Old new fling part 2

It started off innocently enough marianna was just browsing thru Facebook when she came across an old friend from school. It had been years since they’d seen eachother and seeing him made her flutter a bit. She had a huge crush on him back then but he only saw her as a friend. But that was years ago. She had a boyfriend now and wasn’t much interested in messing up a great thing. She shook off her memories and logged out. She had to get ready it’s was her friends birthday and they were to meet at a local bar that night for some drinks and good fun. She picked out what she would wear and hopped in the shower. She loved to take nice long hot showers her bf would usually be waiting when she got out to take a few nude he loved to jerk off to them when she wasn’t around. He was out on a business trip so she’s be all alone today. She undressed and hopped in the shower and let the hot steamy water caress her body as her phone played music in the background. She couldn’t help but think of some of the fantasies she had way back then about her old friend, how bad she wanted to run his finger across her body like the water dripping off her supple nipple. She could feel herself getting enticed and again shook off her thoughts, she had a great guy and she loved him very much. She finished her shower and got dressed for the night. She wore a little black dress and her favorite sneakers. She wasn’t much of one for heels more the athletic type and to her nothing beats and great pair of slides or sneakers. She grabbed her keys and headed out. The were meeting at The Place, ironic name for a bar I know but it was there favorite spot in town. As she walked in she spotted her friends already getting started. They had a few drinks and laughter filled the air as they talked about old times. Marianna brought up how she came across Chris on Facebook and couldn’t believe how successful he’d become, her friend tells her how she had actually saw him at the gym not long ago. “What! He’s in the city” she thought. No one knew how much she liked Chris back then. She was so petite and shy built like a 5th grader with glasses to top it off. She still wore the glasses but she had filled out since school. And was pretty hot now even tho she often acted as if she didn’t know it. The girls realized it was getting late and decided to turn it in for the night. As Marianne headed home she couldn’t stop thinking about Chris, what had come over her she thought. I mean he was very cute tall dark and handsome and from the looks of it pretty fit. She pulled up to her apartment and exhausted from a long night stripped naked and plopped into bed. As she lay there in the deal her mind couldn’t help but wander. She’d had a few drinks and was felling pretty nice. She tried to think of her boyfriend but as she rubbed her legs together slowly her mind couldn’t help but to go to Chris. How she’d wanted him to touch her explore her taste and feel her. She could feel her pussy getting wet and couldn’t fight the urge to touch herself she stressed her breasts and rubs her legs tightly squeezing her pussy . She closed amber eyes and imagined Chris in her bed behind her. His dick growing on her back as he held her close. Her pussy throbbed at the thought as she slid her hands between her legs. She could feel his throbbing dick push against her naked body as he squeezed her tits and slipped inside her finger slid between her lips biting lips eyes squeezed tight in imagination. His dick slipped between her legs her pussy was already so wet as his veiny cock started to push inside her it felt so good. She pushed herself back onto his dick to feel more. He started to stroke her pussy as he grabbed her by the neck her moans filled the room his dick danced inside here like a sweet symphony perfectly in tune. Slowly in and out in and out she couldn’t control her self she wanted that dick. Her legs wide open her finger wet deep inside her now, her pussy wetter than she can remember ever being. Her sticky juices flowed so heavy she could feel a wet spot forming in the bed beneath her. She turned him over and started to ride his dick hard throwing herself back so she could feel him inside her stomach she wanted his warm cum her pussy drenched as her hips wind on top of him and his dick swelled inside her. On her stomach now hands between her legs two fingers inside her pussy she could fantasy start to come to completion , she rode his dick faster and faster as she rubbed her pussy climax getting close. Her fingers drenched and she shoved them hard and fast inside herself. He grabs her by the waist and plowed his dick as far as he could as the exploded in climax squirting all over his dick. As she opened her eyes she realized the mess she had made her bed was soaked. She had never squirted before and couldn’t what had just happened. Could Chris really have this much of a hold on her? She thought as she slipped into a deep slumber. flushed exhausted and fully relieved this had been a great night