My Wife had a titfight. She lost…

(This is a fictional story btw)

I usually get to see my wife act scandalous. But tonight was certainly different. Tonight was a heartbreaker.

We were at dinner, at Steve’s house. He was a close friend. Well, he was *my* close friend.

Diane, my wife. Tagged along with me so it wouldn’t feel awkward between me, him, and his wife.

Oh, and his Wife? Absolute stunner. Aiesha, ebony woman. Thick, curvy, and just the right amount of fashion sense to turn you on. She wore purple eye shadow to compliment her deep blue lipstick. Her attire, at least when I was around, was more than revealing. A sequined black dress, it shined in the overhead light of our dinner table. Yep, there was no denying it. She was hot as hell.

Now. You’re probably wondering why Boasting about another mans wife. Don’t I have my own slice of heaven at home? Well, my wife *certainly* was gorgeous. Pale, but creamy skin. Long black hair. Piercing blue eyes, Luscious red lips. And a full, heaving chest. Her body type was similar to Aiesha. But there was a little bit more chub to her lower body. She had love handles. To paraphrase.

But see, Diane has a problem. She’s really competitive. Like, she has an unhealthy obsession with being better than other women.

She’s gotten into fights, arguments, and full on brawls because she sees someone either hitting on me, or annoying her. Be it a gym girl. A waitress. Hell, she even threw down with a country-girl bartender after our car broke down in Florida. She lost that one pretty badly though. No one fucks with a Florida girl and gets away with it.

Regardless. Win or lose. Beatdown, or beat-up. I always either pull my woman away. Or pick her up after she gets floored by the other woman. I tend to her bruises and console my girl on her victories, and defeats. It’s just a part of us now. She’s a firecracker. It’s a good show. But a long and hard clean up afterwards.

I’m starting to think she’s just a masochist or something. She *really* likes getting into fights.

But I digress. It was a quiet dinner. Steve and I were talking about the usual things men talk about when our wives are around. Taxes, Work, Taxes, food, Taxes. You get the gist.

It was all going swimmingly. Until, Aiesha sat up from her meal. She looked at me, and winked.

“Well, everything’s been wonderful Henry, but a girl needs her beauty rest. I don’t think you’d understand of course!” She joked. Before standing up, and turning to walk away.

“Uh…Honey? You barely finished your Vegan eggs. Are you alright?”

I looked over to Aiesha’s plate. It was empty, Because vegan eggs don’t fucking exist.

Aiesha looked over to the plate.

“Why, I’m sure **Henry** can handle that. He could certainly afford to eat a little more. With all that muscle.” She winked again.

“Is there something wrong with your eye?” I blurted out in a loud monotone voice.

‘**Smooth Henry, you still got it**’ I thought to myself.

“Wha?” Diane looked up from her phone. She had been playing candy crush all night. Blatantly ignoring all of our attempts at small talk.

“Aiesha, is there something wrong? If you have a health problem, I can help. I mean. I have no medical training whatsoever. But like… I’m a great hugger?” My beautiful Wife offered. Compassionate. *And* fierce. That’s what I loved about her.

Aiesha wasn’t having it though. For some reason she was frowning. I was just about to find out why.

“Really?! Is there something wrong with my eye?!!? Are you ***Serious*** Henry?!” Aiesha shouted out. I gave a concerned look at Steve

“I was flirting with you, dumbass! How could you not understand that?!”

I was shocked. Was that flirting? I thought it was just a bad reaction to the nonexistent vegan eggs.

“Woah! Hold on Sister! You were flirting with my man?! You know what I do to bitches who try to get in my husbands pants?” My Wife rose from her chair. I started to worry. She was getting angry.

“With his level of understanding? He couldn’t get a sexual sign from a prostitute! There’s no way a girl can hit on this idiot!” Aiesha shattered my pride.

“Honey, let’s calm down.” Henry stood up, raising his hands for calm. I stood with him Becuase I had bad leadership skills.

“What?! After you forced me to sit down with you and eat… ***Vegan Eggs?!?*** “ Who on earth would invent something so *vile?* “ She screamed out.

Her chest started to heave. I looked at my wife. Her face was red. She had been screaming as well. Of course. As a husband. I had a natural ability to tune out my Wife’s rambling. Until I started paying attention. Through the haze. A few select words made themselves known.

“Throw down.” “Laying up.” “Facing the lights.” And of course. Why you’re all here reading this. “Titfight.”

My Wife stepped forward to face her new opponent. Aiesha glared daggers at my spouse. And faced the challenge. The two women stood face to face. Chest to Chest. Woman to Woman.

“Alright. Dears. Let’s all calm down.” I tried to end the fight early. But my wife wasn’t hearing it.

“No Henry. Sometimes a woman needs to settle matters her own way.” She declared. Bumping chests with Aiesha. I got behind the table. Anxious for a brawl.

“Oh, You wanna fight me? Girl, I’ll make you regret that.” Aiesha smirked. She pushed her chest against my wife. Both women started grunting with the blows they dealt to each other. I sighed and laid back to watch the show. Nothing much I could do now.

Diane pressed against Aiesha. Pushing her back a couple steps. Until she pushed her opponent into the wall. Steve stood up, shocked.

“Get out of there dear! She’s got you pinned!”

Aiesha couldn’t respond. She moaned out as my wife began to slowly and sensually peel her bra straps down. Exposing her D-cup breasts.

“Ungh! Fuck you!” Aiesha moaned out weakly. A part of me couldn’t help but smile. My wife knew what she was doing. She likes to humiliate her opponents before she shows her who’s boss. I found myself getting aroused. Not at Aiesha. But at my wife dominating.

A tit popped out of my wife’s dress. She looked down. And pressed it against Aieshas breast. Aiesha cried out.

“Ah! T-…Take this!” She clawed at my wife’s bosom.

“Ah! What the- No fair!” My Wife cried out as she flew four steps back. She peeled out of her dress, down to her underwear to fix her bra. Aiesha did the same. But since her bust was already exposed. Aiesha recovered faster.

“Too slow bitch!” Aiesha taunted, slapping my wife across the face. And smacking her on the breasts.

“Hey! Don’t get too rough over there!” I called out.

“S…Shut up babe!” Diane moaned out weakly as Aiesha pushed her against a wooden table.

“I..I’m trying to win…For…Ungh!” She grunted out.

Aiesha was grabbing My Wife’s ass. Humiliating her.

“Yeah! You like that!” Aiesha taunted.

“N…No!” Diane moaned back. Whimpering every time Aiesha smacked, Or caressed her. It was agony to watch.

“Alright then girl! Let’s see what you got!” Aiesha pulled my wife up and peeled her bra off. Her large bosom was revealed. She looked weakly at me. With an open mouth.

“Hmm, Mine’s bigger.” Aiesha threw her chest at Diane.

A powerful *Smack!* sounded out. Following an “Ugh!” From my Wife. It was a forceful blow. Diane flew back a pace. But stood strong. Aiesha threw herself again.


“Ohh! Fuck!” My Wife cried out in pain.

“Last chance girl, give up…” Aiesha warned.

“F…Fuck you.” Diane replied.

Aiesha smirked, and threw herself one final time. I couldn’t watch.



My Wife fell against the wall. Chest exposed. Sweaty. And a pained expression visible on her face.

Aiesha walked up to pin her to the wall. Throwing her chest at my wife. Pushing her into the wall. She looked at me. And back at my spouse.

“I bet he doesn’t do this.” Aiesha lowered her eyes and whispered to my wife. She lowered her head and kissed my wife on the neck. Her arm wrapped around my Wife’s body. Her other arm pinning my wife to the wall. I saw Diane’s gasp in shock, and then I had to watch her face melt in arousal. When Aiesha was done. There were hickeys on her neck.

“Listen Aiesha, just. Stop and go to bed. Don’t fight Diane anymore.” Henry pleaded. Aiesha ignored her husband. And picked my Wife up. Peeling her off the wall. And crushing her in a bearhug.

I had to watch as my Wife groaned in pain. Her breasts squeezed against my Wife. And I could only watch the agony on her face. Her tounge stuck out. And a dribble of spit flowed onto Aieshas shoulder.

“Good Girl.” Aiesha smirked.

Diane was a mess of moans. And grunts by now. I knew she had lost. And the worst part of it? I was turned on. I wanted to watch my wife lose.

I saw as Aiesha squeezed Diane one last time before letting her fall to the hardwood floor. I looked away.

“So…” Aiesha said. Kneeling down to lay on top of my Wife. Cementing her victory.

“Who’s the better woman?” She whispered.

“Enough’s Enough dear you won already! Stop this charade!”

“Y…You are.” My Wife admitted. I lowered my head.

“Good Girl.” Aiesha cradled Dianes Chin. and embraced her in a passionate kiss. Make no mistake. It was a sign of dominance. Of ownership. But it was kiss nonetheless.

A small moan escaped my Wife’s lips. Aiesha smirked. And raised Dianes head.

“Wait…Don’t.” Diane looked up at Aiesha with weak eyes. Drool dribbling down onto her chest. Mouth open. Lipstick marks on her neck. She was a mess. And she lost.

“You don’t make the decisions anymore.” Aiesha whispered back. She pulled Diane up. Motor boating her. Completing the humiliating experience. My Wife moaned through Aiesha’s chest. I couldn’t look away.

Aiesha dropped my unconscious wife back onto the hardwood floor, and laid a foot on her breast. She had won. Fair and square.

“Pick her up when you’re done gawking.” Aiesha tapped me on the chest. And went upstairs to bed.

I waited a minute. Cleared the table with Steve. And picked my wife up. To console her on yet another loss…