Forgotten Tickets becomes a blessing

I just finished a beer at the fraternity party the night before the big game in Dallas. Then it hit me. I forgot my tickets to the game. I left them on my desk back in Austin. For a moment I was distressed, the I figured someone may be coming up in the morning and could bring the tickets. I called the fraternity house, no one was coming up but one brother agreed to meet me half way. So I let my girlfriend know we needed to drive to Waco and pick up the tickets.
Having had a few drinks and being young we were both very horny. On the drive down my right hand was resting on her thigh and letting my fingers glide up and down her thigh brushing her panties each time. As my finders moved across her panties I was surprised to find that they were soaking wet. This made me rock hard, she must have noticed because she began stroking my cock outside my jeans.
Time flew and before I knew it we were in Waco and I had the tickets in hand. So we turned around and began the trip back to Dallas. We resumed where we left off. Now I had her skirt hiked up and her panties pulled to the side. As I drove my fingers, were gliding up and down her wetness splitting her lips open and feeling her swelling clit. Sinking a bit deeper each time. She in turn had undone my jeans and pulled my cock out and began to suck on it. We were both breathing very hard and it was clear the pressure was building.
As I rubbed her clit, she loudly stated, ” Exit here”! . Nut sure what she wanted, I exited. She said take the next right on the FM Road (Farm to Market). It was dark and we were in the middle of the country. After I took a right and drove about half a mile she said “Pull over, I need you in me NOW”.
I pulled over, she got out of the car and excitedly motioned me to follow. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front of the car. I watched her remove her panties that were soaked through and lay back on the hood of the car. Not caring if any cars came by, I dropped my jeans to the ground. I am not sure I had ever been that hard are swollen. I moved to the hood and she moved over closer to me and raised up her hips. I slipped into her wetness. Next thing I new her legs were wrapped around me and she was pulling me deeper and deeper into her. After about a minute she tightened her legs and moved faster. She began to scream “OH My God” and her body began to quiver and shake and she held me tight in her and came. I exploded like I had never exploded before. Filling her up with cum. We both collapsed.
A car was heading out way in the distance so we got dressed and headed back to Dallas