Second Impressions [Freeuse] [M+F+]

It had been far too long. Too long since she’d been to a party, too long since she’d relaxed. Too long since she’d gotten laid. That last thought brought a blush, but Kristina carefully tempered her expectations. Tonight would be a casual hangout. Just Emma and a few of Emma’s friends. They’d probably just drink and watch TV. Emma had said they’d be watching Mindy’s favorite show, or something. Kristina had never met Mindy, but it didn’t really matter what was on, she just wanted to be around people again.

It had been so long since Kristina had been sociable, it would be a shame to not show off all the pretty new clothes she’d been buying. Totally inappropriate for work and grad school, of course, but now that she had the chance, she was dying to try them all out. A wrapped top that gave her cleavage without needing a bra, a super fun short pleated skirt, and iridescent green leggings. Were they too much? They were probably too much. But what the hell, they were fun. On a whim, she added a lacy black choker. It was probably way overdressing for this, but it was the first time Emma had invited her to Mike’s place. Emma had tried to tell her what to wear, but Kristina didn’t listen very closely. Better to be overdressed, just in case.

Besides, Emma had told her that Wiley would be there, and you only make a second impression once! She would not embarrass herself like the first time. Wiley was attractive. Forget attractive, he was *hot*! But if she wasn’t careful, he was sure to think she was completely brainless. She shook her head again at the memory of how tongue-tied she’d gotten.

An hour later, she stood in front of Mike’s apartment door. She took a moment to compose herself. OK, just a simple hangout. Five or six people. Be friendly with Wiley, but not too forward. Don’t be desperate, make him come to you. But be open to other possibilities. He probably wouldn’t be the only cute guy there, and she didn’t want to miss out. She knocked.

Mike answered. “Hello, Hello! You must be Kristina! Emma didn’t tell me much, but it’s nice to meet you!”

She’d seen Mike around campus, but had never spoken to him. He had a deep, welcoming voice that put her at ease. She found herself wanting to hear more of that voice. Had she never before noticed how attractive Mike was? This close, face to face, he felt so… solid. Like someone who had his shit together. He had a confidence she found charming.

And there Wiley was, looking as gorgeous as she remembered. It just wasn’t fair! His eyes took her breath away and made thinking difficult.

“Come in, come in!” He waved her into the apartment. “Rule 1: No shoes. Rule 2: Use a coaster”

The butterflies in her stomach died down a little bit as Mike spoke. Then she noticed the t-shirt that hugged every one of Wiley’s muscles and the slacks that showed off his ass. The butterflies started up again.

Waving to them both, she left her shoes in the pile by the door. “No problem! I’ve known Emma forever, it’s great to finally meet some of her friends. I love your place, very cozy. Hi Wiley.”

“Hi Kristina, it’s been a while.” He remembered her! Calm down! Focus!

She smiled. “Yea, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to get out.”

He smiled back. “Glad you could make it to this, I didn’t know if this was your kind of thing. Brave to wear that your first time here.”

Brave? He must mean the neon leggings. She plucked at them, looking down at how they showed off her legs. “OK, they’re a bit much, but I love them anyway.” She gave a quick chuckle. Good. Nothing stupid yet, quit while you’re ahead! “Do you know where Emma is? I want to go say ‘Hi.’”

Mike pointed down the hallway, and as the two men walked over to the couch, both of their eyes followed her. She hid her grin by turning away, and as she walked to the hall, she made sure to put a little extra sway in her step. She knew *exactly* how her legs looked in these. Maybe she’d find a chance to pull the skirt up a little higher. She risked a glance over her shoulder and saw Wiley whispering something into Mike’s ear, both of them still watching her go. Wiley’s eyes darted away from her legs and met her eyes. Yep, she had their attention.

Her smile was beaming when she entered the dining room at the end of the hall. She saw Emma speaking with Russel and a woman she didn’t recognize. Russel was another of Emma’s friends that she’d met a few times. He always laughed at his own jokes, but was always quick to laugh at everyone else’s jokes as well. He had unkempt hair and energetic eyes. He was pretty good looking if you liked the prankster types. Russel had always been fun to hang out with. This is the first time she’d seen him when she wasn’t dating anyone, and she considered for a moment what it would feel like to run her fingers through his hair. As he looked up at her, Emma followed his gaze and broke into a smile of her own.

“Oh My God! Kristina! You made it!” Emma ran forward and threw her arms around her. She was nearly jumping with excitement. Even ‘nearly’ jumping, she was in danger of popping right out of her spaghetti-strapped tank top. Emma was very well endowed, and never shy about it. She should probably wear bras more often. She had tight plaid pants and a sequined denim jacket accented by a white leather necklace. Her bubbly energy was infectious.

Kristina returned the hug warmly. “It’s great to see you again, thanks for inviting me!”

Emma stopped squeezing her. She seemed taken aback by something. “Oh wow, I guess Mike told you about the rules? I didn’t think you were that brave!”

Why did people keep saying that? Was it her feet? With her shoes at the door, it was clear that she hadn’t painted her nails in a while. She let the comment slide, and nodded to the stranger. “Who’s your friend?”

“This is Mindy, she’s super cool”

“Hello” Mindy said with a shy smile. She wasn’t loud, but she didn’t really have to be. She was sexy and she knew it. She had on a tight black dress that showed off perky breasts and perfect hips and black thigh-high stockings. Her mascara framed her dark eyes. The red ribbon she had around her throat matched red earring studs and luscious red lips. For just a moment, Kristina felt maybe a little *underdressed* for the party. Mindy was the sexiest woman Kristina had ever seen.

“Oh, Emma mentioned your show!” Kristina said.

Mindy looked at her meaningfully. “Might not be my show tonight after all.”

Well that was mysterious! Was Mindy checking her out? Maybe her eyes always looked that passionate. Kristina felt a little bit of a blush with the intensity of the gaze.

Clearing her throat quickly, she held out her hand to shake.

Emma interjected, “Oh, none of that, now”, and pulled Mindy into the hug.

The look of startlement on Mindy’s face broke the spell, and when she laughed, Kristina knew it was genuine joy. Kristina felt a flash of embarrassment at her earlier jealousy. With a laugh like that, she felt like Mindy could be a friend.

Liquid splashed her hand.

“Aahh!” Emma pulled out of the hug to see Mindy’s drink spilled all over her jacket.

“Oh well, it had to go sometime!” Russel said with a laugh, as he stepped up to them. He quickly helped Emma out of the soaked jacket, tossing it casually aside. “And now here are the guests of honor!” With a raucous laugh, he stepped up behind Emma and grabbed her breasts! They spilled out around his hands as he squeezed and massaged them.

Emma roared with laughter! “Always so impatient, Russel!” She made no effort to step away, and calmly drank what remained in her cup as Russel slid one hand down the front of her top.

Kristina couldn’t believe what she was seeing! Emma had never been like this in public before. Mindy seemed to think it was funny, too, though her smile of amusement bordered on sultry. Russel was certainly enjoying himself, and nuzzled into her neck while his other hand slid down Emma’s laughing belly and began stroking her crotch over her pants. Kristina felt her face getting flush, though the embarrassment turned to arousal quickly. Damn, it had been a long time if a little PDA like this could get her turned on.

Russel looked at Kristina and winked. “Emma can be such a tease, you know?” Her nipples poked through the thin fabric of her tank top, and he gave one a flick as he pulled his hands away.

Emma turned to face him, her face flush and panting slightly behind her grin “It’s early yet, Rusty! You better pace yourself.”

Russel laughed along with her, and gave Kristina a salacious grin. Kristina found herself laughing, too — excited, if slightly confused.

Emma linked Kristina’s arm with her own and pulled her towards the next room. “Let’s get you a drink. I’m going to need a refill.”

Kristina had so many questions, but only one came out. “Does Mindy need a new one too?”

Emma turned to give Mindy and Russel a knowing look. “Oh, I think Mindy is going to be just fine without one”

Mindy’s face was flushed, and she’d locked eyes with Russel now, neither of them listening.

When they reached the kitchen, Emma pointed to the bottles on the counter while readjusting her top. “Help yourself”

Kristina opened a beer and took a long swig. “So are you and Russel…”

“Dating? Oh, sweetie, no. This is just a bit of fun”

Kristina thought to herself, sipping her beer. The moment replayed before her, and it was so… flagrant, so casual. What would it be like to be open like that, with a laugh and a joke, right in front of everyone? Her heart beat faster and she felt her face flush again.

Emma was looking at her as if seeing her for the first time. She spoke slowly. “I had been wondering if this was something you’d be into. I’m really glad I invited you tonight after all.”

Was her horniness so transparent?

Emma continued, “You certainly made an impression on Mindy, though! She’s probably getting started early, so come on in when you’re ready.” Then she walked back into the dining room. A peal of laughter came back through the doorway, and indistinguishable voices.

Kristina didn’t want to be rude, but she really needed to catch her breath. She felt a little envious of Emma, so confident and open with Russel. Anxiety and desire fought as she imagined being that forward with Wiley, or even Mike. Could she let one of them touch her so casually? With the image in her mind, her desire won out and she realized that she did want it. Would she dare ask them to? Now, the anxiety overruled, and she could not see that conversation ending any way other than shame.

She shook her head at herself. Maybe she’d get a chance to make a move on one of the men, but she doubted she would ever feel relaxed enough to flaunt it like that. Anyway, she’d been in here too long. It was time to join the others.

She stopped at the door, her eyes wide open.

Russel was leaning back against the table, his eyes closed and head back. Mindy was on her knees in front of him. She was bobbing her head back and forth on his cock, one hand at the base of his shaft. She gave a little moan, and saliva dripped down her chin. The top of her dress had been pulled down to reveal her perfect breasts, and as Kristina stared, more thick saliva dripped down to moisten them. Russel moaned and moved a hand to rest on the back of Mindy’s neck, his thumb stroking her cheek. She pulled her head back and ran her tongue up and down his shaft. He moved his hand to the top of her head and guided his cock back into her mouth and down her throat. She moaned again, gagging slightly.

He laughed, opening his eyes and looking down at her. “Big enough for ya?”

She looked up and met his eyes.

“Mmm-hmm!” She nodded, not taking the tip of his penis out of her mouth, and began running her hand up and down his shaft, stroking slowly but firmly.

Mindy must have caught sight of Kristina out of the corner of her eye, because she calmly turned her head to face her, her lips still wrapped around the swollen head of Russel’s penis.

Mindy gave her a little wave with her free hand.

Kristina, her mind a thousand miles away from her body, gave a little wave back.

Russel gestured, waving her forward towards him “Come on in, darling, there’s room for one more!”

Words seemed to take forever to reach her brain.

“I left my drink…” She managed.

Russel’s response was interrupted by a cry of delight and surprise. Mindy was doing something with her tongue now, something that Kristina could only imagine. He closed his eyes and clearly lost track of whatever he was going to say.

She stepped back into the kitchen, panting as if she’d run miles. Thoughts flitted through her mind, barely able to be put to words. She’d watched her share of porn, she was no prude, but she’d never seen something like that in person. It was so much more real, so much more vivid, so much… so much more!

Wait, Mindy’s show? She’d misunderstood. Mindy *was* the show tonight! Emma had invited her to a sex show! Kristina hadn’t been listening super closely, but how could she have missed this? Emma had been coy about it, and she mentally kicked herself for her naivety.

She leaned back against the countertop with a sigh. Her heart was pounding with lust, and her face was a furnace. With a stray hand, she lifted her loose skirt slightly to feel. Yep, she’d soaked right through her panties and her leggings. Damn, watching them must have turned her on more than she realized!

So what now? Mindy would be blowing Russel in front of everybody! Dare she still make a move on one of the other men? How could she compete with Mindy and her perfect breasts, semen dripping from her chin…

She realized her hand had begun pressing into her clit, rubbing slowly over her leggings, and her face turned red.

She felt so self-conscious, so out of her depth. Lust gave way to despair, and the cowardly part of her brain told her to leave. Leave now, before her inexperience embarrassed her further.

She looked up to the kitchen as Wiley walked in. She turned, quickly pulling her hand from under her skirt. She grabbed her beer, using the movement to hide that she had just been touching herself. Did his eyes glance at her hand? He stepped right up next to her and reached into the ice bucket for a beer, his perfect body displayed magnificently under the thin fabric of his shirt.

He nodded a greeting. “There you are! You’d been gone so long I thought that Russel had gotten ahold of you. Ha! He’s never the last one to get started, that’s for sure!”

Kristina didn’t trust her mouth to say anything impressive, so she just gave him the best smile she could manage and raised her beer to him in a toast.

After a sip, she said, with deliberate casualness, “Mindy got started early, too.” Her heart was beating so hard, she was amazed the words came out without trembling.

He turned to face her, standing so close she could almost feel him, just inches away from her.

“I was really happy when Emma invited you here. I know we only met the one time” He shook his head ruefully “But I’ve been thinking about you.”

Somehow, even after what she had just seen, after giving up on catching his eye tonight, her heart leapt in her chest. *He* had been thinking of *her*! She smiled, and took another sip to stop her lips from saying something foolish.

He continued, reassured by her smile. “I’m just so glad you came, though I must say I wasn’t expecting you to show up wearing a choker!”

Wait, what?

Her face must have betrayed her, because his expression turned quizzical, too.

“Emma did tell you, right?” He asked.

Kristina didn’t know where this was going, but she wanted more than anything to not spoil the moment. “Oh yes, of course she told me! It’s a sex party.” The phrase sounded surreal on her tongue. “She just… didn’t go into a lot of detail. You know Emma”

She hoped it sounded natural. Play it cool. Don’t let him see how jittery you are. Don’t get tongue-tied again!

Wiley smiled. “Yea, I know Emma. It’s all Mike’s idea. Mike loves his rules.” His voice changed to mimic Mike’s. “The white choker means Limited Free Use: you consent to be touched and made to touch.”

Free Use! Kristina had heard of it. She’d watched porn of it. A lot. She’d loved imagining how liberating it would feel to enjoy someone like that, or to be enjoyed like that. Wait, Emma had her white necklace on! Now it made sense – Russel got to feel her and grope her all he wanted, and she had to let him! The thought made her giddy.

Wiley continued, “The red choker means Oral Free Use: you consent to be used orally.”

Her mind flashed to Mindy, on her knees, with sweat and saliva dripping down her neck and soaking the red ribbon around her throat. Oral Free Use? She had come to the party wanting to get facefucked! In front of everyone! And Emma invited her to watch! She admired Mindy’s courage.

Wait! White chokers. Red chokers. Was there more?

She could feel her black choker burning her skin. She’d added it on a whim! And now it was all she could feel. The delicate lace had become solid steel around her throat.

Wiley spoke, his voice barely more than a whisper “The black choker…”

She suddenly knew how that sentence would end. She dreaded it. She longed for it. She wanted to hear him say it. If he said it, it would be real. If he said it, she could have him after all. His eyes consumed her.

His voice turned to honey. “…means full Free Use: you consent to anything.” A vibration went through her from her scalp to her toes and back again. She could feel the heat from her crotch radiating across her.


The word hung in the air between them.


Her mind couldn’t comprehend what ‘anything’ might entail, but a thousand ideas flickered through her. Each more lewd than the last. Each more tempting than the last.

Did she dare to keep it on? The thought scared her and aroused her, awakening a craving she had never felt before.

Did she dare take it off? At that moment, she couldn’t imagine removing it for anything.

Then suddenly he was kissing her, and it was like a dam burst in her. Her hands went to his hair, his neck, his biceps, his ass.

His hands were all over her, too, cupping her breasts, pinching her erect nipples, weaving into her hair, pulling her against his body. She felt his cock through his pants. Her fingers began fumbling at his belt. She wanted him inside her. More than anything, she wanted him.

His hands lifted her skirt and felt the wetness soaking through her leggings. He looked at her, a question in his eyes. She knew he didn’t need to ask, not tonight, but she met his mouth with hers to give him her answer.

He let out a low, throaty laugh and pulled her leggings and panties down around her knees. She had his cock in her hand now, and it throbbed. He unwrapped her top with one hand while the other rubbed her mound. His fingers slid inside her, first one, then two. She gasped, and her stroking hand on his cock lost its rhythm.

His laugh, now lusty and rich and a little bit teasing, opened her eyes. His fingers stopped. “This is going to be fun for us both, but tonight, *I* get to use *you*.”

A moan was the only response she could manage, but it carried all of the longing, anticipation, and delicious frustration she had in her. Her knees trembled and her whole body quivered. He brought a hand up gently to the back of her head. He didn’t need to push, she knew exactly what he wanted.

Tonight, he could do anything he wanted.

*Anything* he wanted.

He didn’t need to ask, he didn’t need to worry what she would think if he asked. She didn’t need to say ‘yes,’ she didn’t need to worry what he would think of her if she said yes. He could (he would!) do whatever he wanted to her, freely. And she wanted it all to be done to her. Every fiber of her being wanted him to use her. All her anxiety was gone, consumed by lust and liberation.

She fell to her knees, barely able to stand, and saw his enormous cock in front of her face. She ran a hand up his body, pushing his shirt up along his abs, and pulled down his pants.

She started licking his shaft, first slowly, then harder. Her hand stroked his balls, then circled the base of his penis, pressing deeper and tighter. His cock, already engorged, swelled in her mouth as her hand tightened around its base. She began to work it with her mouth, first softly, then deeper and deeper. He was already touching the back of her throat, and she wasn’t even the whole way down! He was enormous!

His moan drew her eyes upwards, still bobbing her head forwards and back with slow, even strokes. He opened his eyes to look down at her. Even at this distance, his eyes took up her whole vision. The moment froze. She could feel her own wetness dripping from her, running down her leg.

He pushed with his pelvis, thrusting forward, and her back pressed against the cabinet. He took her wrists in his hands, (God, he was so strong!) and held her wrists above her head, pressing them against the counter. There was no moving from here – she was held against the counter by her wrists, and his cock filled her mouth and pinned her there.

Looking down at her he said to himself, “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

She was completely helpless like this. A shudder of pleasure washed across her at the realization that she felt paradoxically powerful. She had the power to grant his every desire. She couldn’t move an inch, but she had the power to bring his fantasy to life.

He began thrusting forwards, slowly, deeply. Every thrust was more than she thought she could take, and the thrust after it was deeper still. Her whole body relaxed, her feet slid out from under her, tangled in the leggings. He used her mouth to please himself and it was glorious.

Just as she was sure she could take no more, just as she was sure she had been pushed to the limit of what her throat could handle, he pulled back. His cock dripped in front of her face. Her mouth was so full of thick saliva, her sore jaw couldn’t contain it. It poured down the front of her and soaked her chin and neck and breasts. And her choker. It soaked into that damned, blessed choker. She swallowed and gasped for air.

He held down a hand for her. “The best is yet to come. Come on, we’re missing the party”

The party! Could he really mean…?

Yes, he really meant!

Her mind reeled, and she took his hand.

*Anything he wanted*! He had given her a taste of ‘anything’ and she ached for more. Her body sang with anticipation. She stood, untangling her legs from her leggings and leaving them on the floor. He stepped out of his pants, and dropped his shirt beside them.

He led her out of the kitchen, her miniskirt barely concealing her bare cheeks. It wasn’t covering anything! And she had planned to pull it up to show more! The dining room was empty save for a little black dress crumpled on the floor next to the table. They entered the living room, and this time, she wasn’t at all surprised by what she found.

Mindy was on all fours on the couch, head bobbing quickly, frantically, as she took Mike in her mouth. Her firm rounded breasts shone with a thin sheen of sweat and swung in time with her bobbing head. Her thigh-high stockings highlighted her long legs and perfectly rounded ass. Mindy had finished Russel, and he was sitting on the couch at her other end, two fingers in her dripping pussy, fingering her furiously. He ran his tongue across her from behind, running from her clit up past her vagina. He pressed his face into her. She moaned around a mouthful of Mike’s cock as his tongue slid into her. Kristina could see his penis in his lap, wet and drained, but twitching as he began to come erect again.

Wiley saw it too, and called out to him. “See this is what happens when you get impatient! You’re done too soon!”

Riley tried to say something in response, but with his tongue embedded in Mindy’s pussy, all he accomplished was another moan of pleasure from Mindy.

Emma was in the armchair facing them, completely naked as she fingered herself, watching them on the couch. “I tried to tell him!”

Wiley, firm hands on her shoulders, guided Kristina to sit on the ottoman, and gently laid her back. She shifted, trying to find a comfortable position. Her ass was just at one edge, and her head had nowhere to go but tilted backwards over the other. She had a fantastic view of Emma, squeezing a breast with one hand and rubbing her clit furiously with the other.

“Now Kristina, no fair having a skirt still on, you’re overdressed!” Emma called down to her.


“Take your skirt off!”

“Wait, you can tell me to do things too?”

“When I invited you, I thought we’d be watching Mindy blow everyone. But you’re too clever, I should have known you’d learn about the chokers!” She shrugged with a rueful grin. “Sweetie, ‘Free Use’ means free for *anyone*.”

Wait, *anyone*? She looked at Mike, his cock completely hidden in Mindy’s mouth. He met her eyes with a promising smile. She looked at Russel, his tongue deep in Mindy’s pussy, his hands clutching, spreading her ass cheeks. He was almost erect again. She looked at Wiley, standing at her feet with his massive erection pointed straight at her.


It was all so open, so freeing. She could see it in their eyes that there was complete acceptance of her. And she realized that she completely accepted them as well. Whatever they wanted from her, she would give them without judgement, and they could do it freely. When the only answer was ‘yes,’ why fear asking the question?

Not taking her eyes away from Wiley’s, she pushed her skirt down around her ankles and leaned her head back again.

Emma was still rubbing her clit vigorously, but had now taken her other hand and was sliding fingers into herself, one, two, three at a time. “Atta girl!”

She felt Wiley’s finger slide into her, and a moan escaped her mouth. She spread her legs to welcome him, and his hands pushed her knees back.

His penis brushed against the inside of her leg, and she shuddered.

It brushed her vagina, and she quaked.

It slowly pressed itself between her labia and her whole body pulsed with electricity.

And then suddenly, after an eternity of wishing, Wiley thrust into her as deep as he could.

She cried out, in pleasure and the sweetest pain, and rocked forward to meet him, face to face. Her mouth hung open in ecstasy, and he brushed her lips with a kiss. She fell back onto her back, her head hanging over the edge of the ottoman, and saw Emma smiling down at her.

With the second thrust she closed her eyes again, and focused all her mind on the feeling of him in her. He was so big, she could barely take him all in, but she would let him do whatever he wanted. Each thrust filled her to bursting, and she could hear him grunting with exertion and concentration. She flexed, tightening herself around him, and his grunts turned to sharp moans. She cried out in harmony.

Suddenly, her moans were cut off. “Mmmmmf!” she gave a startled cry, and her eyes opened.

There was a cock in her mouth! Her eyes rolled back into her head with the pure pleasure of it.

A thought skittered across her mind. Mike? Or Russel? From this angle, she couldn’t see anything!


The word rang in her head. She trembled. Whatever they wanted from her, they could take from her. The choker was her ‘Yes’.

The cock slid down her throat. She could feel her throat bulging as he, whichever one he was, thrust himself in and out.

She could see, between this new pair of legs, Emma arched her back and rubbed furiously. Her face was frozen in a silent scream. She had her eyes locked on Kristina, and every thrust into her quickened the tempo of Emma’s shuddering fingers.

Wiley thrust deeper into her vagina, harder, and the cock in her mouth held her in place for him.

A sharp squeal pierced the air. Emma convulsed with pleasure. She was gushing as she came, nearly splashing Kristina’s face, she was so close!

“Glad you’re enjoying the show!” Came a deep, melodious voice above her. Mike’s voice, rich like velvet and smooth like butter. It was Mike’s cock in her mouth!

Mike’s hand rested on her throat, not pressuring, just a reminder that he was going to have his way with her. Had she thought that confidence was merely charming before? It was unbelievably sexy! He knew exactly what he wanted, and he went for it.

He was big, but after taking Wiley’s throatfucking, it was actually manageable. She relaxed her mouth and jaw, letting him have as much as he could take from her.

Giving him as much as she could give him.

Her mind couldn’t focus on them both. When Mike thrust in, it was all she could think about, until Wiley filled her up again and her swollen vagina demanded her attention back. It was an eternity of this, an eternity of bliss, both sensations pulling her back and forth as each one overpowered the other before being overpowered in turn.

It actually took her a few seconds to realize it when they stopped. Mike pulled his cock out of her mouth, trailing drool across her face and into her hair. She gasped, breathing in deeply, her eyes fluttered open.

“Wha-?” Was all she managed to gasp out before the whole room spun dizzyingly!

It wasn’t the room that had spun, it was the ottoman! It was on a swivel!

Still lying on her back, she now looked up at Wiley, his cock glistening, coated with the juices from her vagina.

Behind him on the couch, Mindy was quivering and twitching. Russel’s tongue pressed into her clitoris, one hand clutching her breast and the other fingering her deeply. She heard Mindy crying out as she came.

It was all she had time to see. Wiley twined his hands into her hair, and she reached up to guide his penis into her mouth. He slid down her throat eagerly. From this angle, he could go so much deeper than before. She suppressed a gag.

She couldn’t look down at her legs, not with Wiley dominating her throat, but she felt hands on her, lifting one leg straight into the air and pushing the other to the side. Mike wasted no time with teasing her, he plunged right in, deep and hard. She moaned passionately around Wiley’s cock, grunting with each thrust.

The two of them were fucking her with different rhythms. Sometimes one pressed her towards the other, the pounding she took from below pressing Wiley deeper down her throat. Sometimes, they both thrust at the same time, and the depths they reached together were more than she could bear, her mind and body shattering with bliss and pain. Then they both rocked back and left her feeling empty and longing to be filled like that again.

Then the rhythm in her mouth changed. Wiley pushed himself in deeper, and held himself there for a second before withdrawing. The next stroke pushed in as deep as it had ever been and didn’t withdraw. Wiley held himself there, not pulling out, savoring the moment before his climax. Mike’s unrelenting thrusting into her from below forced her throat to slide deeper and deeper on Wiley’s cock, swollen to bursting.

It was an eternity longer than she could bear, but suddenly she could feel him pulsing in her mouth and down her throat, and an incredible warmth filled her.

Wiley let out an animal grunt, deep and guttral. Then, she heard another cry down by her legs, and Mike seemed to freeze in place. A great shuddering jolt ripped through him. She could feel it against her leg, raised to rest against Mike’s chest. She could feel it in her crotch, the incredible pressure of him in her.

She could feel it inside her as well, as warmth filled her from below to match the spreading warmth in her mouth and throat.

Wiley pulled out of her mouth slowly. She tried to swallow, but coughed instead, and a rush of semen and spit spilled out onto her face, her lips, her nose, her cheeks. It streamed around her eyes and ran down her forehead into her hair. She pulled her head up and gasped for air, wiping her eyes clear. Mike pulled out of her too, panting and flushed.

Kristina finally got a good look around.

Emma was in the armchair, glazed in sweat and basking in a satisfied glow. Riley sat on the arm of her chair, and she slowly stroked him, smearing Mindy’ spit and lipstick up and down his shaft. Mindy lay sprawled on the couch, smiling lazily and contentedly, naked except her red ribbon, stockings, and a thin sheen of sweat.

Everyone had come but her!

It wasn’t fair!

She looked around at the panting faces, her pelvis burning, her jaw aching, her thighs trembling. Everyone smiled down at her, delighting in her predicament. She was free to be used, and she had been. She had been used gloriously, and it left her heart racing and her whole body trembling. The laughter in their eyes, teased her. She wanted to beg them to let her come!

She wanted them to finish her, but she had signed up to be used by them, not the other way around!

Wait, couldn’t she use someone else?

Emma’s voice rang in her ears: *Free Use means free for anyone*.

Wiley’s words followed: *The red choker means Oral Free Use*.

She hesitated for a moment. Why hesitate? She’d been used – fucked more thoroughly than she had ever been fucked in her life. She had let anyone have her, any way they wanted her, and had been eager to comply. But she hadn’t yet spoken a command. She had given all she could give, but hadn’t yet felt what it was like to take.

She pointed at Mindy. “Eat me out!”

Mindy gave her a languorous lusty smile. “Yes, ma’am”

Kristina leaned back on the ottoman as Mindy knelt before her.

She felt powerful. It sent an intoxicating surge of thrill through her. Was this what the men had felt like as they used her? She swelled with pride at the thought that she was able to make them feel this powerful, too.

Just by letting them use her.

Emma, stroking Russel’s fully-erect cock, gave her a wink. “Clever girl! I didn’t think of it my first time. It was torture!” she laughed.

Mindy’s tongue was teasing her, flicking her clit and tracing the inside edges of her vagina. Kristina had been teased enough. She put her hand on the back of Mindy’s head, and pressed Mindy’s face into her. Mindy’s tongue penetrated her deeply, undulating side to side, up and down. She could feel Mike’s semen gushing out of her as she flexed around Mindy’s tongue, and Mindy’s lips enveloped her to suck it up with a delighted moan. Kristina fell into a rhythm all of her own, thrusting her clit into Mindy, fucking her face. Using her as she had just been used.

Her neck muscles failed her, and her head fell back again to hang off the edge of the ottoman.

“Emma, you come here and do something about this mess” she pointed to her face.

Emma laughed “Nope! White choker means I don’t want to use my mouth tonight! Nice try, though.”

Kristina gave a rueful grin, groaning as the feeling in her pelvis rose to a crescendo. Well, you can’t get *everything* you ask for. Just what others agreed to give.

Russel saw the look on her face and gave a chuckle. “I can do something!”

Russel stepped forward off the armchair, standing above her, looking down at her breasts, his erect penis in his hand. Emma realized what Russel wanted to do, and with a gleeful cackle, she stood behind him. She started stroking him with both hands, arms wrapped around his waist from behind.

“I didn’t mean add to it!” Kristina panted as Russel laughed. She tried to laugh too, but couldn’t catch her breath. Whatever Mindy was doing down there made breathing difficult!

Her eyes rolled up into her head, and the room disappeared. Kristina’s brain crackled with electricity. Her toes curled and her back arched. Her tits rose into the air as she screamed out with the most intense and complete orgasm she’d ever had. Every part of her body was afire. She barely felt the hot spurt of cum that streamed from Russel, splashing across her breasts and pooling on her belly, matching the cum already on her face. Spasms enveloped her, and she squeezed her legs together. Mindy let out a muffled cry of surprise and amusement, but the only thought in Kristina’s mind was pressing Mindy’s face into her, making this moment last as long as she could.

Mindy obliged, stroking her tongue against Kristina’s clitoris to bring jolt after jolt of pure joy across her entire body.

Eventually, the feeling subsided. The waves of pleasure tapered. She relaxed her legs and heard a deep gasp for breath as Mindy pulled free, her face coated with saliva, vaginal juices, Wiley’s semen, and smeared mascara. Mindy looked incredibly pleased with herself. And she should be!

For a full minute Kristina lay on the ottoman, eyes glazed over. Her body was so overwhelmed with sensation, her brain was so scrambled. Every muscle turned to water and a satisfied moan leaked out of her. She let her mind wander, lacking the willpower to bring herself back to the present. Every moment of this incredible night replayed in her mind. Had she really been shocked when Russel groped Emma? When she saw Mindy bringing Russel to climax with her marvelous tongue? Wiley, pinning her to the counter with his cock in her throat, and then Mike using her throat just a few minutes later. The two of them swapping her around like a toy and filling her from both ends with their cum. The indescribable ecstasy of using Mindy as a living vibrator.

She felt a sensation on her face, wet warmth against her cheeks and forehead. She opened her eyes and sat up, dazed. Mindy was licking her clean, every part of her. Mindy’s tongue caressed her tender breast, stopping to flick lightly against her erect nipple before running down to scoop Russel’s cum from her bellybutton.

Mindy smiled at her, swallowing. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Emma was sitting on the couch now, flanked by Wiley and Mike, all three naked and relaxed, watching her with eyes that knew her. Emma had one in each hand, stroking them gently, idly. They weren’t hard again yet, not so soon, but all three of them were content to enjoy the casual fondling. And the show. They had watched. They had seen her in her rapture. She was more naked before them now than she had ever been in her life, but stood confident before them.

Mindy led her to the bathroom, and they stepped into the shower together. Kristina was so raw and sore and tender, and the hot water pounded her. She didn’t know how long they were in there, but Mindy’s mouth was as good at kissing as it was at everything else. Mindy’s fingers brought her to another climax, this one slow and rich and luxuriant. Her tender clitoris was so sensitive, the orgasm took almost no coaxing. When they stepped out, Kristina felt refreshed, relaxed, content, and could barely stand.

She toweled off, paying no mind to her nudity as she stepped back into the living room. Emma was there on the couch, still flanked by Mike and Wiley. They were both fully erect. A slow smile split all three faces as they looked at her.

“Oh wow, again?” Kristina said, eyebrows raising.

Mike stood, stepping up to her left. “Well, it looks to me like you still have your choker on”

Wiley stood, standing to her right.

Kristina looked from Wiley to Mike, both of them fully erect. She turned to see Russel standing behind her, once again flush with desire.

Mindy and Emma sat on the couch, each beginning to touch themselves as they looked at Kristina, surrounded by the three men with their eager faces.

Emma gave a laugh “You’re on your own now!” She had taken her necklace off!

Mindy had a mischievous grin. She had removed her ribbon as well!

This time, she’d have to take them herself. There’d be no Emma to jerk them off. No Mindy to warm them up. And if they didn’t make her come, she wouldn’t! They had seen everything, had been on her and in her and had her completely. They knew what she was capable of giving and taking, and looked eager to press her beyond the limits she didn’t even know she had before tonight. Lust and exhilaration roared in her again.

She laughed. “Well, boys… what did you have in mind?”



  1. Hey all, this is my first time writing erotica, so if the tags are off just let me know.

    I know it’s a long one (I made Reddit’s 40,000 character limit with 3 characters to spare!) but I hope you enjoy it.

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