Movie time (MF)

We are sitting on the couch, snuggled up under a doona to keep warm on this cold winters night. All the lights are off, the only light in the room is coming from the TV showing a scary movie.

The movie starts to get creepier and I slide a bit closer to you inch by inch, and eventually tuck myself under your arm – it’s a little less scary when someone is holding you. The movie continues and we are both occasionally jumping, your arm tightening around me and drawing me closer, my head is now on your shoulder, face close to your neck.  There is a loud noise on the movie and we both jump, then look at each other sheepishly, embarrassed that we are getting so scared.

The look deepends and turns intense, and before I know what’s come over me, I’ve lifted my head and pressed my lips to yours. You respond eagerly, crushing my mouth, your tongue entering and exploring without hesitation. We stop and look at each other, stunned, neither of us had expected this.

I bite my lip unsure where to go from here, which causes you to inhale sharply. You take my head in your hands and pull me back to your lips, kissing me with fervor. I move then, and climb over you, straddling your legs so I am sitting on your lap, and fist my hands in your hair, kissing you deeply, movie forgotten. You move your hands to my hips, then to my ass, and pull me forward.

I let out a slight moan into your mouth as I feel your growing bulge between my legs, and press my hips further into you, relishing the feel of you there. I rock back and forth on your lap driving us both crazy with the tension while our mouths are still fused together in a hot and passionate kiss.

I pull back slightly and the kiss stops as I rest my head against yours and look into your eyes. “What are we doing?” I ask you. I shift slightly and feel you press against my hot centre again, which causes me to let out a low moan. “God, I want you” I whisper.

With that you push me off your lap and lay me down on the couch, climbing over me and resting on top of me while you assault my face again. Our kisses get hotter and more desperate – finally our hands begin to join in and roam over each others bodies. You run a hand down my neck and down the side of my body, not stopping until you reach the hem of my top. You reach your hand under and move it upwards until you find my breast, eyes wide as you realise I’m not wearing a bra.

You hurriedly reposition yourself so you can lift my top up, and rip it over my head, leaving me top less and exposed. You push me back down then lean down and your mouth finds a nipple, sucking and gently biting, while your other hand massages my other breast. I squirm a little under your touch, and moan as you move from breast to breast, teasing me with your mouth. Your hand moves lower down my body and pauses at the waist of my pants, asking the silent question, and I press my hips up against your hand, urging you to go on.

You slide your hand under the waist band of my pants until you find my underwear, slowly sliding your hands lower and lower. You let out a groan as you hit my centre, fingers easily sliding through my wetness. You move your mouth back to mine and kiss me as you plunge your fingers inside of me, and I begin to rock my hips, sighing in pleasure as I fuck your fingers.

I can feel the pleasure mounting in me, and know I am close to coming alreasy. I kiss you deeper, and press my hand onto yours, encouraging you to go faster. Your speed increases, and I cry out as the first waves of pleasure roll over me, your fingers inside of me and your mouth pressed against my neck, gently sucking and biting. You slow your fingers, and eventually remove your hand from inside of my pants as I am coming down from my pleasure high. I watch you bring your hand to your mouth and tongue dart out to lock your fingers, eyes closing in pleasure at your first taste of me.

Your movements spur me back into the moment, and I sit you back up again, freeing you from your top as I do. I run my hands down your bare chest, until I reach your belt. I unbuckle it and pull your pants down just enough to put my hand inside and feel your hardness pressing up against my hand. With a slight smile on my face, I pull your cock out of your pants and run my hand down your length as I move to the floor and settle in between your legs. I lean forward and kiss the tip of you, causing you to jerk in surprise and pleasure, then run my tongue up and down your shaft. 

I look up at you as I guide you into my mouth, our eyes locking for a hot moment, yours wide with surprise, before you closed your eyes and dropped your head back lost in pleasure. I move my mouth up and down your length, sucking and licking you closer and closer to coming.  Just before you cum, you pull out of my sweet mouth with a groan, and pump your cock until you cum on my bare breasts. You pull me back up to the couch, and wipe my chest clean, kissing me deep.

“I think it’s time for bed” you say, holding your hand out to me as you stand. You lead me to the bedroom where we stand at the edge, kissing hard. My hands move to your pants and finish undoing them, pushing them the rest of the way to the ground. I push you onto the bed, and you lay flat watching me as I remove the rest of my clothing. I hop onto the end of the bed, and crawl towards you, looking you in the eye with a grin on my face.

I crawl up the bed to you, my breasts sliding over your hard cock. I pause slightly to let you feel them pressed up against you before I continue my way up, brushing my chest against yours. I finally reach face height and hover my lips over yours until you reach up and pull my mouth to yours growling “tease” as you do. I smile into the kiss and straddle your hips, resting my wet pussy on your cock. The sensation makes you deepen the kiss and start moving your hips, gliding along my wetness without going inside.

Since you’d already accused me, I decide to play and tease you a little. I sit up and reach between us to position you at my entry. You look at me expectantly as I hover over you. I slide you ever so slightly inside me and then stop, only giving you the barest feel of how wet I am. I slowly lower my self onto you and rock my hips once, then slide up until you are poised right on the edge again. I continue a couple more times, slowly driving you crazy only letting you inside my pussy for the smallest amount of time before it gets too much.

You growl low in your throat, grab my hips and flip me over. Once on my back you immediately slam inside of me, over and over until I am crying out with pleasure. You slow to a stop fully inside me, and I shift my hips slightly to allow you deeper access. You move in and fill me up as much as possible, and we relish in the sensation of you being so deep inside me. It is almost too much for both of us when you started pounding me hard again, seconds later I feel my orgasm coming, and I let it flow over me, my muscles constrict and pulse around your cock. The feel of my muscles convulsing around you brings you over the edge, and you shudder your release, for the second time in minutes, deep inside my pussy.

I move off you and settle in beside you, cuddling under your arm and resting my hand on your chest. You lift my chin and lean down, kissing me sweetly on the lips before your hand moves and rests cupping my breast, thumb idily playing with my nipple.

“Well,” you say with a smile in your voice, “that happened.”

“And will be happening again” I reply, pressing my naked body closer against yours.