thick vibrator into your little pussy, it takes some time working it in and you keep crying but eventually it’s buried in you and I pull up your panties to keep it held in place, deep inside you and over your clit. I switch it on the lowest setting and you start to beg and plead again. “Shhhh. I tell you again, stroking your face, you know this can’t be helped, sweetheart”. I watch until you’re practically humping the bed in frustration. “Do you need to cum, baby?” You sob and plead but you need it so badly and you can’t help degrading yourself again to beg me to let you cum.

Fuck, the sight of this girl, dark haired, beautiful breasts, slim, writhing in forced frustration made my pussy throb. I sit over your face and tell you to make me cum. You’re still whimpering in forced pleasure as you start to lick my clit. You need to cum so badly you’ll do anything, you lap at my pussy and beg me to cum for you. Eventually I can’t hold it back any longer and cum hard on your sweet little mouth. I get off leaving my arousal all over your face.

Well we did have a deal, I’ll let you have what you need baby, I turn the vibrator up to high and you scream, it’s too much, please. You’re thrashing around the bed. The first orgasm hits you hard and you moan proving you’re a nothing but a slut. I sit there licking and sucking your tits as orgasms wrack your body.

You sob and hide your face in shame.