Her first time with a woman [FF] [oral] [squirt]

She knows I’m teasing her. I know she knows. I also know this is her first time with a woman. I could tell by the shock on her breath, the spasm in her back, as my lips closed around her clit and kissed, just briefly. Teasingly. Just a taste, for her, of what a woman can do. And just a taste, for me, of her.

I love. Love. Love. Being their first woman. I’m holding all the cards. She has no idea. And I’m going to savour this.

I’m going to fuck this little trick until I see animal in her eyes.

So I bounce from between her legs and land belly down by the edge of the bed. ‘We need music’ I say, fumbling with my phone. I make sure I wiggle my bare butt, just a little, when I know she’s watching. In less than a minute she’s kissing the back of my knee. She’s eager. Her tongue is inching up the back of my leg. I feel her hair tickling my inner thighs and her hand comes to rest on my butt. I giggle -she adjusts – I press a button – Cigarettes after Sex softly fills the room – I feel her breath, right between my shoulder blades. I can’t help but shiver. Then her tits press into my lower back; that feeling always turns me the fuck on, I love those hard little nipples grazing my skin. A moment later she’s straddling my arse and running her hands across my back. Impatiently massaging me. Her crotch is hot against me. I want to make it burn.

I twist around to face her, and for a moment I just take her in. Wide eyed, lips just barely parted, a touch flushed. She’s alive. I see hunger in her eyes. I feel like a teenager again.

I put my hands on her firm hips and pull her forward just an inch. She smiles gently. I tilt my pelvis up until I feel that gorgeous heat of her crotch, right on my pubic bone. I start to grind my hips firmly up into her. This is a difficult angle. But it’ll do for a tease. Her smile disappears and her breath catches. Our eyes are locked the whole time. I pull her waist into me as I push against her burning flower. She leans forward slightly, puts a hand on my chest and spreads her thighs wider, focusing on me, trying not to moan. I can feel her getting wetter and all I want in the world is to watch her tits swaying as I rock her body. But I won’t be the first to break eye contact. That’s power. So I grind harder into her sweet, wet pussy.

Finally, she moans – her head lolls back – her nails dig into my chest. I win.

Her waist is firm in my hands and her breasts are humble. But I drink in the sight of them as they dance above me, swaying with her wild dark hair. I put a hand to her cheek, I run it into her hair at the nape of her neck and pull down. I suck her nipple into my mouth, maybe a little harder than I should at first. I taste her. I smell her. I’m grinding into her still, and I’m getting a sheen of sweat. My musk and her sex mingle in the air, making me light headed as I inhale. She’s panting and moaning in pleasure and a hint of sweet pain. I’m gripping a handful of her hair tight – the nails of my other hand are digging into her ass cheek – my teeth gently grip her nipple – I’m urgently rolling my pubic mound into her slick clit – my ass muscles are groaning at me – I ignore them for a while longer.

But, eventually, I slow. Then rest. She slumps on top of me. I kiss her neck as we both catch our breath for a moment. She turns her head to kiss me. She’s a damn good kisser, and the moment is sweetly intimate, as she pushes the hair from my sweaty brow and strokes my face. ‘I’m fucking soaked’ she whispers. We burst out laughing simultaneously. She sits, straddling me ‘and covered in sweat’.
‘It’s mostly mine’ I reply, a little apologetically. She takes her hand from my slick chest and touches her fingers to her tongue.

‘I don’t mind’

That one, random little move sets my pussy on fire and my stomach fluttering. Why was that so fucking hot? That moderately dirty, fairly bold, very intimate gesture. Because she had caught me off guard? I’m too horny to think straight. Or to even say anything. She sees, and clearly relishes, the effect she’s having on me.

My turn to taste something.

I take her by the shoulders and set her down on her back. There’s anticipation in her eyes and I feel the sweet rush of power again. I’m about to be the first woman to eat that pussy.

‘Wait, could you…’ She interrupts, ‘have you a blindfold?’

I laugh, delighted, and a little impressed. Of course I do. I get it from my box of kink gear in my wardrobe and when I turn around I see her picking something up from the ground. She’s got my panties. The black pair I had been wearing less than an hour ago. She lays down and I slip the blindfold over her eyes. She presses the panties into my hand. ‘Stuff these in my mouth’ she whispers.

Dirty little slut. I oblige.

I take my time working my tongue down her body. I get to an inch above her flower and I move to her inner thigh. She breathes her frustration and bites down on my undies. Slowly, so slowly, I caress her silken inner thighs with my mouth. Her scent is intoxicating. She’s still wet, and it’s smeared all over. I lick every trace of her juice from her outer lips, purposefully taking my time. I tell myself I’m being thorough to tease her, to draw out this moment and make her squirm and beg me to fuck her. In reality, I just can’t get enough of her heavy nectar. Eventually there’s no more, and I have to go for the source.

Slowly, I part her lips with the tip of my tongue. Starting at the bottom, I drag it slowly up the length of her slit. I repeat, licking from bottom to top. Each time I push my tongue a fraction further into her folds, parting her wet lips further. She’s seemingly paralysed, not moving a muscle, her body tensed and her breathing shallow. Another few licks and I’m dragging my whole, flat tongue across her. She’s so fucking wet that my cheeks are getting slick. I’m desperate for as much of her juice as I can catch in my mouth. After a few minutes she starts rolling her hips, and at the peak of her thrust, I pause and let the flat of my tongue press on her clit. She gasps. Her body is coiled like a spring. Her butt is hovering just off the bed. I take a moment to savour the tension. Then I close my lips around her little button – very gently sucking and massaging – as she lets out a long low groan into my panties and I feel her whole body melt into my sheets.

I suck and pull and kiss at her clit. She runs her hands into my hair and starts caressing and pulling on my head to press my mouth harder into her pussy. She’s been a good girl, so I match her pressure with my mouth – alternating sucking, licking, pressing – giving her the absolute works. She’s so wet, she drips down my chin. That gets me so fucking turned on. She starts to roll her hips again. Her breaths are coming faster and shallower, her back is tensing and starting to arch, and her legs are closing around my head. I can still hear her moans through her thighs, and I moan with her, into her cunt. I know she’s only moments away. I’m trying desperately not to get knocked off her clit as she grinds my face with her hips. I clamp my arms tight around her thighs and suck for all I’m worth. My tongue is exhausted and I can barely breath. Almost there. I feel her holding her breath. I’m sucking. Her legs are clamped so tight I’m light headed. I’m right there with her. She stops moaning – her grinding becomes jerky and erratic – her back arches further – I feel her thighs, her arms, her back, her whole body tensing and compressing, like a thousand volt battery, ready to discharge. I suck her clit back into my mouth. For a second, she just vibrates.

Then her orgasm crashes over her like a tsunami. She screams silently into my panties as her body twists around me and convulses repeatedly. Her arms are still clamped around my head, pulling me into her pulsing flower. A gush of squirt pours from her, into my mouth and down my chin – I barely avoid choking. I just keep my mouth sealed to her, riding with her over the crest of the wave and down again as her convulsions ease, and she remembers to breath again. Her thighs release their death grip on my head and I kiss her gently between her legs. I clean her up with a few licks, and I admire the substantial wet patch formed on the sheets under her bum. ‘You just came in my mouth’ I say smugly. She can’t even respond.

A drop actually falls from my chin, landing on her belly as I climb up to face her. I place my mouth to hers, and I gently take my own panties between my teeth and pull them from her lips. I drop them to the side and kiss her deeply – our tongues as tangled as our bodies, our breasts pressed together – so we can share the taste of her cum.

Thanks for reading, you sexy thing.