My roomate and his friend fucked me [MF]

When i was 21, i once had a boy roommate (lets call him robert to maintain his privacy), i picked him basically because he was willing to pay twice as much rent. We were good friends. We did used too fuck but only when we were too bored or had no one else so like ( once a month ). He knew my lifestyle and respected it.

Once after gym i took a shower and went home. Robert and his friend Jacob were watching netflix. I said hi and went into my room. After about an hour i came out to the kitchen wearing my casual home outfit( a big t shirt and cotton lace panties ). Robert said to Jacob, “Watch this.” Then to me: “Will you bring both of us a can of bear from the fridge, please?”

i fetched the cans and brought it over He pointed for me to put it on the coffee table. As I walked close to him and bent over to put the glass down, he grabbed my ass and gave it a slap. “Yeah, that’s some ass she’s got,” he said to Jacob. I was surprised and a little confused, but also turned on that he was showing me off to Jacob. Jacob was also surprised and did nothing but stare.

“Maria, sit down on my lap for a sec,” he said to me.

I sat sideways on his left leg, facing Jacob, and put my arm around Robery to help keep balance. He placed his hand on my right thigh and rubbed it a bit. I couldn’t tell if Jacob was trying to see through my panties or just trying to figure out what was going on, but he was still staring.

“You know, it’s great having Maria around,” he said while his hand was squeezing a boob. Robert took of my shirt and started playing with my boobs. I started feeling his dick getting hard.

After a few moments he pulled cupped my boobs and said to Jacob, “Do you wanna feel?”

Jacob hesitated. I breathed a light moan. He laughed and said, “Hell yea I do!”

Robert moved his hand out of the way and Jacob straightaway started cupping my boobs and squeezing them. I was so turned on from all this and the way robert was showing me off. After few moments of him playing robert whispered in my ear “Lets make it more fun” and said to jacob loudly “You can taste them if you like”. (robert knew my weak points)

I resisted but robert just sushed me. Jacob starting sucking my boobs like a hungry kid. i tried to hold my moans for a few minutes but then i just lost it, i was moaning like i was being pounded by multiple guys.( my boobs are very sensitive to sucking, i cum alot when they are sucked), after about 5 minutes of me moaning. Robert stopped him.

“Now watch this.” Robert said to Jacob with a smirk on his face. He pulled out his hard cock and said to me, “Give me head.”

I obeyed. I laid face down on the couch, with my mouth at his cock and my legs toward Jacob, trying to give him full view of my pussy, Robert told jacob to clean my pussy since it was dripping. this was such a turn on he reached over and started licking and playing with it. I took Robert’s cock into my mouth and he directed me how I should suck it so that Jacob could hear.

“Kiss the tip.”

“Now swirl your tongue around the head. Stop. Go slower.”

“Yeah, put that cock in your mouth. Good girl.”

“Lick the shaft like it’s your lollipop.”

“It is your lollipop, isn’t it?”

He slapped it a few times against my tongue.

“Yeah, you love that cock, don’t you?”

He grabbed my neck and pushed me down to take it all. He pulled my neck up and down to suck his cock at the pace he wanted. Then he held me down once more before letting me go.

I came up for air and he started beating his cock with my spit.

After that he told me to go and wash my mouth ASAP and get back here. i did as he said.

i sat back on his lap. He told me feed him beer. i opened his bear gave him a sip.

“Babe, come on, don’t be a bad bad girl, through your mouth” This was such a turn on. I could see jacob squirming over there and robert was teasing him. I took a sip of the bear and then kissed robert. i emptied the whole beer can like that taking a sip emptying it in robert’s mouth while he kept groping my boobs. I turned and saw Jacob before taking each sip. He was about to explode.

Robert then asked jacob. Do you not want to drink your bear.

Jacob said “I want to , i so much want to”

“why dont you drink then, go ahead and drink it” Robery said almost laughing.

“im joking” he said afterwards

“go be a good girl Maria and feed our guest some beer”

i got up and picked up his bear and asked

“would you like a cold one sir, this is warm now”

he said yes so i fetched a cold one opened it and sat in his lap.

I did the same process with him. it was much harder with him because he was obsessed with my boobs and his cock kept twitching under my pussy.

midway through the beer i felt my pussy warm, as it turned out jacob had came. i finished the bear and then Robert told me to clean up the mess Jacob had made. I unzipped his pants. took his cock out as i started cleaning some more cum came and i cleaned it up.

“Now show jacob how you suck cock.” Robert said

Jacob sat back for the most part and let me do the work, occasionally guiding my head with his hand. Robert was playing with my pussy and stroking. Eventually he chimed in: “Yea, Maria gets the job done. You can tell she wants that pussy pounded, too, after playing with our big cocks.”

Mm, so big,” I groaned as I licked Jacob’s shaft up and down.

“She’s so hungry for it,” said Jacob. He positioned me for doggy and rammed his cock inside. I moaned and said “daddy,harder”, Jacob turned on by this, started groaning and his cock pulsed in my mouth.

Robert started slapping my ass as he rammed me, and I groaned again. I could feel Jacob getting harder and harder until, eventually, he exploded his cum in my mouth. I pulled him out of my mouth and let him shoot the rest on my face, although some of it ended up falling on my tits. Seeing I was getting covered in cum got Robert going, too, and he pulled out of me and came all over my back.

Robert told me to get another bear for both of them and feed them. by the time i was done they were both hard again.

Robert told me to suck him and asked Jacob to pound my pussy. within minutes the flat was echoing with my moans. Robert told me to turn around and ride jacob, i turned around and we started making out as he pumped me. Robert lined his cock against my ass and inserted half in one thrust and the other half in the other thrust. They both double teammead me until they were ready to creampie me. They had to stuff my mouth with my panties to muffle my moans.

We loved it. Robert enjoyed giving me to someone else to enjoy, and I loved being manhandled by a new guy . We decided to try the same thing with other guys he knew, and we planned ahead that I would make an appearance in something skimpy to get the ball rolling. Robert would have me grab something, demonstrative my submissiveness, and then show me off like a toy.

After the first couple of times we decided to be more upfront about it. When he brought over a guy that we wanted to seduce, I’d be wearing something revealing and accessible the moment he’d arrive and I’d play the role of a slutty hostess to get the guy’s attention. Once Robert noticed the guy getting turned on, that’s when he’d start to show me off.