(MM) A Change of Colours Pt. III

Rain rolled over the bus windows in small streams. Two unread messages where lighting up my phone that was laying between my thighs. I smiled. These past two days since my night with Finn I had felt alive like never before. But as nice as those moments had been they left nothing but confusion. After all my prior experiences with girls had meant something to me. Even thinking about some moments got me smiling. They even got me hot. On the other hand all I wanted right now was get back on my knees to suck Finns erect cock. To have him eat my thick ass and compliment my asshole while doing it. Crossing my legs I hid my erection.

As the bus passed a school I looked at some of the students. On another day, maybe just a few weeks prior I would have imagined them on their knees in front of me. Right now I could only manifest the desire to get bent over in knee highs and a skirt while a cock was rampaging through my insides. Next I found myself wondering how could I even think such things. Left spiralling through confusion my head felt strange. Like slowly becoming fully awake after only a few hours of sleep. Light-headed and … off.

Vibration in my crotch took me back to reality. I took my forehead from the bus window and finally unlocked my phone. Three unread messages. Taking a deep breath I armed myself for further disorder in my mind before unlocking the screen. “Good morning, beautiful.” “I miss you.” “I hope I didn’t scare you too far out of your comfort zone. I really enjoyed seeing you blossom into a new form. You’re really brave.” Of course it was Finn. I had left his messages unread since yesterday evening even though our contact the morning after had been most intensive. Our thread was already filled with messages to represent months of friendship. At least for my usual style.

“Can we meet?”, I typed in an automatism to get things in order. With the bus now approaching my station I got up and went to wait in front of the door. “Sure.”, his reply came instantly and adorned with a barrage of heart emojis. “When?”, followed immediately after. The doors opened with a pneumatic sigh. Turning my eyes from my phone not to run into someone on the way out I found Finn standing right in front of me. Taking my step out felt like stepping into another world. My heart was racing and jumping at the same time. Some years back a friend had taken me into one of those indoor trampoline parks. Jumping around so much wasn’t something I was familiar with and even though I had been sixteen back then it had felt like my heart was jumping out of my chest and taking my lungs with it.

People streamed in and out of the vehicle as we just stood there like two rocks in a river. Everything around me seemed so blurred, the others might as well have been water. We locked eyes like predator and prey and without the slightest chance of resistance we where in each others arms and at each others lips. Now finally able to breath freely the mist dispersed. Opening my eyes I first noticed his freckles, every ever so slight blemish on his skin and they where all beautiful but as we ended our kiss I noticed unfriendly gazes all around us. “Let’s get somewhere more private I suggested.” Finn agreed.

Only a short stroll down the block took us to a park. We walked hand in hand and without saying a word. Finn was the one to break the silence. “I was worried. After you suddenly didn’t reply any more I thought maybe you already had enough of me or decided you didn’t like what we did.” Staring down on the ground I nodded. “I’m sorry. I understand how you felt but I was just … just so confused.” “I get that.”, he replied. “I really do. If there is anything I can do or say to make you feel more comfortable just say the word.” Now fixing my eyes on the horizon, hidden between trees and high buildings cornering the park, I sighed. “It’s just so much to take in. And then there’s the endless questions. Am I gay? But if yes, why do I still cherish some of the moments I had with women. Does that make me bisexual? Why didn’t I notice that before?” He sighed. “I feel you. I had the same questions once and believe me, they took time to answer. The only thing I can say for sure is that a lot are repressing homosexual thoughts, most even without knowing. Some because they did most of their lives and feel like this state of mind is the new normal for them. It’s okay if you need time alone to figure this out.” Not knowing how to answer I held his hand a little tighter, not to scare him. For a while I couldn’t catch a clear thought so after some silence I just answered with what felt best. “I think I’m too scared to do this alone. Will you help me?” Looking at him my insecurity was mirrored with enthusiasm.

A couple of days later Finn introduced me to some of his friends from almost all over the rainbow of sexualities. Bisexual, asexual, pansexual, binary or gay. All of them had one thing in common. A excessive history of confusion and, at least in hindsight, bad decisions. Yet they greeted me with open arms. Afterwards my head was spinning even though I hadn’t touched a single drop of alcohol. Finn was holding me and leading me through the darkening streets back to his apartment.

It was still dark when I woke up. After returning to his home we had watched a movie in bed, cuddled up and drifted off into a deep slumber. Heavy, slow breathing told me he was still asleep. Feeling a bit sweaty I sat up and pushed the blanket aside. My head felt wired yet exhausted like after intense training. Was this the confusion of love found in an unexpected place or just the tremor and chaos of my insides? I turned around and looked at the other man sleeping at my side. His peaceful face brought a smile to my face as well as it did wipe away my sorrow. Whatever this was, it felt right and after weeks of pain I decided to savour it.

Wandering up and down his body my eyes stopped at a bulge under the blanket right under his hips. Wiping all doubt from my thoughts I knew what I wanted to do. What I just had to do. Crawling over the bed on all fours I pushed aside the blanket and placed my cheek against his stomach. I could hear soft rumbling inside. Careful not to wake him I grabbed the waistband of his underwear and slid it down to his thighs. His dick jumped free just inches from my face. Slight hints of sweat crept into my nose to conjure images of our last, my first time doing this.

Inhaling his smell I gently pulled back the foreskin of his half erect dick. Reflecting the little light in the room his purple-pink glance was revealed having my mouth watering. Keeping the skin from sliding back I slowly felt it harden. Ready to wake my lover I opened my mouth to envelop his tip with my lips, sensually circling it with my tongue. Smooth like a polished rock his tip filled my taste buds with the manly aroma of his cock. Soft moaning came from the pillows and I felt a hand creep up my thigh and clinging on to my butt. “What are you doing?”, he moaned. Not answering I opened my lips again only to push down on his dick, forcing him about halfway into my throat. I could hear Finn sharply sucking in the air. Holding on to his swollen balls I moved my head back and forth, only a bit but enough to make me gag on his rod.

Maybe he was still half asleep and thus showing his true colours or still delirious and acting out of character but suddenly he pulled his hand back and smacked the cheek he had just grabbed. “Fuck, that’s a good little slut.”, he moaned. Confused I stopped for a moment. Did he really just call me a slut? What irritated me even further was the blush it had brought to my cheeks and the way it had made my heart flutter. It reminded me of the first time I had done this and how the feeling of kneeling in front of him, pleasing him with my mouth, getting fingered had turned me on. Not thinking just acting I reached back and pulled down my own underwear before climbing over him, presenting my ass directly into his face.

He laughed and gave my now bare butt another careful slap. Nervous as what he was to do to it I giggled. It sounded strange. Anxious and horny at the same time. Unlike anything I had ever produced. Trying to distract myself I got back to sucking on his manhood but my whole concentration was glued to my behind. Finn was stroking it, pulling it apart only to let go off my cheeks, probably watching them jiggle back into place before giving them another smack. This time harder. Moaning I arched my back, pushing my ass closer towards his face. My elbows where dug into the mattress, my forearms mounted over his thighs. In my left hand I carried and massaged his nuts while my right was loosely grabbing his shaft.

Suddenly I felt one of his fingers prodding my but thole. Startled my head jolted forward, accidentality ramming his cock down my throat. Bewildered I gagged but didn’t dare move while Finn let out a deep grunt. He had removed his finger, perhaps out of confusion. “You are a fast learner.”, he panted while I was still fighting my gag reflex, my eyes tearing up. I could hear a wet smacking sound coming from his lips right before his finger returned. “Let’s see if we can do the same down here.” What did he mean? He wasn’t about to … As realisation hit I could already feel his middle finger push into my. Slowly and not without care but steadily and free from mercy. My legs felt weird and weak.

Pulling his cock from the depth of my throat a high pitched, sighing moan replaced it. “Fuck, you can’t just …” But he could and so he did. Cutting me short he hooked his finger like he had done last time and started to move it inside of me, putting tension on my hole from the outside by spreading my cheeks. “You Bastard.”, I moaned while my upper body collapsed onto his lower abdomen, leaving my ass high in the air. Finn didn’t mind my objection. He even added a little back and forth twisting motion every time he pulled or pushed inside of me. His knuckle was hitting my prostate with scary precision.

“I don’t know why you complain.”, he teased. “You seem to like it to be treated like this.” Still moaning and apparently even drooling I had to swallow before I could answer: “So what? Does that give you the right to just do it to me?” He laughed and smacked my eyes, leaving me to moan again. “Make me stop then.” A high pitched whimper escaped me as he straightened his finger and pulled back a little further. I wanted to tease back, not make him stop. “See, you even protest when I stop. Now get back to sucking my cock, slut.” Smiling and moaning, as he started getting back to his routine I reintroduced his dick into my mouth.

After a while I felt him pull out again. In protest and feeling like acting a little frisky I started swaying my hips left and right. “Why did you stop.” Again he laughed, this time dirtier. “Don’t you worry baby. I’ll be back to fingering your ass any second.” Something was surely to come. Something I couldn’t say for sure even though I had my suspicions. They where true. After some spitting sounds the pressuring sensation was back at my hole. But different. As I realised it was two fingers this time, Finn already started to push. “Let’s see if you are ready for a little more.”

Sharp pain and strange pleasure, just like last time, left a feeling of nervous vibration in my ass. It was exactly the same. Apparently I had been ready since I took two fingers as well as only one. “Fuck. I can feel your fingers stretching me out so much.” He chuckled. “Some day you will feel something else stretching you out. If you want to.” It took him some time to add the last sentence. Reassured by how cautious he was despite his dominant behaviour I couldn’t help but smile. Soon enough my mouth returned to an o-shape as he started fingering me with both his fingers.

Moaning and whining I noticed my cock was already leaking precum again. I also had stopped sucking him off, so much of my brain was occupied by pleasure. “Do you enjoy fingering me?”, I panted as I at least managed to stroke his thick manhood. “I do. I also imagine spreading it with my cock. It’s so pretty and tight.” “You want to fuck me?” “Yes I want to fuck your pretty little boy-pussy. Make your girlish, thick ass jiggle with every thrust and drain my balls inside of you. Now get back to what you are here for and suck my cock.” Now constantly moaning I obeyed with shaking legs. I was already much to close to pay too much attention to what I was doing.

A sudden slap to my cheeks made my hole contract and pushed my over the edge. String after string of cum was gushing from my dick and sprayed over Finns chest, stomach and even to the root of his cock. To add insult to injury my lover picked up the pace, furiously fingering my asshole. Fiery hot it felt like melting. I felt like I was melting. My thighs started to shake and spasm as I held on for dear life.

When it was finally over I felt drained. With my finally strength I climbed off of Finn and started cleaning his body with my tongue as he pulled his fingers out. My own cum tasted better than I remembered. Still it was bitter and salty. Finally reaching his cock I noticed some stain reaching even down to his shaft. Like the good little slut I felt like I started to suck him off again. The taste of his flesh and my own semen mixing in my mouth. Suddenly he started to grunt. Apparently he hadn’t been to far from his own climax. Grabbing me by my hair he started to thrust into my mouth, bucking his hips only a few times before an equally large load started to spray into me. Coating my tongue, the inside of my cheeks and the back of my throat in delicious sweet and salty sperm. It mixed with my own taste as I swallowed my second load of the day.