Our Honey[M]oon Massage [F]un! Part 1

It was a week into our honeymoon. The sand, sea and sex were all magnificent, we had really taken to island life on Barbados, but after a week of constant sights, rum tastings, excursions and nights out, we needed some downtime. There was a couples massage on offer, the type where they come to your suite with all the massage oils, towels, incense, champagne, the full works, so we decided to treat ourselves.

5pm rolls around and after a day of tanning by the pool sipping cocktails, we shower together, scrubbing eachother down with the soap, making sure we’re both clean and tidy for the massage. She reaches out of the shower and grabs a buttplug laying on the sink counter, sensually sucking on it, I tell her she’s naughty, and she replies no, baby, tonight, you’re the naughty one, and slides the plug into me. I gasp in surprise, but laugh and kiss her deeply, I am no stranger to butt play, but to be wearing one whilst receiving a massage will make it very hard to not be aroused throughout.

I start to tweak her nipples as we make out in the shower, her nipples standing proud, poking through the suds of the lavender scented shower gel, I run my hands down her stomach, eagerly searching for the nub of her sex, my hand gliding down her freshly shaved groin, nestling between her perfectly bare pussy lips. I manipulate it between my fingers, feeling her heat and wetness rising, her knees buckle slightly as she moans and presses her breasts into my chest, before gripping my swelling cock in her hand, still slick with soap, and pumps her hand back and forth gently, matching the rhythm of my fingers on her clit.

We both moan into eachother as we kiss again, before we silently agree to stop, before we pass the point of no return and end up missing the massage because we’re too busy fucking in the shower.

We step out and dry ourselves off with the huge fluffy towels, and slip on our respective bathing suits just before there’s a knock at the door…