Old but fun

Many years ago I traveled for work doing maintenance on machinery for construction and mining equipment. The hours were long and drives were lonely but occasionally I would end up having some fun.

My truck was my home and office most of the time but would sometimes stay in a hotel for a few days if i was going to be onsite working for an extended period. I was at a hotel in west Texas during the summer and since i was waiting on parts that were two days out I decided to return to the hotel early one afternoon. I walked into the air conditioned room and stripped down took a shower and laid on the bed and air dried for a bit before deciding to go to the pool and drink a six pack.

I used my keycard to open the gate to the pool expecting what i found, a couple families with kids running around jumping in the pool and splashing while the moms laid out reading a book. There were also a couple of other people out on the lounge chairs enjoying the sun a few attractive women and a few older women the would have been lookers back in their prime. I made my way to a lounge chair that afforded some shade and sat down and popped the top on a cold one. A couple of the parents looked my way with a look like i cant believe you are drinking but wouldn’t say no to one myself.

I was on my second one when a woman in her late fifties early sixties walked up and sat on the end of my lounge chair. I looked her up and down and could tell that under that one piece swimsuit was a very decent body that had been taken care of over the years. She smiled at me and lowered her sunglasses and asked if i was going to offer her a beer. I smiled back reached down and pulled one up popped the top and handed it to her. She sat with me and drank and chatted with me for a while about all the normal small talk about my work and her grandkids who she was watching at the pool while their parents were out shopping and having fun. We chatted for the better part of an hour before her daughter in law came into the pool gate and waved at her. She smiled and winked and thanked me for the beer before getting up and moving towards the kids and her daughter in-law.

I finished out the six pack after most of the kids, parents and other guests had decided that they were hungry and went to change before dinner. After i finished the last one i got up and took my trash to the can and walked out to my truck and grabbed my cigarettes and lit one up while leaning against the fender. I was lightning my second smoke off the end of the first when the same lovely woman walked up to the car next to my service truck. She opened the door but smiled and waved and said to save one for her after dinner. I waved back and told her i would. I finished my smoke and went back to my room. I thought about ordering a pizza but wasn’t really in the mood for it. I decided to talk to the front desk clerk and see what the recommendations were for something good. After the elevator ride down to the lobby the clerk told me about a restaurant about a mile away the made the absolute best ribs and i should try there. I got directions and walked it in under ten minutes.

The restaurant was a small place maybe fifteen tables max and the teenage waitress was bubbly and had a good attitude. The food was decent and after paying the tab walked back to the hotel. When i walked back to my service truck i saw the womans car was back. I grabbed my cigarettes lit one and smoked it before walking back into the lobby

She was sitting at the bar area talking to a younger man that looked like her most likely the son i thought as i walked past her and took residence at a small table. The waitress brought my drink over and smiled and said the woman had paid for it. I raised my glass to her before taking a drink she winked at me and went back to talking with her son.

After a while i watched her son stand up and give her a hug before he disappeared into the hotel. She stood and waved at me to come join her, I figured what the hell why not. And obliged her. We sat there talking about her family and shared acouple drinks. After the second round was brought to us i looked at her and asked what floor she was staying on she smiled blushed and said the fourth. I grinned and said im on three. She blushed again and asked if i was trying to get her to come to my room. I responded in the affirmative and she laughed softly. She said that she hasn’t fucked anyone but her husband for thirtyfive years. I told her thats ok I dont mind.

A few minutes later we were in the elevator like a pair of horny teens making out. I shoved my tongue down her throat as i groped her tits and ass through her dress. The elevator dinged as it came to a stop on the third floor. We stepped out and walked to my room, I opened the door and as soon as she had crossed the threshold she was mine. I grabbed her and pulled her against me from behind.

She moaned as i bit her neck as my hands carefully undid her dress and let it fall to the floor leaving her standing in her heals and bra. My hand went down and found her hairy cunt and then her throbbing clit. I asked her if she was expecting to get fucked or if she had a habit of not wearing panties. She whispered “I hoped you would fuck me” I replied in her ear as i slid two fingers in her worn pussy “im going to”.

I led her to the bed and had her sit on the edge and then lean back as my hands spread her legs and slid up to her twat I started with two fingers and my tongue but was soon up to four and then my whole hand fisting her gaping cunt as i sucked her clit with her moaning and dripping her juices all over my wrist and face.

She came several times with my hand in her and my tongues dancing on her clit. After the third time she began to quiver and shake with each successive orgasm until she squirted and shook and begged me to stop. I relented after i had cleaned her with my tongue from her pink puckered asshole to her belly button.

I stood looking down at her beautiful mess of a body my cock raging against my jeans i peeled my shirt off and undid my zipper she was instantly on the edge of the bed helping me pull my jeans off my my cock into her mouth. She swallowed it like a pro. I was ready to cum down her throat but held back and allowed her to cup my sack as she sucked to full length of my shaft. She kept sucking and slurping my cock and before too long I couldn’t help but begin to blow my first wad in her mouth. She slurped and sucked every drop i gave her and when i was done she kept sucking and stroking my cock until it was rock solid again.

She looked at me and told me that she wanted to be fucked like a teen whore and i could do anything i wanted. I told her to turn around on the bed and buried my face back in her cunt and ass my tongue exploring her wet gaping twat again she moaned “please fuck me baby”.

I stood up straight and took my cock in hand and guided it right into her asshole she moaned and bit the pillow as her hands grasped the blanket on the bed i slid in to the hilt my balls hanging down millimeters away from her clit. I slowly pulled halfway out before I started to slide back in harder and faster i started to work up a good rhythm as i pounded her asshole my balls slapping her clit she moaned and bucked like a wild horse before letting out a loud cry of lust and pleasure that im sure half the hotel heard. She pushed back against me taking my full length and began to furiously rub her clit and squeeze my balls she began to dump cum all over the bed and down both our legs i could barely take any more and i grabbed her hair and thrust deeper that i had before knocking us both onto the bed as i began to pump my load in her anus.

The orgasms tore through us life wildfire and we laid there for several minutes before i slid out of her and rolled on my back next to her. She rolled on her side and slid closer to me her nude body covered in sweat and dripping cum out of her holes. She kissed me passionately and played with my balls until my cock grew hard again and then mounted me like a stallion her flopping tits and her soaking pussy were so amazing that i could hardly believe how much i had already cum in this broad. She rode me and leaned back rubbing her clit before starting to moan louder and louder. My hands on her hips helping her to grind on my cock her nipples swollen and red her clit engorged and throbbing it didnt take long before she started to squirt all over my stomach and up to my face. I let her orgasm take her the look of ecstasy on her face drawing me closer to exploding in her again. She moaned and begged me to fill her cunt like i did her ass and soon enough i began pumping warm jets of jizz into her. After we were done cumming again she slid off me and the bed and gathered her clothing before dressing she smiled and told me that was fantastic. I laid there as she came over and kissed me goodbye our tongues fighting in each other’s mouths then she turned and walked out without another word.

I fell asleep covered in our juices and woke early the next morning for the breakfast in the lobby. I didnt see her or her son and when i walked to my service truck her car was no where in sight. I shrugged and went on with my life.