Her Pt1 {Long}

It was a beautiful summer day usually on these types of days i would go out for a run im a track guy so running is my normal routine i always from my house to the nearby park that’s about a 30 minute run and 30 minutes back but 20 if i ask my mom to come pick me up from the park. My mom is a amazing woman she works hard she started her own business from nothing besides my mom i have my brother who is 20 he’s currently in college trying to become a doctor i also have a step dad and two step sisters my dad remarried after my dad passed a year ago i should also mention i’m 17. So women always come around me but i find older woman more attractive

My mom always wakes up for work early and I wake up around the same time as her which is 5:00 and I leave for my runs at 5:30 and leave for school at 6:00 so I have time to shower and get ready. When i got home my mom told my step dad and my step sisters to come into the living room she told us tonight she’s going to have business partners and old friends from college over so i would have to leave school a bit early i get out at 9:00 but my mom told my step dad to pick me up at 8:53. So while everybody was at home getting ready for the party people started pulling up. I just pulled up the driveway when me and my step dad saw at least 7 cars the neighbors were for the weekend. My step dad and my mom had a pretty good relationship with the neighbors so they said we could use their parking space.

When me and my step dad park I ran into the house upstairs so i could get ready i was wearing casual shorts and a black shirt with a watch on and i took a quick shower so i smelled pretty good i ran downstairs and i realized that my one of my favorite anime jujutsu kaisen had came out with a new season so i got pretty mad but i just let it go and said i’d watch it later tonight. As i continued walking down the stairs i saw a couple of my mom’s old college friends that i haven’t seen since i was like 5 so i was pretty excited to see them there was Jenny who was a married 45 year old woman she was pretty nice but we never really talked. Then there was Gabriella. She was a beautiful 30 yr old woman with amazing tits, thick thighs and amazing black short hair with glasses. Gabriella was always flirt i saw her more than i saw Jenny since lived a couple blocks down from me she always joked about us doing things that i was too young to understand but whenever she did say something flirty i always let it go and laughed along. When i saw Gabriella I froze and smiled it looked like she had not aged a day.

As I walked up to her and gave her a hug she yelped and said “ WHO ARE YOU?!?!?” As i was shocked she didn’t remember me i said “Its me Kai- do you not remember me?” as she looked at me from bottom to top she smiled and screamed “ CHUB CHUB” and pulled me in for a hug. I had a baby face I was so insecure of so I always got mad when she called me that. I’m 6’3 and she was about 5′ 9 or 5’8 so her tits were pressing against me while my face was red i started breathing really heavily. When we both walked to the kitchen to grab a drink we started to catch up. After we grabbed a drink she grabbed a bottle of wine and I grabbed a water.

We walked outside talking about what had happened. We haven’t seen each other in a while because I was always off track at meetings and games. After walking outside to the backyard there were a couple people outside talking about stuff I wasn’t focused on. I kept staring at Gabriella because she really hasn’t aged a day. When she started pouring her wine into her glass she looked at me and with a smirk she said “ What are you staring at chub” i sighed while looking at her and told her “ Could you please stop calling me chub im 17 almost 18 now alright?” “Haha no you will always be little chubs to me” she said with a grin on her face.

“But you are right you’re older now so I should treat you like an actual adult. Taking a sip of her wine she told me “Since you’re all grown up now what should i call you?” “Kai is fine” I said with a small laugh. After talking about random things, I asked her “Are you and Frank still good?” she suddenly got sad it looked like while looking down at the grass she told me “No we got divorced about 4 months ago ever since then I’ve been pretty lonely since Sean (her son) is off in new York with his girlfriend.

I wanted to put my finger on her cheek and kiss her forehead but I told instead I just stupidly patted her head “ I watch too much anime” I told myself then she started laughing “ Did you really just pat my head? “ she said while laughing with tears. Sighing in embarrassment “Yep i just did” she told me she was going to go to the bathroom had too much to drink she said so i stood outside for a good 7 minutes .My step dad came outside to tell me everybody was getting ready to leave me him and my mom where getting ready to go to sleep “Also tell Anne and Jeanie ( my step sisters) “that they have to get some sleep early because they have a pageant tomorrow ( Jeanie is 19 and Anne is 20) “ Why can’t you do it as i yelled at him while he was walking back into the house he said with a lazy groan “ I’m old and there your sisters so you do it “ i said and under my breath i said “ Step sisters”.

I walked into the house watching everybody leave. I helped my mom and step dad ( his name is Gar by the way) clean up. I ran upstairs to finally watch jujutsu kaizen. I walked into my room and I saw Gabriella laying down on my bed. I walked up to Gabriella and woke her up. It turns out she wasn’t asleep. She was looking at porno mags i had in my drawer that gar gave to me when I turned 16 for my birthday. She turned around and looked at me with a blush in her cheeks and asked me if i liked older women i instantly ran up to her and grabbed the magazines

And said “I mean yeah… they’re nice”.

Gabriella got off the bed, walked up to me and hugged me. Her breasts were squeezing me. She looked up at me and said “Do you like me?” i started looking around my room and i quietly said “A little yeah ever since i was 10” she instantly started smiling and pushed me onto my bed ran to the door and locked it she crawled up on my pulled down my shorts also with my underwear and started rubbing my semi-hard cock. I had a good 7 inches so far so i wasn’t worried about anything.

She started whispering in my ear “ Don’t cum to fast i want to enjoy this” i started quietly moaning she stopped and turned on my tv so it would cancel out the sounds i was making. Right when i was about to cum Gar and my mom walked by my door knocked on it to check and see if i was ok “Kai?” I hear my mom calling me “Yeah mom?” “Are you ok honey? I’m just making sure your alright since it was a pretty long night” “Yeah I’m fine I’m just watching some tv getting ready to go to bed” Gard said with a yawn “Alright bud lights out in a hour” at the worst timing Gabriella (I’m going to call her Gabby for short now) made me cum after suddenly putting her sweat mouth around the tip of my dick making me cum in a instant.

As my mom and gar walked away I rushed to put on my shorts forgetting about my underwear. I told Gabby “I need to get you out of here now” she started smiling with her cum covered lips. I unlocked my door, grabbing Gabby and rushing her to the front door. Suddenly Gar came down. He was looking for his glasses since he forgot them downstairs. He turned around and saw me at the door and said “Hey Kai” i turned around he looked behind me since he couldn’t see well with his glasses he it was pretty hard to figure out who it was “Who is that” he said to be Gabby said “ Hey gar i just forgot my purse your son came down and helped me look for it” “Oh alright well let me just get my glasses and then ill help you find your purse “ “NO” Gabby yelled “ Its ok kai helped me find it also would it be ok if i came over tomorrow Sean wants me to send him a game he has and he gave it to kai “ i looked at her furious knowing it was it lie.

“Yeah that’s ok me and Lena ( my mom) are going to be out for a business meeting in the city nearby ill tell Lena you’re coming over ” looking down in Gabby’s hand i saw a piece of paper with her number on it she gave me a hug “ Here’s my number now we can talk more often “ she gave my a kiss near my lips as soon as i closed the door while she walked to her car i bit my lip thinking about what she was planning tomorrow. When I heard her car start I ran upstairs and couldn’t get what just happened out of my mind so I did the only thing I could do. I started jacking off fantasizing about Gabby thinking about what just happened. Then I watched some anime until I went to sleep waiting and thinking about tomorrow excited for more.

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