The Problem of Three Little Virgins [ff]

Peta looked at the bedside clock and sighed, time to get dressed. Ten more days of school then summer break. She could hear Mom downstairs, getting ready for work herself. Peta quickly took her bath robe off and saw her extra sized body reflected in the mirror, her tits and pussy an invitation for someone to touch again, soon, quickly reliving the events of last Saturday. As she pulled her panties on, she felt the familiar pressure on her vulva, and thought about the fingers that had touched her, the penis that entered her. Peta’s nipples grew hard at the thought, wanting to repeat the experience of being suckled by another person. Peta shoved these thoughts down, knowing if she didn’t she would probably masturbate and end up running late. The school bus wouldn’t wait for her.

Peta finished dressing quickly, grabbed her bag and ran downstairs. “Gotta go, Mom!” she called. “What about a hug?” Mom called and Peta walked quickly into the kitchen where Mom was standing, her arms out. Peta pressed herself into her mother’s arm, gently squeezing her, their breasts touching, Peta felt a small rush of excitement at holding her Mom. Another person was feeling her body. She quickly gave Mom a peck on the cheek, “See you tonight, Mom. Have a good day.” “You too, hon,” Mom replied, letting her daughter go. Peta turned and ran to the door, again supressing the sexual thoughts she was having, even over her own mom’s tits.

As she ran to the school bus stop, Peta was concentrating on her feet, making sure she wasn’t going to trip on the pavement. She rounded a corner and saw the other kids were still there, but the bus was rapidly approaching. Even though it was coming, Peta slowed, she was in plenty of time. She would get there after the bus stopped, but before the last kids had gotten on. Good timing, can get her breath back. The school bus always smelt, but today, it didn’t bother her, today she was really a grown up, today, she had left childhood behind, she knew. She knew about being an adult, she was no longer a virgin, she knew about fucking. How many kids on this bus had, she thought, feeling her nipples swelling again.

The rest of the week wasn’t the drag it normally was. Even though she couldn’t wait to the next weekend she had a grown-up’s perspective, things happen in their own time, she now knew. Patience, it will happen, she counselled herself, day after day. She practiced her grown up ideas every day, and every night, she practiced her grown up habits, masturbating, waiting until she could be touched again by a lover. There was something unsettling about it too. Something wasn’t right. Talking to Hope she was really interested, really wanting to know all the details, every last morsel, but Alex, curious, yes, but not like Hope. Alex seemed more dubious, less certain as the Saturday drew nearer, Peta wondered if Alex would go through with it.

Saturday came, at last. It was warm already, good swimming weather, at last, not that she and Alex or Hope did a lot of swimming any more. Mom had already agreed to drop her at Alex’s place and from there, they would go on to Hope’s, then were supposed to go to the pool. The three of them, together. they were not, they were going to Hope’s uncle’s place and he was going to fuck Alex. That was the plan, but Peta wondered if it was going to go that way. They made it to James’ place and taked for a bit, Alex was taken by the hand, by James and lef off to the bedroom.

Peta sat with Hope, while Alex was in bed with James. Peta sat quietly, remembering. She remembered how she was undressed by James, who had suckled her tits, who did finger her pussy. He masturbated her with an expertise she hoped that another guy might be able to emulate. Not that she had a lot of experience with guys fingering her, but she did hope. He had her cumming in a very short span of time, even though he did tell her that if she was nervous, she may not cum at all. He went down on her. She remembered the feeling of his mouth, his tongue on her pussy, much softer and hotter than his fingers. She remembered how he had lapped her clit, how he had talked her into taking his cock into her mouth. He described what it was like, how he felt while she was sucking him.

Then came the- Alex burst into the lounge where Hope and Peta were sitting, Hope on her phone, Peta thinking about James’ dick. She was half dressed, panties and a top, carrying her clothes. She wasn’t distraught, she wasn’t crying or screaming that James had done something wrong. Alex looked at Hope and said, “I can’t I’m sorry, but I just can’t!”

Peta and Hope rose and quickly went to Alex, holding her, noting that she was trembling. “Did he hurt you?” Hope asked. Alex shook her head, “No, he was really nice, but when he wanted me to hold his dick,” She hesitated, “I couldn’t, I just couldn’t take it in my hand! I couldn’t stay in there, I had to get out.” Alex looked over at Hope, “I told him I would ask you to join him, if you want to he said.” Hope nodded and left the room, a little too quickly, Peta thought. “What happened?” Peta asked.

“I did-,” Alex stumbled, “I can’t- I couldn’t- a guy-!”

“What, what are you talking about?”

“Peta,” Alex said, taking a deep breath, “I-” She stopped.

“Come on Alex,” Peta encouraged her, “We’ve been friends for ages, you can say anything.”

“Please,” Alex looked like she was about to cry, “I-, I-.” Peta reached out and took hold of Alex’s hands, pulling her close. “Tell me!” She demanded of her friend.

“When I pushed that wooden prong into me for the first time, it wasn’t a guy I was thinking about.” Alex said, almost in a whisper, softly enough that Peta didn’t quite get what Alex said.

“Thinking about?”

“Yes, I was thinking about …” The last word trailed off, Peta didn’t hear it. “About what?” Alex strangled a word out that sounded like “who”.

“Who were you thinking about?”

A bare sound came and it sounded like ‘You’. Peta was puzzled. “What? Me?” She asked.

“Don’t hate me!” Alex said, on the verge of tears, “I can’t help it.”

Peta shook her head and her nipples went hard, like they had last week. “Me?” She asked again. Alex nodded and Peta got that feeling of butterflies going hypersonic in her stomach. Suddenly it hit her, the memory of holding her mother, touching other women and girls, the little flutters and heart beats, emotional rushes, she dared herself. “I don’t hate you,” Peta said, “But you’ll have to come here and kiss me.”

It was Alex’s turn to be surprised, “What? Kiss you?”

“Yes, I want you to kiss me.” Peta was confident, sure of herself. She reached out to Alex and pulled her close, her lips searching for Alex’s. Alex responded, shyly at first, not really getting what was happening. As Peta’s lips lingered on hers, she grew more confident and returned the kiss with an increased passion.

As they broke, Alex just sighed and said, “Wow!”

“Who would’ve guessed,” said Peta, “That’s what I missed.”

“What? What did you miss?”

“I loved being fucked last week and want to do it again. I really liked sucking his dick, his eating my pussy, his dick inside me, but there was something missing, something not entirely right. I know what it is, I know what I missed.”

“What? What did you miss?”

“Did he kiss you?”


“How did it feel?”


“”No I meant, I kissed him, it was okay, but his lips, his face were hard. Your lips, your face are not. When I held him, he was hard, bones, you’re not, you’re much softer, softer skin, more gentle. What would it be like for me to lick your pussy?”

“I’d love it,” Alex replied, “Would you let me touch you?”

“If I was going to eat your pussy, why would I mind you touching me?” Peta reached up and took a grasp of Alex’s A cup breast, barely more than a nipple, “Soft.” Alex never wore a bra and Peta was able to expose them quickly. Leaning down, she took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it. “Oohh,,” Alex moaned.

Alex reached out and touched Peta’s breast, squeezing it. It was so much larger and heavier than she thought. Soft, resilient, springy, but heavy. Alex wanted to touch it, to suckle it. It was awkward, so she pulled Peta’s head off her nipple and kissed her. this felt right, this felt comfortable, this was what she wanted, a girl, not a guy. She knew, she was a lesbian now, for sure. All the angst of the last few years, it was over, she knew what she was, now all she wanted to do was explore it with Peta.

Peta let Alex undress her, to expose her breast and then let Ale suckle her. It wasn’t the same, Alex didn’t have to same experience and James, but it didn’t matter. Alex’s mouth, her lips were more gentle, her hands softer. Holding her, Peta felt Alex’s softness. Running her hands over her, there were bones, sure, but over the bones there was a layer of skin that felt smooth and soft. Peta hooked a thumb into Alex’s panties and eased them over her friends ass. Peta squeezed Alex’s ass, gently one cheek, then the other. It was Alex’s turn to be pulled off a tit, so Peta lifted Alex’s shirt off her, then her already half off panties hit the floor. Peta pushed her friend onto the couch and eased Alex’s legs open.

Peta had used a mirror to look at her own pussy, had seen other girls in showers, change rooms whatever, but had never examined a cunt this close up before. She know the essential structures, understood the purposes, but apart from her own, she hadn’t touched one before. Peta had a quick image of what Jame had done to her, what she did to herself, so she married the two together and ran her hand down, over Alex’s stomach, across her thick bush, down the inside of one thigh, then back up the other, finally running over Alex’s swollen labia.

Peta felt the moist stickiness of Alex’s juice on her fingers, smelt the aroma of her friend’s heat. Peta lowered her head and without any real foreplay, or hesitation, Peta ran her tongue across Alex’s labia and up to touch the expanded clit hood and now distended clit. That was fucking weird, she thought, no hesitation, no second thoughts, just I wanted to and I did. Maybe that comes from having a dick in your mouth, she thought. Peta went down and lapped at Alex’s clit, then remembered what James had done, put his whole mouth over her and sucked gently on her vagina and prodded her clit. She did the same thing to Alex and Alex responded with a huge moan.

Peta kept it up, just kept going, hanging on to Alex as she moaned, squealed and shook over the next few minutes. Without a lot of thought, Peta recalled a lesbian movie where the girl was not just getting eaten out, having her clit sucked, but had a couple of fingers inside her at the same time. Peta didn’t know if there would be enough room, but she let go of a hand that was wrapped around the outside of a thigh and snaked it around, inside Alex’s thigh. She could feel her chin, jammed against the flappy skin at the bottom of Alex’s pussy, so she squeezed her fingers between them, looking for the vaginal hole.

Alex moaned even louder, groaned at the additional intrusion, then again as Peta’s finger found their target. Peta knew she wasn’t going to be able to pump her fingers in and out, but she could tickle the inside of the canal, spread her fingers as far as they could go, opening the pussy hole. Not very far, she quickly realized, but she could flex her fingers up and down inside Alex’s pussy hole. Lapping at the clit, tickling the indie of the vagina, Alex’s motions became stronger, more urgent. Peta knew it, she was making Alex cum! Peta kept her lapping up, kept tickling Alex and Alex reacted with even greater actions and louder moans and shakes. Alex jumped a little, then shook a lot and moaned like a banshee as she cried “I’m CUMMING!”

Peta didn’t stop, she kept going as Alex cried again and again, declaring her orgasm. Alex might have been skinny and small, but Peta was surprised at how much strength she had to use just to keep her mouth in place, covering Alex’s pussy. Alex subsided, whimpering in the delight given her by Peta. Peta swiped her tongue over the now sodden pussy and lifting off Alex and kissed the bare skin around and above the hairy mons. She worked her way up the skinny body and got to Alex’s lips. They kissed and Alex held her friend and now lover, holding tight, kissing her over and over again.

“”That was unbelievable!” She said between kisses, “Truly the best ever!” Kissing, “I love you!” she repeated.

Peta looked at her friend and said, “Next Thursday, day one of the holidays, you, my place, my bed.” Then kissed her. Peta’s mother worked so they would have the place to themselves. “Now, your turn, fuck me,” she said.

Alex looked guilty, “I-, I-.”

Peta thought this might be an issue, so let Alex off the hook, “Fingers, masturbate me, put your fingers inside me. Play with my clit. Do to me what you do to yourself.”

“You don’t want me to-,” Alex hesitated.

“Look, I’ve watched a lot of lesbian porn and I had James’ dick in my mouth last week, so for me, it’s no biggie,” she said, calmly, “But without the encouragement I got, I wouldn’t have sucked his cock. You didn’t get that far, so let’s take it one step at a time, eh?”

Alex smiled and kissed Peta, then slowly eased her hand down over Peta’s still clothed pussy. Alex pulled Peta’s skirt up and then shoved her hand down her friend’s panties. She felt the oily slickness of Peta’s pubic hair, damped from her arousal. Alex rubbed her fingers over the springy mass, alike and different than her own. She hit a lump, recognizing it as Peta’s clit hood, then pressed onto it, rolling her fingers around it. Peta gasped in the pleasure this brought her.

Alex wanted to see more, she was aroused herself and wanted to see what she was doing to her friend. Alex took her hand out and put her thumbs on Peta’s panties to pulll them down. Alex had seen naked girls before, but not so up close and personal. She looked at the hairy muff in front of her and tried to think about licking it. She couldn’t, she thought, even though Peta had done it to her, she couldn’t return the favor. Using both hands, Alex covered her nervousness with a two handed action, one hand’s fingers sought the vaginal canal, intending to go inside Peta and the other strummed its fingers over the clit. Alex quickly got into a rhythm of poking and rubbing, giving Peta a chance at an orgasm.

It wasn’t long at all and Peta begn to feel the surges of sensation that presaged her orgasm, she moaned and told Alex to keep going, as her clit grew even harder if that was possible. Alex’s fingers strummed over Peta’s clit and Peta surged to an orgasm almost as strong as the one James had given her with his tongue. Alex was thrilled she could give Peta an orgasm, the satisfaction she got from making her friend cum was strong, strong enough to make her want to do it again and again. Peta subsided and pulled Alex to her, kissing her.

“Oh that was fucking nice, Alex,: Peta breathed, “Next Thursday, you, me, my bed. I want you naked in my bed, okay?”

Thursday was the first day of the holidays. “Okay, but,” she went on, “What about your Mom?”

“She’ll be leaving for work about eight, not home ’til six, so we’ll have all day to fuck.”

A look of sheer love passed over Alex’s face “Thank you for being so understanding-”

“No! Bullshit! Understanding has nothing to do with it,” Peta said, “I want you to love me, to eat my pussy, but when you’re really ready. The understanding is going to have to come from you.”

“Sorry, what? From me?”

“Yes, Look, I loved doing that to you. I loved the taste, the sound, the smell, the action, the fact I really had to hang on when you came. I loved making you cum. I want you to do it to me too, and love it. But you have to understand, I loved James’ cock, I loved sucking it, I loved that it filled my pussy when inside me, when he cum in me. I loved the taste of his dick and afterward, I liked the taste of the semen I scraped off my pussy to eat.” Alex looked shocked turning her nose up a little. “So you have to understand, you are a lesbian by your own admission, I like dick and I like pussy, so I’m bi-, have to be. I want dick and I want pussy, your pussy, specifically, any dick will do right now, maybe. You have to know, I can never be yours exclusively. That is what you have to understand. If you love me, then please, let me be me.”

Alex was surprised by her friend’s admission but nodded, a little uncertainly.

“We’re just gonna have to see where it goes then,” Peta continued.

“Yeah,” Alex responded, as their conversation was interupted by a loud moan from the bedroom. They looked at each other and laughed, “Was I that bad?” Peta asked.

“Nah, didn’t hear a thing,” Alex replied. They laughed together, the easy laugh of friends with a secret.