My Brother’s friends part 2

So as i mentioned before my brother came to stay with me for about 2 months. After the party incident , both of them visited my brother daily and occasionally would get a bj or fuck from me. After a week of that, they became more bold, both of them would come daily one would take my brother out to play or i dont know what they did and after they left the other one would come home and use me like a piece of meat.

By this time they had figured out that i was a submissive slave and they used me like one, lets call one X and the other Y. after another week of alternate use, one day after my brother had gone X brought two more friends with him. i had seen them with my brother before. He started fucking me immediately but the other two were a bit reluctant. X told me to make them comfortable so i did, i started sucking both and soon they were fucking me air tight. By the end of the first month X and Y had introduced me to 5 other friends of my brother and they all used me like a fucktoy. On sundays half of them would take my brother out and half of them would gangbang me. My master knew all of this and he actually told me to not resist and let them do what they want. ( later i found out that it was my master who ordered X and Y to introduce me to more of my brother’s friends ).

Now My brother had multiple friends circle here, he is very social. he hated spending time with me because its boring. My master ordered me to seduce another 2 of his friends from some other circle. Now the other circle friends never came to the house so it was a challenge. I tried convincing my brother to take me out with him so we can bond but that was a fail attempt. So eventually i had to throw a party and made sure none of his other 7 friends who were already fucking me regularly came. because if they came it would have been very hard for me to seduce the other circle’s friends. It was a really awkward conversation, telling my brother about the party and telling him to invite friends but excluding the 7. Anyway party day came, i had made sure there were more than enough people so i can easily seduce 2 without my brother noticing.

The first one was a virgin, i had seen him eyeing me so i took him in my room and fucked his brains out which hardly took 10 mins. Then i spotted a blonde very handsome tall guy. Lets just say he was very interested in my chest rather than my face. I asked him to help me with something. took him in my room and we were making out. he picked me up smashed me against the wall we kept making out. he started exploring and squeezing my boobs. within minutes i was topless with a blonde guy sucking on my tits and me moaning like mad. then i got to his dick which was a very nice 8 inches and very thick too. then he started pounding my pussy. He literally pounded me for about half an hour before he creampied me and he was still hard after cumming. then next round was my ass which took 10 mins and still he was hard. he came 4 times before going soft.

My master told me to call him every morning after that, sometimes i would go to his, sometimes we did in the car.

Nevertheless the 2 more guys were added who regularly used me behind my brother’s back.

When my brother left my master allowed them all a one day gangbang and than all of it stopped.

My brother never found out ( or atleast i hope he didnt )