From gym to her bed

This started from the day when as usual I was in my gym working out and had my headphones on. Some pop musics were going on in them, I was enjoying the day and wanted to leave till now.

Suddenly a women entered the gym with yoga pants and black tank top, fair, hour glass body, 34 D size boobs, heart shaped booty, looked like she likes to workout on her ass a lot. She was looking for someone and I saw her for the first time in the gym. She directly went to the owner of the gym and talked a little and the owner pointed his finger to me, and she came near me. She said that she was looking for a trainer and wanted to train at her home, she had very sweet voice and her lips were so seductive that I felt like kiss and bite her lips, but I was in control and calmed down. She asked am I ready, I really didn’t wanted to miss the chance with this beauty, I agreed and she told me to arrive at 7:30 in the morning, I agreed and she left with her ass fighting with eachother.

I reached her home in time with thr address she gave, and knocked the door. She came and invited me inside and asked me to sit and went in the kitchen to brew some coffee. She was in her white leggings with black sports bra, her boobs were struggling to peep out from the bra. After some time I came to know she is married and had a small daughter due to which she wanted a gym trainer at home, her husband leaves the house at 7 for his work. And she needed half an hour to clean up the house.

As soon as I finished the coffee, we got to our work and we went in a room where some basic work out stuffs were there. I told her to lay down on her mat, she did and told her to do basic yoga asanas and she was doing everything I told her, like this I started to think that I order her to suck my dick and drink all the cum and started to have a semi boner, suddenly I got to my senses. Because I was wearing shorts, it was easy to see a boner. First day passed and it was normal.

The second day when I reached her home I saw she was wearing a loose tank top, she was ready with the coffee and we both sat and talked about eachother. After a while when we got to our work she bent down for picking her mat up, there I saw her white big boobs with pink big nipples. This moment instantly gave me a boner, but to hide it I started doing stuff so she doesn’t notices what I was hiding. Today she wanted to improve with her push ups and when she started to do them after a while she got tired and asked me for help. As she was wearing a loose tank top, while holding her my hands slipped on her stomach where my middle finger reached her navel. I was still hard and all of a sudden she turned back and saw my shorts with boner, she ignored it and I was scared of what she might be thinking. I helped her with the push ups and other stuffs. That day too passed, but it was bit different.

Third day I was scared of going to her and got late, so she called me and asked if I’m coming or not, I answered her that I’m coming and got a relief that she asked me to come.
As soon as I reached her house she was ready and we started to work out, she was wearing shorts with sports bra. She was using dumbbells and she asked if I’m doing it correctly or not, so I told her to do like this while standing in front of her. She was still not getting the correct way of doing it, so I had to go behind her and help her out with it. Her ass was sticking to my dick and within a minute I got boner and my dick poked her ass. She saw back at me with a mysterious smile. And I went in the toilet to calm down. After that I came out and said sorry about that to her. She said it’s ok it happen. And I was surprised, I thought she also likes me and she went and came back with some snacks for me.

Fourth day it was when I reached her house she was busy with the household chores, she said me to wait and watch some shows on the TV, but I was interested in watching her. She was cleaning the kitchen and the floor was mess, suddenly her daughter started crying, and she sighed. She took the baby in her hands and started feeding her and with other hand finishing small work. I wanted to help her and asked her can I help her, she said it’s fine and went in a room. I waited for more than half an hour, she didn’t came out so I thought of going in the room. As soon as I entered the room I saw she was without her sports bra Feeding the child…..

End of part one…. Wait for part 2