1. Talked to my GF about it. We went slow at her pace. Eventually I got two fingers in and she came from it. She was absolutely shocked she liked it so much.

  2. The trick is to go S L O W! If it’s her first time, or ifnshe’s had a bad experience, don’t expect to be pounding that ass within 5 minutes. I would recommend a small toy or just a finger while you eat her pussy to orgasm. And work from there. In the end she’ll let you put it in
    Just my two cents on the matter….🤷🏻‍♂️ For what it’s worth, this method worked for me when I convinced my now wife to try

  3. Fiancee is kinda ok with trying but contracts her butt too much and its ends up hurting, even just one finger, any tips for her to relax her butt?

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