I am a married Indian woman who has to make the best of what little privacy is afforded to us. [MF]

I’m very thankful for the family I married into. There’s a strong sense of selfless love and duty that I find very rewarding. Ours is a matriarchal household where my mother-in-law’s word is gospel. A lack of privacy is nothing new in a traditional joint family where extended family members live under the same roof. I often find myself in a state of restlessness, desiring to be with my husband while attending household chores.

I am the first person to wake up in order to conduct morning prayers. A tradition that I’m very fond of but it also comes with its caveats. I have to be pure and cannot engage in sexual relations with my husband, no matter how excited I am to wake up next to him. Recently, my husband, under the guise of asking for a towel, pulled me into the bathroom so we could share a passionate kiss. I ended up reliving him with my hand before returning to the kitchen. My older sister-in-law couldn’t stop giggling and probably knew why it took me a while. She understands my plight but is not above having some fun at my expense.

This past Tuesday, my husband broke protocol and pulled me into bed after my morning shower. Even after I protested, he stripped me off my clothing and put himself inside of me. I was euphoric and began tearing up because of how much I had yearned for this. I felt a strong sense of guilt for defying tradition and expressed my concern. In response, he merely sucked on my breast which made me smile.