[MF] [Str8] My First [Public] Play Experience

I attended a music school once. Classes were held privately on Saturdays where I studied Jazz Performance. I was a singer with plenty of anxiety for two. I had this fear of being laughed at and my parents thought that it would be a good idea to go to this school to get rid of that fear.

The school was good. The teachers were exceptional musicians, and they were apt at teaching. As I continued to attend this school, my performance skills improved, and my nervousness slowly disappeared. And, in turn, I also learned a lot about jazz, blues, and swing music.

Even though I liked studying there, there was something that I liked paying attention to more: the classical music department. Each weekend as the students from the jazz department went to their classrooms, another group of students entered a series of classrooms on the other side of the building.

A friend of mine from school was in that group. Alex. We had been friends for about a year, and we attended the same school. We were in the same graduating class. But it wasn’t her that I was fixated on. There was another girl: Elizabeth or “Liz.”

One day as I walked to my theory class, I bumped into Alex and Liz. Both girls were off to the canteen, (or ‘the cafeteria’ for those that are unfamiliar with the prior term). I said hello – and I may have given Alex a really big hug. But that was something that I did normally. What wasn’t normal was what I did next; putting Alex down, I turned my attention to Liz. For a moment I just gazed at her. She was tall, brown-haired, with dark-brown eyes, and a light skin-tone with freckles covering a slim, petite figure. What I did next still makes me cringe; I have no idea what compelled me, but as soon as I introduced myself, I stepped forward and picked her up in an embrace.

Call it being over-friendly or flat-out weird, but there in front of me was a very beautiful girl – and I was in a happy mood. I was over the moon that day – and I cannot, for the love of God, remember why. But there I was, holding Liz in my arms and saying hello. Putting her down, I stepped away. She introduced herself and a moment later, both girls had left.

I didn’t see them for weeks after that incident. Days passed and turned into weeks until one day, when Alex approached me at school.

“She can’t stop talking about you,” she said.

“Who can’t?” I asked.


I was surprised, but as I took Liz’s number from Alex, I couldn’t help but wonder why. That day I texted Liz and apologized for being abrupt. She told me that she had never met anyone as friendly as me. She told me that she was glad to have met someone that was so full of life. I was embarrassed to say the least; I didn’t feel like I lived up to those standards. Nonetheless, I took the compliment and continued to talk to her. The texting turned into calling which turned into skype calls.

But, as the relationship grew, there was an issue: she lived four-and-a-half hours away and I didn’t drive. And it sucked because the premature lust was drowning me like champagne quicksand. Then one day, everything changed. We had been talking over the phone about our families, our music, and the schools we went to. Then, tersely, the conversation turned into a discussion about sex. Trustingly, I didn’t hesitate to tell her all about my fantasies and dirty secrets. I told her about my likes and dislikes, desires, and needs. And I was amazed because she didn’t shy away from any of it. Instead, she told me everything that she wanted and desired.

Soon enough, the conversation turned into a heated sexting session. Liz told me, “I’ve taken my clothes off.” The comment left me wondering what she looked like naked. She told me that she had locked her bedroom door and was sitting with her legs spread wide with my Facebook book page opened.

I couldn’t think straight; the very thought of this girl, naked and spread, left me speechless.

“I’m touching myself,” she whispered over the phone. “And I’m really wet.”

Hearing her moans as she masturbated herself excited me. I could feel the bulge in my pants begging to be set free. She told me how much she wanted me inside of her and as her breathing grew heavier I found myself grabbing hold of my erect penis through my sweatpants. As she continued to bring herself closer to a climax, I stroked my engorged penis. Listening to her voice made me feel lightheaded. I felt like I had been drugged. Listening to Liz make love to herself over the phone was the best thing that I had ever heard up to that point in my life. Each and every slippery and sloppy sound of her fingers penetrating her vagina mixed with the groans that escaped her throat made me wish that I was over at hers in that moment.

The phone call carried on for a little longer. After hanging up, I realized something: that this wasn’t really a relationship like the ones you see in romance movies. No, this was a relationship fully dependent on the undying lust of two young adults. But that didn’t bother me. From that day on, we continued to trade fantasies and masturbate to each other’s Facebook photos.

Things between us escalated dramatically one Saturday. I was in class working on scales with the other jazz singers when I got a text. “Meet me outside the downstairs bathrooms,” Liz’s text read.

Excusing myself from the group, I made my way to the bathrooms. She was already there, waiting outside the boy’s bathroom. Seeing me, Liz embraced me, and bringing her mouth to my ear she whispered, “I want you today. I want you so badly.”

Those words were enough to make my day as I nodded. Even now, looking back on this memory, those words remind me that I’m wanted by someone out there, desired by someone. But here’s the thing about the whole situation: up to that moment, I had never done anything sexual in public, let alone make-out with a girl. But as I made my way back to the jazz group, I couldn’t stop thinking about her words. I couldn’t stop undressing her in my mind. I couldn’t stop staring at what I imagined to be her bare body, full lips, and soft tongue. I cringed at how much it affected me thinking about what it’d be like to feel her throbbing under the touch of my fingers.

The day wore on and things did not get better for me. I could feel my body begging to do something about the whole situation. I likened torture to it. Then, she texted me again. She was in class and told me that she could escape for about twenty minutes. I didn’t hesitate to agree with her request. Fortunately, the other singers in the class were working on their numbers – I still had a while before it was my turn. Telling my band-members that I was merely going out for a cigarette; I left the room and ran for the staircase.

Ascending the stairs in that moment made me feel like I was on my way to something spectacular. Reaching the second floor, I found Liz waiting for me. I was so happy that I was at university on a Saturday during a university holiday for a music program that had a massive building to itself with less than 40 students.

The rush of being found out drove my mind insane. But I could feel the adrenaline worsen as my fear of being found out began to disappear. For a moment I just looked at her. She stood there blushing nervously, unable to make eye contact with me. I grabbed her by the hips and, putting a finger under her chin, brought her mouth to mine. The taste of her breath only made me want more.

Parting from her lips, I led Liz to a secluded section of the 2nd Floor: a turn-off corridor from the main hall. As I stood in the corridor with Liz in my arms, I savoured her beauty. My gaze took in the clothes that she wore and the way that she nervously trembled at the touch of my fingers as I ran them through her hair, sliding them down to her neck, and then, down to her hips.

Her own hands, curious to feel my skin, fumbled with my belt. Shoving a hand down, Liz grabbed hold of my growing erection and began to pull. I could feel my penis growing in her grasp and it felt amazing. I kissed her then, drawing her lips to mine in an aggressive manner as my tongue danced around hers through her lush lips. As our sexual ferocity began to overwhelm us, I could feel my body’s temperature rise rapidly. My hunger for Liz’s flesh was indescribable.

I slipped a hand down her readily unbuttoned jeans with ease, and finding the bands of her panties, my fingers slid under. I took a moment to feel her pubic mound, wild and unshaven, and leaning in, I breathed on her neck. “What do you want me to do?” I asked her.

“Anything you want to do with me,” Liz replied short of breath.

With my fingers hovering just over her waiting vagina, I spread her lips and began rubbing her throbbing clit. As my fingers continued to stroke her with a ‘come here’ motion along the tip of her clit, Liz’s breathing quickened. Sliding a finger into her, I pressed my palm against her pubic mound and kissed her lips, tasting her breath once more.

“Oh,” she whispered breaking away from my kiss. She had her eyes closed and the longer I looked at her, the more she seemed to tremble.

I replaced my finger with two, and curled them against the roof of her vagina, before grabbing her ass with my other hand to draw her in closer. She was so, oh so wet. The warmth of her quivering vagina contracting around my fingers made me drool and I hadn’t even started to have fun. Her vagina, provoked and welcoming, begged me to edge her closer to an orgasm as I lifted her, (quite literally), with the hand whose fingers were deep inside of her. As my hand began moving up and down, Liz opened her eyes and stared into mine.

“I want you to go fast,” she whispered. “Please.”

As my hand continued to work away at her, I failed to notice that I was breaking something: her belt. Under the tension of my hand moving vigorously in her jeans, Liz’s belt suddenly snapped. She didn’t take any notice. Instead, Liz was completely and utterly lost in the moment. I watched her bite her lips, lick her lips, and whimper as I continued to shake her with enthusiasm. Then without warning, she groaned as I felt my hands drown in a rush of her juices as her cum came pouring out.

I wasn’t ready to stop, however. I was having way too much fun. I wanted more. I wanted her to swear, to curse my name, and to beg me to make her climax again and again and again. Still lodged in her, I gradually moved my hand away, slipping my fingers out of her. Turning to Liz, I brought my fingers to her mouth, which she opened willingly. As I watched my fingers escape into her hungry mouth, I heard myself groan.

My fingers now clean, I grabbed hold of Liz and turned her around.

“Bend over,” I commanded.

As she bent over, I grabbed hold of her jeans and pulled them down, just enough to leave her ass bare and exposed. Then slowly, I parted her cheeks wide and slipped a finger into her. I gazed down at her vagina, wild with pubic hair, admiring the rich pink colour of her folds and I found myself licking my lips, wondering how she tasted. Pulling out of her gaping vagina, I brought my fingers to my mouth and lapped away at the juices that were trickling down my open palm. She tasted sweet. It reminded me of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, something I craved less than a mouthful of her juices. Penetrating her again, I began thrusting violently and I didn’t stop as my hand moved back and forth, the pace increasing with each passing second. Equally, her moans grew louder and louder.

By this point, I didn’t care whether we were found out. I pulled my jeans down in a hurry. Liz, now facing me, dropped to her knees. For a moment she looked at my engorged penis, then grabbing me by the base, I watched as her lips enveloped the head. As she continued to move her mouth up and down my throbbing shaft, I could feel her tongue caressing me in firm circles.

Taking me out of her mouth, Liz licked my precum and swallowed. I could tell that the taste of my juices made her hungrier and wanting for more. Earnestly, Liz put me back in her encouraging mouth and I watched in amazement as she brought her head all the way down to the base of my erection. I stood there in absolute tranquility as she sucked the life out of me. The feeling of her mouth wrapped around my penis made my legs tremble and my toes curl.

I grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting in and out of her accommodating mouth and watched as a mixture of my cum and her saliva drooled out from the corner of her mouth. It drove me insane with lust. I could feel my body nearing a climatic end when Liz suddenly did something I had never ever felt before. It was a mixture of circling and trailing as her tongue licked and caressed my shaft and then my scrotum. Then, with another kiss of her lips on the tip of my penis, I entered her eager mouth and buckled as I released my orgasm. With my penis still in her mouth, Liz swallowed my load.

Standing, she grinned. I was trembling from head to toe. Delighted with my climax, Liz leaned in and kissed me. The taste of my sperm on her lips made my head spin and for a moment I felt my body quake, eager to satisfy its hunger with her body.

Turning around, Liz bent over again. “Well?” she asked looking over her shoulder with a cheeky grin as she wiggled her bottom. I didn’t hesitate. Grabbing her waste, I guided my swollen penis into her awaiting vagina. She was so warm and wet, and each stroke felt amazing. Her vagina, hungry and impatient, swallowed me whole as I leaned in until I was at my base. As I continued to move in and out of her sopping wet hole, I savoured the sounds of her juices squelching and slurping. Taking her cheeks in the palm of my hands, I pried her bottom wide and felt my jaw drop as I watched her take me inch by inch with each and every thrust.

To say the least, this was the most exhilarating moment of my existence; the thought of being caught by someone excitement me so much as I continued to grind my hips against Liz’s bare bottom.

I could feel myself edging closer towards an orgasm, so I pulled out of Liz’s vagina. Immediately, she turned and dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of me before guiding my swollen penis into her mouth. As she swallowed me and savoured her juices, I groaned. Within moments her kisses brought me over the edge, and I found my penis squirting a load of sperm again.

Lifting Liz to her feet, I brought my jeans up and fastened my belt. Then, before she could do the same, I forced her against the wall. Her face hugged the paint of the corridor as her hands grabbed the cheeks of her voluptuous bottom to spread them wide and show me her swollen pussy. Licking my lips, I dared a slap and spanked her. Luckily, no one heard the sound.

In the background, I could hear music playing luckily. They were clearly too distracted to concern themselves with our whereabouts. Bringing a finger to Liz’s vagina, I pushed passed her folds and began stimulating her clitoris. As I did, my other hand came down on her again with a loud clap. As I continued to spank Liz’s bare bottom and stimulate her throbbing clit, I could feel her body edging closer to an orgasm. Her moans grew louder by the second and part of me wanted to put my penis back inside of her. But I was enjoying this moment a lot. I was enjoying making her submit to me.

“Fuck,” Liz stuttered. “Harder, baby, harder.”

I didn’t need any further encouragement as I increased the speed and strength of my slaps to her red bottom. Suddenly, I felt the weight of her body lower as she groaned. “Fuck… I… I’m cu… cumming,” she squealed. As her body continued to shake uncontrollably, I slipped my finger into her spent vagina, just to feel her wetness, just to savour how aroused she was.

Cum dripped from her pussy as Liz struggled to stand. She whimpered for a moment before sighing.

“That was amazing,” she said fumbling with her jeans when she suddenly stopped to look at me. “Why’s my belt broken?”