Good Morning, Sunshine

The mid-morning light streams through the window illuminating much of the darkened room. 

“Mmmmm”.  “Oh!”. A long exhale. “I love the way you do that”. Your voice is soft. 

You’re lying face-down on the bed. A pillow is under your hips. I’m straddled atop your glorious ass and massaging every muscle I can find in your back. 

“Yes!  Right there.” You whisper. 

I dig my right thumb in a bit deeper and rub in a circular motion. You take a long deep breath in. Then exhale, slowly. 

I lean over and whisper in to your ear, “I’m just getting started”. I give you a kiss on your cheek then neck. I sit back up and resume tenderizing you. 

You emit sounds of delight intermingled with light pain as I destress muscles.

As I work your back I take in your gorgeous body. Your slender arms to your beautiful shoulders partially covered by your golden hair. Your smooth back glides to your incredible hips. I stop rubbing your shoulders then turn to gliding the tips of my fingers of both hands slowly down your back.  Suddenly, goosebumps appear all across your back. Your butt cheeks tense.

“Are you ok?”

“Oh, yes.” You purr.

I continue to glide my hands over your body. I slowly move up your back to your shoulders. Then down your arms. I methodically, move back up your arms then begin to massage your scalp. Your beautiful hair moves between my fingers. Another round of goosebumps make their appearance. 

After several minutes of your scalp massage you feel me release from your hair, lift from your body, rustle around a bit and reposition myself at your feet. I bend both of your legs up at the knee. Your cute painted toes are eye level. I begin to kiss each toe. Soft little kisses. I start with the pinky of your right foot. Each toe receives attention. I give each a little tongue lick until I reach you big toe.  Then I continue the same for the left foot but going from big toe to pinky. 

I slowly run my tongue around the big toe of your left foot.  Then repeat it on your right. I give each a kiss then slowly lower your legs.  I take your right foot and begin massaging it, beginning at the ball of your foot. Rubbing in circles, I work my way up the arch and begin rubbing your heel. I lift your right foot a bit and flex your toes to give them and your arch a good stretch. After a 7 second pause I release the toes and go back to work on your arches. You have let out several moans and sighs by now. I’ve registered them all.

“How are you doing, gorgeous?” I ask in a soft voice.

“Wonderfully”, you purr. 

I place your right foot down, pick up your left and commence my massage. This time you let out a little giggle and give your leg a little jerk up.

“You’re ticklish?.

“Yes. But don’t stop. It feels fabulous.” 

I begin, again.  This time I add just a wee bit more pressure and that solves the tickling situation. I rub your foot and slide my thumbs up and down your arch. More moans and sighs. After another 4-5 minutes I pick your foot up, kiss the arch and give a little lick from the ball to mid-arch then set your foot down. I place both of my hands on your left ankles as I wrap my hands around.  My thumbs are set center, just at the base of your calf, above your Achilles’ tendon. I begin my slide up. A nice long motion from bottom to top of calf and back down. A little giggle then purr.  After another bit I repeat this on the right side. You appear to be very relaxed.

I release your right leg. You hear me reposition, again. This time I bend your left leg at the knee. I place it against my chest.  Your foot is ear-level. I give your arch a little kiss. Then a tiny lick. I put my hands in the same positions around the bottom of your hamstrings. This time as I move up I take my thumbs out to follow the outer contour of your hamstring. As I move forward and up your leg your heel moves toward your ass as it rests against my chest and shoulder.  I give your ankle a little kiss. As I stop, my left fingers are just below your labia and my thumbs are at the base of your lovely ass cheek.  I pause for a moment taking in the splendor of both my view and my situation.

I slide my hands down but with less pressure.  I remove your lower leg from my chest, give your foot another kiss on the arch, a kiss on each toe then place it on the bed.  Your legs are just separated.  I straddle your right leg, position my body about mid-calf, place my hands where they had been before and begin massaging your hammy with my thumbs. Circular motions as I incrementally, move up I get closer to those incredible ass cheeks and glorious pussy. As I reach the top of your leg I stop just shy of your labia, again. My fingers tighten on the inner and outer thigh, my thumbs release their tension and I move down your leg to just above the sides of your knee. A full leg massage. I repeat this several more times before doing same to the left leg.

After a fair bit of time massaging the left leg I pause. 

“Everything alright?” You ask. 

“Just stretching my hands. Loosening them up.”

I lift from straddling your one leg, move your legs together, straddle them both just above mid hamstring and begin kneading your incredible ass cheeks. You tense them for a moment then release.  More purrs. I’m grabbing, rubbing with my palms, grinding with my thumbs and sliding up your cheeks as if your ass was dough and the heels of my palms were rolling pins. I work those cheeks for a solid 5 minutes. By the end, we’re both tired. 

“Wow. I’m not sure if I should thank you or report you to the cops for ass abuse”. You give me a wink and a smile over your shoulder. 

I lean over and give your left cheek a soft kiss. Then move and kiss your right cheek. 

“Mmmmm. Is someone interested in ‘rump roast’, today?”

Without lifting my head I whisper, “I love rump roast. And yours is so delicious looking. May I sample some?” My voice is soft and smooth. A bit like Barry White.

“Mmmmm. Please, do. Help yourself to as much as you’d like.” You shift a little to adjust your torso and get comfortable, again.  While still leaning forward I give a little lick at the top of your ass crack. It’s rather sensitive and the lick makes you clinch your cheeks for a second.

I climb off your legs, move back to your feet, kiss each arch, place my hands on your inside ankles and gently, separate your legs. Before me appears a lovely asshole and a very moist and inviting pussy.

I lean forward, begin climbing atop and between your legs and settle in. My elbows rest just below your hips on the mattress. This allows a lot of access of my hands to your lovely buttocks. To knead, squeeze, caress and spread. My chest rests on you just at the crease from your thigh to your cheeks. I slowly and carefully extend my wet tongue in to your ass crack licking just the exposed skin. I lick to the top of the crack and kiss your sacrum.

“Oooooh”, you moan, softly. 

“Mmmmmmmmmm” escapes form my throat. 

I then begin kissing each cheek. Alternating and placing the kisses, randomly. Then I pause. 

You next feel my wet tongue slide a little deeper and up to your sacrum, again. 

“Mmmmmmmmmm. What a naughty boy you are” you whisper. 

Another round of kisses on your cheeks.

Another pause.

My hands grip your buttocks, softly but firmly spreading them to show me your little asshole, again. You feel my wet tongue lightly touch you. You clinch a bit then quickly, relax. My breath is warm but as it passes over my saliva it feels cool to your asshole.  I give another small lick. You give another clinch. I begin making circles tracing the outline. 

You give a surprised “Oh!”. 

I continue circling. Each pass is light and delicate.  After a few moments I stop, release my grip and resume kissing your buttocks.  I even give a little bite to help contrast the pleasure with a little light playtime pain.

“I love rump roast”, I whisper.

I kiss each cheek and adjust, ever so slightly. You feel me spread your ass, again. This time my tongue lightly strokes your perineum. Because you have the pillow under your hips your ass is elevated just enough to allow me access to this very sensitive spot. I lick a more strongly but still slowly.

“Where are you going, little boy?”  Your voice is seductively playful. “I thought you were going to have more rump roast.”

My tongue makes another stroke of your perineum. Then you feel your ass spread wide. The next sensation is my wet tongue forcefully, tickling your asshole, flicking up and down.

“That’s more like it” I hear.

I alternate kissing your buttocks, licking your perineum and asshole. You seem to like it as I repeatedly, hear moans and feel you press your ass in to my face.

I climb off of you and continue taking in your beauty.

“Where are you going?”  You inquire.

“Just to wash up for a second”. 

It take a few minutes.

“What’s going on?” I can hear a bit of impatience in your tone.

“I’m having to wait for warm water.  I don’t want to come back with cold hands” I reply. 

A few seconds later you feel me get back in to bed. I sidle up next to you, facing you as I rest on my left elbow. You look at me. I brush your hair from your face, lean over and give you a kiss.

“What’s next?” you ask.

I smile and give you a nudge to roll on to your back.