How I’m [F] finally going to play with myself after 5 weeks of being wet

Hiii, so if you read my previous posts you know that this Sunday is a special day! It’s the day I finally get to play with my pussy after 5 weeks of being celibate (well, for the most part).

I’ve been wet and desperate for too long and this Sunday is going to be perfect!

To start off, I might take an edible or smoke a joint beforehand to get in the mood. Weed makes me horny and wet—which I already am and probably don’t need, but the way my sex drive is insatiable when I’m high is so fucking hot. My nipples harden on their own; my pussy seizes up, clamping down like a vice grip; and I start dripping—like DRIPPING DRIPPING, I always feel my wetness running down my thigh. I also just get this wave of confidence and sexiness, I feel so hot when I’m high and horny.

For the outfit, I’m thinking one of my little plaid skirts with a skimpy thong. No shirt or bra, I love being topless while wearing a skirt. And to top it off, I’m thinking about wearing my white thigh high stockings. Or should I do knee high? Let me know! Either way, I’m basically going for the slutty school girl look.

Even though I’m going to be playing on my own, my outfit always plays a big part in turning me on. I love looking at myself in the mirror as I play with my nipples or when I sit at the edge of my bed and spread my legs to reveal my pussy in my thong. Something I do often is get on my hands and knees on my bed and pull my skirt up. I like to stare at my ass and the way my thong hugs my pussy lips. I’ll pull the thong down around my knees and spread my legs wider and play with my pussy as I watch in the mirror.

This serves as sort of a starter for my night. After I’ll remove my skirt and thong, naked with only my stockings on. I’ll then move onto GWA and listen to some audios. There’s some hot ones I’ve saved up: DD/LG, rough, spanking, degradation, doggy style, JOIs, etc. If there’s time or I’m just stupid horny, I’ll watch some porn. I’ve been into threesomes lately, especially FFM and there’s a few really hot ones on Bellesa.

The one thing I’m most looking forward to is listening to a fill of the script I made. Someone filled it and he has a British accent which I’m so excited to hear and play with myself to. Almost all of my kinks are in that script. It’s the script that I’ve been writing at work that’s had me getting soaked and leaving wet patches on my pants. I’ve literally soaked through two layers of clothing because of that script! I can’t wait to finally listen and play with my pussy.

Along with that script, I want to add a couple of new things. When I play, I always keep it at 1-2 fingers in my pussy. The most I’ve had ever was 3 fingers inside of me from a tinder hook up and I felt so full that I thought it was his dick. My fingers are a lot smaller than his were so I know it shouldn’t hurt but I’m a little scared to have 3 fingers inside of me. But I want to try! I went 5 wholes weeks with nothing inside of me and I need to be filled so fucking bad. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be so wet and turned on that I should easily be able to finger fuck myself with 3 fingers! I want to stuff my pussy with my little fingers and rub my clit at the same time!

Something else I wanna try is nipple clamps! If you read my other works, you know that I have sensitive nipples that I love to play with. Since I only have two hands, it’s gonna be a little hard to play with my pussy and my titties at the same time. Now, I don’t own actual nipple clamps and I’m not going to buy any. So I’m thinking about placing either bobby pins around my nipples or using little fabric clamps. I’m going to experiment and see which one I can take!

And I also want to try multiple orgasms! Usually I just play for a long time and edge it out until I have one strong orgasm. Afterwards I’m too sensitive to keep going even though I would like to. This time I want to work through the feeling and keep going. I want to orgasm at least twice during my play session!

That’s mostly what I have planned! No toys or anything because I don’t have money and I’m scared of someone finding out I have it. I would love to fuck myself on a dildo, but for now my fingers will do!

Let me know what you think! Comments make me wet so please leave some below! Do you have any suggestions on how I should play with myself? Or any videos you would want me to watch while I play with my pussy? And thigh highs or knee highs?