The Nanny (pilot)

Being a young college grad, Chelsea had struggled to find a job. Even with her stellar grades and a business degree, it had become obvious that she would have to move across the state…or even the entire country to find work. She just didn’t want that. She loved her small home town and her entire family lived within an hour or so of her.

But…living at home had started to wear on her. She picked up odd jobs and part time work in the area to pay the few bills she had…but she was craving a place to call her own. She wanted out of her parents home.

That’s when she came across an add in a local job board. A wealthy land owner in the area named Xavier was looking for a nanny for his two small children. She read the add to see that he was married and that his wife, Crystal, ran her own business out of the home. His wife needed some assistance with the kids to allow her freedom to work. The job included room and board on an expansive ranch, just 30 miles from her childhood home. It also paid…surprisingly well for a gig watching children.

She applied immediately. This was her ticket out of her parents house and she thought it might be an adventure….and boy was she right about that.

2 years later, Chelsea had become a fixture in the home. She takes care of the children, who adore her, and even assists Crystal with some of her business needs. But…Chelsea also picked up other duties.

As she exited the shower in her private suite on the ranch, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her belly had begun to swell and her nipples darkened. She smiled at the thought of the life growing inside her. She never expected that she would be where she is right now…but she loved it. She touched her swollen belly and thought about the night that started all of this.

About a year after she had started working on the ranch, Crystal and Xavier had asked her to meet them in the large family room after she put the kids to bed. When she arrived, she sat with them by the fire and she could tell there was some type of important conversation coming. Was she getting fired? Did she do something wrong. She worried for a moment before Crystal broke the silence.

“We’ve discovered that I am unable to have any more children,” she said. “I’m sorry to hear that,” Chelsea responded. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Xavier swirled a glass of bourbon and took a pull from it before responding. “Actually…that’s why we wanted to talk to you,” he said. He swirled the dark liquid in his glass again before looking directly into Chelsea’s questioning eyes. “Have you ever thought about having children?” He asked. Chelsea froze. Processing what he had just said. Of course she had thought about it…but was Xavier implying….what she thought he was implying? Was he trying to ask her…to have children with him?

“Y-yes,” she said nervously. “I have thought about it, but I haven’t met anyone I would like to have children with yet.” Crystal chimed in “Yes, it definitely takes some time to get to know someone before you can decide to raise children with them.” Chelsea smiled nervously at Crystal’s statement. “Do you think that my husband is a good father?” Crystal asked. “I think he’s a wonderful father,” Chelsea said.

This line of questioning seemed to be headed in a particular direction so Chelsea decided to be direct. “Do you have something specific you’re trying to ask me?” She said. Xavier and Crystal looked at each other and then looked at Chelsea. “What would you think of joining our family?” Crystal said. “What would you think of being a….second wife of sorts?”

Chelsea’s eyes widened and looked to Xavier. She had always found him attractive. Tall, strong, dark tanned skin from working in the sun. He wore a thick beard and longish hair. He looked like an “Indiana Jones” character. Rugged and handsome. Although she found him attractive….she had never seriously considered him as a partner. In truth…she was pretty inexperienced with men altogether. Even in college, she had pretty much kept to herself and focused on her studies.

“I…I don’t know..” Chelsea stammered. “This is a bit of a shock.” “We’re not trying to coerce you or force you into anything,” Xavier reassured her. “You can say no, and you will still have a job here. You will be treated no differently.” Chelsea started to say no, and then thought about it. She loved her life the way it was. This would only serve to affirm her place here. Other than this being out of the societal norm….she couldn’t see much wrong with the idea.

“I think I’m interested,” she said with a smile. Crystal smiled back, “Wonderful. I’m going to head upstairs for the night and give you two some time to get acquainted then.” Crystal rose from her chair, “If you have any questions at all sweetheart, please don’t hesitate to ask. You’re my partner now too.” With that, Crystal exited the room.

That night, Xavier and Chelsea had touched each other…kissed…and made love for the first time. Xavier had laid a blanket on the floor in front of the roaring fireplace. They had both undressed and explored each other’s bodies. Xavier’s dark, tanned skin contrasted sharply with Chelsea’s fair skin and blond hair. Xavier teased Chelsea’s small, perky breasts with his tongue and ran his rough, calloused hands all over her young and petite body. She had never given or received oral sex but Xavier was patient and caring. He took his time showing his new lover the heights of pleasure. Probing her tight, hair covered pussy with his tongue and fingers, Before coaching her through a short blowjob and finishing with slow, passionate penetration. His cock was large and he worried that his inexperienced new partner might be uncomfortable but she quickly adjusted to his length and girth. Accepting all of his rod into her aching pussy. Chelsea clung to Xavier’s hard, muscled body as he tenderly worked his cock in and out of his new partner. She soon orgasmed..the first time she ever had with a partner. Xavier asked her if he could cum inside her and she quickly nodded in response. Then, he sped up his pace. Lightly slapping his body against hers before tensing and shooting thick ropes of hot cum into her. That was a night of many firsts….and began a journey of a lifetime.