Playful couple, I had no clue part 1

I’m in Vegas for work. Staying at a nice place but has no
gaming. Just like I like for when I’m there to work.
The hotel had a nice little bar by the pool for drinks and
some small food. I got to town a day early and went straight for the pool and
I wanted to get some sun and swim a little. But the way the
pool was set up and with all the buildings around. The only spot with sun still
at this time of day was in the far back. There were a few lodge chairs back
there. I got a drink, towels and headed off by myself for some sun.
It was a nice quite day by the pool and very relaxing. It
was about an hour into drinking and relaxing a very good-looking girl comes up
to where I was hanging out.
I could not help but look her up and down. She looked maybe
late 40’s early 50’s. But she was very well put together. You could tell maybe
worked out a few days a week, very nice tan, long brown hair, not a lot of
makeup, in a very skimpy bikini, would say c cups.
She walks up to me. “Sorry to bug you. But this looks like
the only sun hitting by the pool. Do you mind me getting some sun over here
with you?”
Sure, no problem.
She laid out face up at first. I had my sun glasses on and
yes, I was checking her out as we both just laid there.
It was about 15 minutes later a waitress walks up to us and
asked if we wanted a drink. I ordered a drink and she pulls her glasses down and
looks at me. You know a drink does sound good. She orders a dirty martini and
looks right at me with a smile.
I think to myself. Did she just order a dirty martini and
smile at me?
I didn’t think anything of it.
But I spark up a chat with her. I see she is married. So, I
ask where her husband was.
Oh, he is working but should be here soon. I thought I would
work on my tan a little before he gets here.
Not long into chatting we start to flirt.
She is hot but I didn’t think anything as she was married
and he was coming soon.
Our drinks come and we lift our drinks in the air and cheers
each other.
I point out how her drink looks good and how nice and dirty
it looks. I love a dirty Martini also.
As I say how dirty it looks. She smiles and said yep just
like me as she looks down her body. She takes her top and pulls on it acting
like it was not where it belongs. This is where I noticed for the first time
her nipples were pierced. And slide her hands down her body to her little
bottom and adjusted them. Pulling them tight to her.  Making her have the biggest camel toe I have
ever seen. 
I swear my cock jumped. But I try and play it cool. There is
no doubt she is full on flirting with me now. 
We both got lost in the flirting and before long her husband
came out. He walks up and gives her a kiss. I see you found some sun. and have
on my favorite bikini.
She smiles at him. Well, I would prefer being naked but I
know how much you like tan lines. She pulls over her tops showing one breast
and her tan line and pieced nipple.  How
is the tan looking she asked him?
He then moans and tells her beautiful.
I could not hold back and I tell her. I second that. He
looks at me. I’m a lucky man.
We all start to chat and having drinks. The sun is down now
and we are chatting and relaxing. She didn’t stop flirting with me at all. So,
I was game to keep going as he was open to it also.
We go for a short swim again nothing to talk about on the
swim. But when we all get back out. I set in a normal chair and he laid on one
of the lounge chairs. And she lays next to him. But she lays on her tummy, head
closer to me. We were all still setting there chatting and her and I
His hand goes to the small of her back and as we are all
chatting, he is rubbing her back. As time goes his hand ends up on her ass
rubbing it.
I found my looking at her face as we chatted and watching
his hand rubbing her ass as I was wishing I was rubbing her.
He saw me watching him do this so he went from rubbing her
ass to now playing with it. He took her already small bikini bottom and start
pulling it deeper in her ass show off her tight ass. He would grip it. Massage
it and let his fingers trace the small bikini bottom right down between her
She would moaned out from time to time. As I watched I could
see her pushing her ass in the air, opening her legs more and really getting
into what he was doing to her.
The whole time she is watching me watch her get played with.
Then the waitress comes back with a round of drinks for
us.  He takes his hand out of between her
cheeks and we all get our drinks. We are all feeling good now and horned up.
After getting my drink I move over to the other lounge chair
that is next to him. She is on the far side. Him in the middle of her and I.
She rolls on her side facing us now with him in the middle
of us so she can look at me as we have our drinks and still chat.
When she rolls her top slips and her breast comes right out.
She sees me looking at it and she makes no move to put it back in.
From all the flirting, watching him play with her ass, her
pierced breast out and the drinks. You can guess I’m getting heard.  
She looks right at my cock and as I watch her eyes go from
my cock to his. I see her hand move to his cock and she takes a finger nail and
traces the outline of it. I was glued to what she was doing as I wished I was
him right now.
I have never had any bi or gay feelings in my life and would
have never seen me as bi at all.
But as I set here watching her trace his cock with her
finger nail. I found myself not just watching her and what she was doing. I was
studying his cock and really looking at his cock as it got bigger and bigger.
Now he is not one of those horses hung guys. From what I
could tell in his shorts. I would say he was around 6” maybe 7” long. But what
had me looking so much, other than it was sexy as hell watching her do this.
Well, was his head. Watching her trace his cock with her
nail teasing him made my eyes look at ever inch of him. As she would let her
finger nail trace up his shaft. She would get to his head and it was very big.
You could see it all in his shorts. It had a really thick mushroom head on it.
When her nail would get to it. It would stop her and she would have to pop out
around the edge to trace over the big dome.
There was just something about seeing the size of his head
that had me in a trance looking at it.
I would look back at her eyes and tits but my eyes kept
going back this his big head.
I’m getting so turned on but not sure what to do.  
It hits me I’m full on checking out a guy’s cock and I’m
hard as hell.  
It is night time and we are right by the spa. I’m thinking
to myself. I need to get my thoughts together.
I tell them I’m going to hit the spa. I stand up and there
is no hiding I’m turned on.
I get in the spa and try to get my thoughts back.
A few minutes later they fallow. They get in and she tells
me she was sorry.
For what?
Making you feel uncomfortable.
Oh god no, it was no problem.
The get in with me and we all start chatting again and the
flirting is back. This couple heads over from the pool to the spa. As they do
this couple slide over closer to me to make room for the other couple. Again,
he is between me and his wife. As we are chatting, she spins sideways and lays
her lags over his lap so she is now facing me and he is holding her.
The other couple are there but they are doing their own
thing not really giving us much thought.
As we are chatting next thing, I feel is she start to rub
her foot on my cock.
I look around and with the bubbles no one can see she doing
this. She just has a big smile on her face. I see her husband twitch and he let
out a little moan.  She is so playing
with him also.
The other couple leave and we all stay. Now that they are gone,
she is not hiding she is playing with my cock with her feet and stroking her
man. He moans out and his hand goes to hers and stops her from playing with
He slide up on the edge of the spa and moans out again. Fuck
you almost made me cum twice.
She has this evil little look on her face.
And there is no hiding his hard on in his shorts. That big
head of his is standing out like a neon sign.
I didn’t realize how much I was staring at it. Till I felt
her hand grip my cock.
I look at her and she has a big smile on her face.
It is like she is reading my mind. She tells me to touch it.
I have never in my life wanted to touch another mans
cock.  But deep down I wanted to touch
his. I wanted to feel that head.
She strokes me a few times and that only made me hornier. He
sees me looking at it now and slide out on the edge closer to her and spreads
his legs.
She takes her hand off my cock and goes to him. She undoes
his short and pulls him out.
I’m now looking right at a man’s cock. Yes, I have seen a
few before. But I have never seen one I wanted to touch.
It is like she is in my head. She takes my hand and wraps it
around his cock.
I was in shock but never took my hand back. Here I am
holding a man’s cock.
It was like I was holding a microphone. Again, he was not some
10” horse cock. I would say he was 6 maybe 7” long.  My hand was wrapped around his shaft and his big
head was out over the top of my hand.
 I’m now getting a
good look at it. He is 100% shaved. His balls are a good size and hanging from
the hot water. The shaft looks thin because of the size of the head. But I can
touch my fingers as my hand is wrapped around him. The head was a nice helmet.
With a big flaring head. It had a little point to it and big pee hole that
stood out and almost open.
Here I am touching a man’s cock for the first time. I do not
know what I should be doing at this time.
She comes close to my ear and slide her hand in my short and
grips my cock. I moan out and she tells me how hot this is and how turned on she
is seeing me hold her man.
There is a part of me that wants to do something but at the
same time scared.
Next thing I know I feel his hips moving. And he is now
starting to fuck my hand.
She takes her hand off my cock and gets out of the spa. I
know she did because she is not touching me anymore.   
At this point I should have taken my hand off his cock but I
really didn’t want to.
She comes back and she squirts lotion on the head of his
cock and my hand.
This lubes him up and he is now full on fucking my hand.
She is talking in my ear about how hot this is and how
turned on she was watching him and I.
She takes my cock and start to play with me again.
He is fucking my hand. As he would pull back my fingers
would have to open up so his head could fit in my hand. When around his shaft.
My fingers would touch. When his head would go in my hand I finds could not
touch at all.
I’m not sure how long this was going. I was so worked up and
her playing with my cock I was close to cumming.
He was moaning on ever thrust now and I swear the head of
his cock was bigger.
He was having a hard time fucking my hand and he moans out. Oh,
fuck I’m going to cum.
Hearing this I just took over as if I was on autopilot. I
starting stroking him all on my own he was a moaning mess and that turned me on
even more.
Seeing this she started stroking me faster.
My hand is now moving up and down his cock. I would stroke
him tight and ever now and then let my hand wrap around his fat head and just
work the head. I was on a mission. I was going to make him cum.
He kept moaning of fuck oh fuck.
Next thing I know he shoots. And that is all I needed and I
His first shot was a big long, shooting up his belly. I held
on this his cock and slowly milked the rest out of him. The rest didn’t shoot.
It just ooozzed out over his big fat head and ran down my fingers.