[MMM] Serving two guys

I was out of town a couple of days for a conference from work. On Friday night I was drinking with these two dudes I met there. I think they were cousins. By the end of the night and we being completely drunk, I invited them to go to my hotel room. There the chat continued and we slowly went into horny topics. One of the guys was bi like me. The other one was straight. At least until that day.

We started talking about our sexual accomplishments and the talk got so horny and we were so drunk we ended up jerking off. I couldn’t take my eyes out of their cocks, and they noticed, one of them joked asking me if I wanted them to fuck me, and even tough I knew it was a joke and I laughed, I actually said yes. That’s how drunk I was, and that’s how drunk they were because after a little discursion we were all set on doing it.

Before I knew it we were all nude. The queer cousin already rock hard with one of the condoms I brought to the trip just in case. And with me applying some of the lube I brought to the trip just in case. And the straight cousin, the most hesitant watching us from a chair also rock hard stroking his cock.

I couldn’t believe, but there I was over the bed on my knees and spreading my butt cheeks while the queer cousin was finding his way inside me. Then I’m on all fours taking him in slowly, moaning a bit, with my cock rock hard between my legs as the straight cousin watches. He was blushing, he couldn’t believe it either. Especially when the other cousin started to invite him to join, soon him and I would form a choire telling him to get into it with us.

After that he got on the bed on his knees with his cock in front of my face. I was so into the whole thing I took his cock in my mouth without thinking. Now with my mouth busy, silence filled the room, leaving space only for the sounds of fucking, sucking and moaning.

Then I had time to think. I couldn’t believe it, I was being fucked by two men. There I was on all fours being invaded by both guys manhood, I was being rocked back and forth by their movements, feeling them go in and out of me.

I had never felt more used. And I was loving it.

My cock was so hard it couldn’t even swing with their thrusts. I could feel the queer cousin’s hands on my hips holding me, and the straight cousin’s hand holding my head guiding it. I didn’t have to do anything.I could very well be a thing they were fucking. Just staying there and let them use me.

Suddenly I taste a shot of cum on my mouth. The straight cousin was cumming and he didn’t even warned me. To be fair he could have done it and I just didn’t notice it. I was that lost on the whole thing. Then I feel the other cousin thrusting hard against me as he cums, making the other one’s cock go deeper into my mouth with cum and Everything. It’s too much for me, and I end up cumming in the bed. The three of us cumming at the same time.

They get out of me and sit on the edge of the bed while I lie there catching my breath, feeling exited from the whole thing, Even now wanting to keep pleasing them I offer them a beer, they say yes and I walk towards the minibar in the room , I take two and give them to them.

I sit between them and we start talking about the whole thing. The queer cousin teases the straight one about him letting me sucking his cock, and he says that that doesn’t make him gay.

After a couple of minutes the queer cousin’s cock starts getting hard again, and I very emboldened go for it with my hand, I start stroking it. Then he notices mine getting hard too and he starts stroking me too. The straight cousin watches this and as soon as his cock start to go hard I reach it and stroke it with my other hand.

Suddenly I’m jerking off both of them. And of course I ended up in my knees, sucking one’s cock while jerking off the other, and the changing.

I was loving my role as a servant for them. Getting to know how their cocks felt different in my mouth. And hearing them moan.

After a couple of minutes the queer cousin warns me he’s about to cum, so I decide to jerk him off until I feel him cumming all over me. And now I focus on blowing the straight cousin. Then suddenly I feel a mouth on my cock. The queer cousin is there lying on the floor below me sucking me off. I start moaning while jerking the other cousin off until he also cums all over me.

Finally I explode on the queer cousin mouth, and he takes it all.

I get up, and fall on the bed exhausted. As I watch them catching their breath and then dressing up getting ready to go. By this point I’m so emboldened get get up and accompanied them towards the elevator thought the hallway completely nude and with my face and chest covered in cum. It was very late and there was no one there. But I didn’t knew that when walking out the door.

Finally I get back into my room, take a shower and lie in the dry part of the bed. I fell asleep immediately.