Me(M21) thought of this while texting my baby girl

So here’s what I told I’d do to her(hope y’all give it a read)

“Would it be so bad if I told you I’m in a relatives place with lots of people around me but so fucking horny for you?

I’m not even kidding
I swear if I got hold of you rn
I wouldn’t care if I’m with my own relatives
I would kiss your lips like you’re mine alone
Strip off your clothes off and claim you like my slave
Ask everyone around me to hold you down so that I can give you orgasm after orgasm fucking and fingering you while everyone around us is horny watching us

I would do that for hours
Maybe I’d let them masturbate for you and me
Let the ladies and men cum for us
But not a single drop of their cum lands on you
As you deserve only my cum
No one will dare to do anything other than hold down your legs and hands

This continues as long as you pass out or me cumming on you (whichever happens first)
And ask everyone around here to lick off or clean the mess they made in the house

And when they all leave, I’d feed you some juice and food and help ourselves to the shower and then to the bed and sip a cup of coffee all naked in the lawn”

As I told, this is all my fantasy with my girl.