[FFM] My brothers genius tech. (Mind control, incest)

(All characters are 18+)

My brother is a genius. His tech is literally going to change the world. I mean, it already has in a way. Everyone is using his VR headsets and he’s a millionaire several times over. Me, well I didn’t get his smarts that’s for sure. That’s why I’m crashing at his house after my asshole boyfriend cheated on me.

I’m not there all the time of course. A girls has got to get away from it all. Especially [Emma](https://postimg.cc/JGzJMnrk). My brother’s latest girlfriend. He gets through them so fast, each one only lasting a month or so. This one’s just like all the rest, starting off so sweet and naive and then revealing her true colours as an easy slut.

I don’t know how he does it. He simply has the worst luck. Like tonight I know he’s off to visit a farm that he goes to ‘get away from it all’. His girlfriend is at home. I know cause I can hear her moaning when I sneak back into the house.

“Oh fuck. Oh master yes. Breed me. Make me your bitch.”

The doors open when I go past their room. She’s not cheating which is a shame as I wouldn’t mind her being kicked to the curb. No, instead she’s got one of those fancy VR glasses on and is frantically rubbing her clit to whatever Stupid VR porn she’s watching.

“Oh fuck, yes my tits belong to you master. I’ll be your little cow-slut.”

I pause. Now that is interesting. I double back and poke my head around the door again. One hand is squeezing her rather sizable tits while she is masturbating.

“Yes. Ohhhh. I belong to you. Oh fuckkkk. I’m just a set of dirty holes for you to fuck.”

I look down and realise my nipples have pebbled. This is really hot. I wonder what she is watching. I take another step closer. My ears are straining to hear the sounds of heavy sex. Instead it’s my brother’s voice I can hear from the headset. Slowly talking. Explaining.

A hand lands on my shoulders and I let out a scream. Emma doesn’t even stop. I don’t think she even notices as I turn to face the intruder. Ah, it’s my brother. Back from his trip early… Catching me peaking on his girlfriend.

“It’s wonderful isn’t it?” He says gesturing at his girlfriend, no, the headset she’s wearing.

“It’s my newest model. Never going to be released to the public. This is for my own amusement.” He chuckles. It’s a deep laugh for he is a big man now. I don’t know what happened to the scrawny boy I grew up with but he seems to have won at puberty. Muscles and a chiseled jaw.

“What.. why are you saying this?” I stutter as I look between him and his girl. And from the sound of her squeals and moans she is more his girl than I ever thought.

He smiles at me. All confident. “You’re here in my house. You’ve been using my WiFi. It wasn’t exactly difficult to see what you’ve been looking at in your spare time.”

The world narrowed. Oh no. Oh god no. My secret. My hidden little fantasy. I, I’ve always been interested in mind control and now he knows. Now he knows and he’ll blackmail me and … I prepare to flee.

“It’s fine Amy.” He says and I pause a little, my heart hammering. “I’ve known for years. It’s what inspired all of this afterall. I always thought it was such a fascinating idea and I wanted to see. I needed to know if it was possible..

My fantasy… He took my dirty fantasy and he bought it to life because he could.

“I figure we could play with them together.” He smiled at me and I realised he didn’t know. He must have figured I was like him. That no one sane would ever want to be hypnotised themselves. He must have seen those hundreds of hours of porn and stories and thought I wanted to do it. He doesn’t know. I feel like I can breathe. I feel disappointed. I don’t know. Stupid brain.

I eye up the girl, the plaything on the bed. Mindlessly masturbating and my pussy clenches in terror. In abject lust. Oh but I want to be her. I want to be her more than I know.

He’s looking at me. Studying my face and I didn’t hide those looks. Didn’t hide how I felt. Oh god. I had forgotten what living with a genius was like. How I needed to conceal my thoughts without even thinking about them.

“You…” He pauses.
“You don’t want to play with them do you?”

Another pause and I feel the world crashing down again. I flee. Running to my bedroom. Hiding. Sobbing.

I fall asleep like that and it’s a dark twisted set of dreams that await me. I wake up sweating but drift off again.

When I finally leave the room it’s nearly midday. There’s a not on the dining room table stating that they’ve all gone out. There’s the note and there’s the headset. It’s just lying there.

I, as calmly as I can, fold up the note. I make myself some breakfast and deliberately don’t look at the device. I don’t think about the pleasure it could bring or the mindless… No. I don’t think about that at all.

I calmly spoon cereal into my mouth. I finish the bowl. I don’t rub my thighs together. Nor lick my dry lips. I take my bowl and I wash it up. The swirl of the brush doesn’t remind me of the spirals in my dreams. No it does not.

I put away the bowl and the spoon. And then, with trembling hands, I pick up the device. It beeps and I nearly drop it. I glance around to check no one is watching and take it back to my room. I’m. It going to do it. I’m not going to wear that. I’m not going to make myself into one of those girls. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not.

I change out of my dressing gown and set it down in the bed with me. I ignore the wetness between my thighs. I’m just going to look. That’s all. Just admire the craftsmanship. Yeah.

Fuck. I lean forward and pick it up and put it on.

“New user found. Welcome Number 72.” My brother’s voice comes out of the machine and it’s perfect.

“Beginning calibration.”


It’s hours later when gently hands take the visor off of my head.

“Hello Sister” my god says to me.

“Hello Sir.” I gush. “Would you like to fuck me?”

He sighs for the world that could have been but was sadly not.

“Show me how talented your mouth is then.”

I squeal with delight and move forward to my new life.