Girlfriend rims and finger fucks me

Ive been studying for a board exam to kick off my career. I was studying on my bed because I was a bit tired of sitting in a chair. I study either naked or at least without underwear, with shorts on. She pulls my shorts to the side and starts sucking me off while im studying.

I laugh and try to stop her, but it feels too good, so i lay back and enjoy what shes doing. My cock is soon throbbing and pumping precum every few seconds. She pulls on my balls with her mouth, puling them away from my cock like a noodle. My balls drop as she pulls away far enough, and she pushes my legs up and starts circling my rim with her tongue. We have done this before, and I dont likke explicitly telling her that I love it but she definitely knows.

She goes back and forth from sucking my dick eating my ass. I start pushing her head down deep on my cock and soon enough all the mucus gets pulled out of her throat and she grabs it and rubs the slime onto my asshole and slides her finger in. She loves blowing me with a finger in my ass. Soon she is finger fucking me, while stroking my cock with her mouth over the mushroom tip.

Then I feel it. For the first time, she inserts a second finger and it felt so fucking good. My cock is as harder than it has ever been before. I think she’s nervous to put it in any deeper, so I push my hands off the headboard of my bed, and feel her fingers sink knuckle deep into my ass and fill me up. She smiles with lust and starts pressing against my prostate while stroking my cock. I didnt last long after that.. Even though she was no longer even touching my cock, I sprayed my seed all over myself, and the bed. Possibly the most intense orgasm Ive ever experienced.