[M]y birthday Playboy magazine starring my ex G[F]

A couple of years ago i was dating a 25 year old babe we’ll call Sarah. She had sandy brown hair, piercing blue eyes and had a couple of inches on me in height at 5’8. Super fit tight body, C cup breasts and a small but round ass. She was fun and energetic and also happened to be a graphic designer.

On my 28th birthday she invited me over her place and made dinner. There was an easel in her living room with a cloth over it and I didn’t give it much mind. After dinner she sat me down and told me we’re not just celebrating my birthday but a cover reveal party. I was confused naturally until she uncovers the cloth and lo and behold there’s a realistic looking Playboy magazine with her on the cover. I was initially stunned and speechless. She told me to check it out impatiently so I got up picked it up and sat down. It looked professional. I didn’t know what to say. I opened it and there was a birthday message with a lipstick kiss and her signature.

I understood this wasn’t a real Playboy but I was still shocked and quietly laughing in disbelief. I turned the pages and there weren’t just nude photos of Sarah but she went out of her way to write articles and designed all the spreads. Dirty sex stories she came up submitted by “readers”, tips and of course a ways in was her cover story and interview. It was actually a pretty good read as she had a lot of fun and made me feel like I was dating a real Playboy model (which she could have been)!

I was rock hard thumbing through it. “How…” I started when she interjected she got the nude shots done professionally. I was a little jealous so I asked did a guy see you…and she really doubled down on the fantasy. “I’m a playboy model now babe, a lot of men saw me and are seeing me right now. But I’m all yours.”

I was rock hard. She also filled the magazine with other Playmates from actual magazines and of course she had a vertical centerfold of herself with fully makeup, nude in clear heels and body jewelry. She told me I could put it on my wall at home if I wanted flirtatiously. The photos were really stellar showing her body in all its glory.

The real kicker was after her cover story of Sarah there’s a bikini photo of someone we both know: her 21 year old friend Vee. She was a dirty blonde with brown eyes and shorter at 5’2 with a big ass and big tits and an average body. I had somewhat of an open crush on Vee because her body and height was more to my liking, though I understand most go for Sarah’s type.

Typography laid over the full page image starting an article on Vee. I looked at her really confused now. I turned a couple of pages and more bikini / non nude photos of Vee were in there. She even gave Vee a 2 page spread which I distinctly remembered seeing on Instagram: It’s her laying on a beach looking over her shoulder smiling with her big bubble butt bulging through her small scrunched up blue floral bikini bottom.

The story behind that is, Sarah once opened my phone to find me on that image of Vee on IG. She handled it really coolly by joking “is it because of her butt?!” I told her it was and I was sorry as I grabbed her smaller ass. She took it in such stride and then she printed this two page spread. I asked her after I stared at photos of Vee, if she knew about this and she said she did. In fact Vee had initially agreed to model nude with the same photographer but backed out because she was nervous and also didn’t love the idea of me having nudes of her. She wasn’t wrong as Sarah and I broke up about 4 months later and I never spoke to Vee after. Vee agreed Sarah could pull whatever she wanted from her IG.

After I closed the magazine Sarah pulled out my cock, lifted her dress and rode me wildly. I embraced her hips as I let her slam her body into mine and i pulled down part of her dress to see a tit bounce. Being so aroused I did not last long. She told me she figured as much and that’s what I get for looking at a porno magazine. It was one of the most creative gifts I’ve ever received and I know it took her hours to put it all together. We went on to have a more proper fuck session an hour later but my mind was still overloaded with excitement.

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