The ocean has a mystical power

The sound of the waves filled the air. The cool breeze came through the balcony door. The sun still not peeking over the horizon. She woke up and looked at him. He looked so peaceful laying in bed. Little did he know he was about to be woken up. She smirked as she got ready. Her blood pumped at the sound of the waves. She lifted the sheets and went under them. She grabbed his dick and started licking the tip. He woke in surprise. He lifted the sheets to see her looking at him with desire. He smiled back. She put it in her mouth. Up and down her mouth went on it. His body heated up quickly. Her hands on the sides of his waist as her head bobbed up and down. She started going faster and sloppier. The sound of her mouth on him was turning him on even more. His hard dick inside her mouth was making her wetter and wetter. Harder and harder she sucked on it. Sloppier and sloppier it got. His toes curling from what she was doing to him. She stopped and got up on her knees over him. He looked at her. Her body light up in the early evening light. He quickly sat down and grabbed her. He threw her on him. He wanted his hard dick inside of her. He wanted to feel the warmth of her wet pussy on him. He slid it in as she started to ride him. At first slowly she rode his hard dick. Her hands on his chest as she worked her pussy on him. His blood was pumping harder and harder. The sound of the ocean no longer mattered. The cool breeze did nothing to the heat of their bodies together. She started riding him harder and faster. Working it on him. She could feel it hitting the right spot as she moved her body. She could see the pleasure in his eyes. He loved the way her body moved on him. The way it satisfied hid sexual needs. How her wet pussy grabbed his hard dick. He grabbed her by the neck as she rode him. Choking her turned her on even more. Faster and faster it made her go. His grip on her neck made her orgasm all over his hard dick. She couldn’t control it. Her body was shaking with pleasure. Her moans got louder and louder with uncontrollable satisfaction. His hard dick inside her would not allow her to stop. As much as she wanted to get off she couldn’t. His grip on her made her stay on it, riding it, cuming over and over on it. He could see feel her body trembling and twitching everytime she came. It just turned him on more and more. He could feel it building up inside. He knew it wasn’t going to last much longer. He could feel how wet she was. How she had orgasmed over and over on him. It was his time. The grip on her neck got tighter as he felt his body ready to cum. She saw it in his face. It made her go faster and harder on him. His hard dick inside her wet pussy. He couldn’t take it. His grip became stronger without control. He was cumming. The hard grip made her cum once more on him. Both moaning in passion and pleasure. She lay on his chest as both of their bodies trembled from what had just happened.