His Surprise

He had been at school all day and was a little worn out from taking the test in his last class. He pulled into the driveway and noticed a another car was parked at the edge of the walkway. He walked into the house and saw a note that said come upstairs. He dropped his backpack on his chair and proceeded upstairs. When he got to the door to the bedroom he heard a muffled moans. He opened the door and was greeted by his girlfriend laying on the bed naked, another lady naked as well, with her head buried between his girlfriends thighs. The moans were getting louder and faster. He didn’t want to interrupt, so he just stood there and watched. She sensed he was there and this got her turned on even more. The girl between her thighs also knew he was there and gave him a come closer look. As he approached his girlfriend, she undid his belt and his pants, letting them hit the floor. She pulled his boxers down, exposing his hard and throbbing cock. She grabbed it in her hand and began stroking it. She pulled it towards her mouth and told him to do what he wanted. Grabbing a handful of hair, he pushed his cock as far back into her mouth as it would go. She gagged a little. She felt him slide it out a little and she took a breath, before he did it again. He made sure she had gotten his cock good and wet. He walked to the end of the bed and started to rub the other girls clit, making her moan along with his girlfriend. She had not stopped licking his girlfriends clit since he got there. His girlfriend grabbed the other girls head and held it on her clit as he slowly slid that throbbing cock into her waiting pussy. She moved forward a little, she had seen his cock while it was being sucked, but she wasn’t aware of how thick it was until it was inside her. Her lips spread from the head of it and she moaned. She looked back at him and told him to fuck her good. He responded with, if I am fucking you, you will eat her until she cums. He grabbed her hips and thrusted hard and deep into her. She loved the feeling of his cock rubbing against her clit each and every time he went in and out. Everytime he went deep, made her lick his girlfriends clit faster. Pretty soon theyy both were moaning together. Faster and faster the moans got until both of them orgasmed at the same time. He slowly pulled his cock out, looking at his girlfriend he said your turn. The girls switched positions. He thought of fucking his girls pussy, but her asshole was so much more inviting. He slowly slid his cock into her ass. She begged for him to go slow. He slapped her ass and told her that she had one job and that was to eat the other girl out. He pushed all the way into her, forcing her to accept the waiting clit in front of her. As he fucked her hard and deep in the ass, the other girl was pinching her own nipples, causing her to get wetter. When both girls were ready to cum again, he said you must do it together. They both screamed at the same time and let out a huge moan. He was happy that they both had cum, but he was ready now. He made them both kneel before him, hands behind their backs. He began to stroke his cock until it was ready to explode. He made them face each other and shot a huge white hot load on both of their faces. As they looked back to him smiling, he told them to clean it off of each other. He watched as they both licked his load off each others tits and faces. Relaxing he laid down, as both girls began to fondle each other again.

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