Midnite Vienna: Chapter Nine [MF/MM/FF]

Chapter Nine: Too Old to Rock and Roll

(Warning: Heavy Themes of Mind Break and N*n-C*ns*nt)

Even after a full night’s rest, Reilly still felt exhausted. Between worrying about Watson all week, and the fallout from Jesse’s enslavement, it had been nothing but work work work. Today was the day they were doing the raid on the *Midnite Vienna*, and anxiety had kept her awake most of the night. However, Amy and Martina urged her out of bed while Henry warmed up the shower.

Half awake, Reilly slipped out of her bed and made her way to the bathroom. She had to step over a body, and another bod- wait a fucking moment who were all these people?!

Reilly turned on the light, and realized there were seven people still sleeping on her floor. Amy squinted through the light and answered Reilly’s unspoken question. “These are all the slaves Martina had before you broke her. They must have taken a while to get here from wherever they were”

Reilly had been aware that breaking someone meant you got their slaves, but she hadn’t had time to think about whether they would just show up at her house like this. Reilly jumped into the shower quickly, not wanting to talk to any of them just yet. This was too much, she had enough on her mind without having an entire workforce of slaves showing up at her home.

Amy opened the shower curtain and Martina and Henry stepped into the shower with Reilly. Amy smiled and spoke”Dont worry about it Ma’am, I’ve dealt with large groups of slaves before, so this is nothing. Tweedle dee and Twiddle dumb here will help you relax while I get them organized”

Reilly had never been so thankful to have slaves. Amy left and the two slaves got to work washing and massaging Reilly. Once they finished washing her, Reilly leaned back into Henry’s chest. Henry ran his hands down her sides, and back up to her tits. Martina focused on her lower body, her tongue playfully licking around heinner thighs, purposefully avoiding her pussy. As soon as Reilly began to squirm with need, Martinas tongue shot to her clit. Pleasure filled her hips, making it hard to stand.

Reilly spent half an hour in that bliss, Henry massaging and relaxing her hips while Martina ate her out. Reilly held tightly onto Martinas head, and Henry squeezed her tits as she screamed in pleasure. Reillys toes curled and her eyes rolled up into her head. God it felt amazing, and she wasn’t even being fucked. Sadly, that would have to come later.

Reilly dried off and got dressed. She expected the living room to be full, but only two of the slaves she had seen were still there. The female slave was vacuuming, while the male one was folding laundry. Amy came out of the kitchen, naked except for a pink apron with a heart on it. “Hope your morning is going well ma’am, breakfast is almost ready”

The breakfast was German waffles and bacon. Definitely not a healthy meal, but definitely a tasty one that got her mood up for the day. Amy sat down and drank a cup of coffee. “Clearly you don’t like a crowded house, so only a few of us will be here at a time. We have a rotation where some of us will be living at an apartment for a couple days, and then they’ll come here for a couple days. The only consistent one here will be me in order to keep things organized here. That all sound good to you Ma’am?” She asked while looking at a calender of the slaves names.

Reilly nodded with a mouthful of pancake. She swallowed “Thanks so much, it was just…overwhelming having that many all at once”

Amy smiled warmly “It happens. Not everyone wants to be surrounded by a cult of followers. Especially you, so kind and gentle”

Reilly blushed. She wanted more slaves like Amy, that was for sure. She left Amy at home to keep things together, and so she wouldn’t get caught up in the chaos of the raid.

The station was a hub of that chaos. Officers and agents of all kinds were running back and forth, getting their aspects of the raid prepared. Lily ran up to her, looking angry and our of breath. “Reilly, Tanny wants to talk to you” Reilly knew something was wrong as soon as Lily left “captain” out of the sentence.

Lilt stayed outside of the Captain’s office while Reilly went inside. Captain Tanny was leaned back in her chair, and tried to hide the fact she was giving her lip once Reilly entered. Reilly sighed and sat down, knowing exactly what was happening. “Jesse having fun down there?” Reilly said sarcastically

The captain chuckled, and Jesse popped out from under the desk, his hair a mess. The captain shrugged “Sorry, were catching up on months lost.”

Reilly gave a half smile, that turned back into a concerned frown. “Agent Lily didn’t seem happy, what happened?”

The captain took a deep breath. “Jesse and I will not be participating in today’s raid. As of now, I am retiring from my position of Captain”

Reilly couldn’t believe it. “But…why, Calvin Thomas was the one who took Jesse from you in the first place”

Tanny nodded “I know. I know…but..” she sighed “This raid is going to be incredibly dangerous. And just cant…I can’t risk being broken and losing Jesse again”

Reilly stared at the floor. She was starting to understand Tanny’s reasoning. Jesse sat in Tanny’s lap, holding her arm to his chest while she continued “Calvin put a chastity cage on Jesse. He clearly didn’t want Jesse making love to women at all, let alone the woman he loves. I just can’t risk us being separated…”

Jesse spoke up “Well be making a trip to the Task Force headquarters to make our final report. If something goes wrong today, you’ll be damn sure that international and global telepaths will be here within a couple days”

Reilly looked up at them and smiled. She wasn’t angry at all. If she had ever gotten her mother back, she probably wouldn’t have been able to risk it either. “Of course. You just got back what you lost, I can’t expect you to risk losing it all again”

Tanny smiled back at her “Thank you for understanding, it wasn’t easy to make this decision”

Reilly stood up “Im sure.” Reilly then noticed the ring on Tannys finger and raised an eyebrow “Is this trip also a honeymoon?”

Tanny looked at her hand and laughed “Something like that. Jesse and I alsways discussed getting married, and one of those plans even involved one of us enslaving the other”

Jess noticed Reillys confused look “Being enslaved can be a closer bond then being married, especially if we did it willingly. We were unsure, but it looked like it worked out anyway” he looked up at Tanny and kissed her cheek

Reilly congratulated them and left. It should have made her mad, then backing out like this. Lily certainly felt that way, saying “Godamnit, does she know how many people have lost their significant others to mind breaking? For fucking years she refused to go to national level, saying she wanted to protect the people, but here she is abandoning them for herself fucking…”

Lily continued on like that while Reilly stayed silent. Finally Reilly said “It’s not worth getting angry over. Whats done is done, and her decision is made. We just need to take this bastard down”

Lily sighed and out her head in her hand. “I know…I know. It just hurts.”

——–A few hours later——–

Reilly, Lily, and dozens of other members of the Psychic Task Force were driving fast to the *Midnite Vienna*. Their plan was to blitzkrieg the bar, and clear every room of it as fast as possible. They were low on Intel, but sending in more Officers to investigate wasn’t an option. Calvin was the main target, and had no backup as far as anyone was concerned. The state level agents hoped it would be an easy snatch and grab.

Lily was apprehensive as the got closer to the bar. “He’s broken so many officers at this point, he might be at national level…” she murmured while ignoring a red light. “It’ll be an uphill battle if any of us meet him one on one”

Reilly felt bad for the other telepaths without Niches. Psychic duels were heavily dependent on who had more psychic power and experience. She at least had a niche that let her cheat and take down higher level psychics.

They were only a couple minutes away and Lily gave the final briefing to Reilly. “We run in and get to work. Other officers will worry about tying up any of the slaves and any rogue psychics. Our job will be to go straight to the back, and find Calvin. Ten other Agents will be following us, and their goal is to overwhelm him with pure psychic energy. However, your job is to use your niche to take him down while they distract him.”

Reilly nodded and smiled nervously. “Let’s fucking do this”

Lily nodded “Damn right”

They pulled in front of the *Midnite Vienna*, and the operation began. Officers and Agents jumped out of their vehicles, running to the entrance. No slaves were outside, making entering the front door much easier then expected.

Reilly followed behind the first wave of Officers alongside Lily. As the entered, she heard a commotion ahead of them. Only once they got to the main room did she understand why, and her heart dropped. None of the slaves were there. The room was completely empty. Obviously, Calvin Thomas had seen them coming.

Lily took command “I don’t give a shit if no one’s here, we’re still clearing out the place and shutting down. Even if Calvin isn’t here, we’re making sure he doesn’t get his fucking bar back”

This motivated all the Officers and Agents, and they went right to searching rooms. Reilly followed Lily and the kitchens, adrenaline causing her heart to beat fast and hard. As she took some breaths to calm herself, an officer called them over to a door. Lily and her looked down into the door the officer had found. It led to a stair case.

Lily gestured to the ten Agents that were assigned to her and Reilly. “There’s a chance that Calvin is down there. We dont know how big this building is. My team will head straight for the bottom, and for every floor, another team will be sent down to clear it. Be ready for anything”

Everyone was on the same page, and down they went. Reilly had never been claustrophobic, but she was surprised how welcoming it all felt. Going underground was supposed to be scary, but somehow the walls felt more like a hotel then a bunker. The stairway was well lit, and even had paintings on all of the walls. It almost made her more nervous then if it had been dark and dingy.

Every few floors, Lily called in for teams to begin clearing them. Eventually however, there just wasn’t enough teams. Once they reached the bottom, Reilly believed she had counted 40 floors. Lily looked at the team and frowned. “I won’t lie, this isn’t good. This kind of set up couldn’t have been done normally…” she trailed off, and they opened the door to the bottom floor.

It was a gigantic gym and auditorium. A stage ran horizontal to the gym. The gym itself was filled with all manor of furniture, and sex toys. Clearly, it was a room where Calvin played to his hearts content. Lily directed everyone to different corners of the room, to see if anyone was hiding.

Then the lights went off.

For a moment, Reilly was terrified. Then sarge television above the stage turned on. And on the television was Calvin’s smirking face. He laughed “Welcome, State level agents of the Psychic Task Force. I hope you’re enjoying my lovely home, afterall, I do plan for you to stay here quote awhile”

Reilly, Lily, and the agents prepped their minds, ready for any psychic attack. Calvin continued “As you try to make your way out, you may notice things are.. different” He smiled knowingly, and the television shut off. The lights came back on, and Reilly realized to her horror that the gym now had several walls where there weren’t any before. Lily was nowhere to be seen, and Reilly was with two Agents she had never met before.

The raid was not off to a good start.


Lily swore in frustration once the lights came on. Four of the Agents ended up with her, but she was more worried about Reilly. Lily hoped that Reilly had some agents to help her out. She was going to need it.

Lily turned to the four agents. “We are now in an emergency situation. Calvin has the ability to change a sizable building using pure psychic energy.”

The agents nodded. They all knew what that meant without saying it. Calvin was an international level psychic, and they were in the middle of his home terf. He was in complete control.

There was only one door, and to Lily’s disappointment, it didn’t go up. It continued down a hallway, and all they could do was take the only way forward.  After a few more turns, and a flight of stairs, they made it to a door. Lily opened it, and gritted her teeth.

The room was filled with dildos. Wall to wall, all over the floor, even the fucking roof. All of them sticking up, and dripping with lube. Calvin was toying with them. They could all feel the psychic energy permeating the room. Lily said aloud “This just keeps getting fucking worse”

All of them did their best to tip toe across the room. None of them wanted to find out what would happen if they actually touched the dildos.

One agent, a woman with red hair, found out the hard way. Her outfit was a cocktail dress, the fatal flaw of which was high heels. She slipped on the lube, and fell ass first onto the ground. As soon as her skin touched the dildos, her demeanor changed. She let out a soft moan, and slipped onto her stomach. She lovingly kissed each of the dildos,and grinned her thighs against the ones between her legs.

Lily grimaced, and continued forward. Helping her would risk each of them facing the same fate. All of them tried to ignore her increasingly loud moans as they reached the end of the room. As they exited the door, Lily saw a glimpse of the Agent bouncing happily on the largest dildo she could find.

Lily shuddered and closed the door. If Calvin was strong enough to break an agent just like that, who knows how well she could hold up against him. Deep down, she really didn’t want to face him.

They soldiered onward. One Agents was taller then both Lily and the other agent. She was muscular, and wore a body builder outfit to match. She shook her head “This is insane. We should have called in international agents to oversee this operation damn it”

The other agent, wearing overalls and nothing underneath it, nodded in agreement. “Some more intel from these city fucks would have been ni-” her sentence was cut off as the floor opened underneath her. She fell a couple feet before the hole closed around her waist, leaving the top half of her body in the same room as Lily.

Lily and the other agent did their best to pull her out, but the hole refused to budge. The agent yelled in frustration. “Mother fucker! Hurry up and find Calvin before he…he” her eyes widened “oh shit, they’re making me sit on a saddle vibrator, you guys need to hurry bef–ohhh good” Lily could faintly hear the vibrating through the floor. She looked at the bodybuilders agent, and they stood up.

Lily smiled, trying to cheer the trapped agent up “Well be back for you, don’t worry” she turned away quickly, not wanting to watch another agent break in front of her.

They hadn’t even reached the end of the hallway before a water fall of a pink substance dumped onto the bodybuilder agent. Lily jumped and rolled away form it. When she turned around she didn’t even recognize the other agent. Her body was now smooth and soft, her breasts and hips thick and supple. Her clothes hung loosely on her body, and she squealed in pleasure, groping and rubbing herself all over.

Lily couldn’t take it anymore, she ran to the door as fast as possible. She was going to find this Calvin fucker and break him. He could have been a global telepath for all she cared, she just wanted to see him pay for what he had done.

No matter what, she would do it.

*End of Chapter Nine*