The Wedding – Part 3 [MF] [Fiction]

A breeze blows across the garden and I see you shiver a little, your nipples hardening. Coming towards you, you turn your head slightly, trying to hear, something just on the edge of your range, is it Me? 

You heart quickens again, anticipation grows, breathing changes. you shudder, not from the cold, but from excitement, wondering what will come next, where will I touch you, how will I touch you, is it really Me, what if it is someone else? The thought excites you even more, the possibility that I will let you be taken by another man, or even another woman. That I may allow you, My slut, My property, My body to be taken by another. Then you feel my touch, you don’t even flinch, good girl. You feel it in your hair, gently at first, moving the wisps from either side of your face, tucking them behind your ears, framing your beautiful face, before suddenly you feel My hand wrapped in your hair and your head snapped back. You cry out before I silence your cry with my mouth. 

Kissing you deep and hard, My need, My desire as strong as yours as you kiss Me back, forgetting your place. Breaking the kiss as punishment, you instantly realise your mistake, you know are not permitted to kiss Me back, to interact at all with instruction or permission. You steel yourself for the inevitable punishment, as you hear My hand whistling through the air and landing on your right tit. The slap knocks your dress off your tits and you are left in just your flimsy bra, chest heaving. Repeating the slap on your other tit, seeing it instantly redden.

You hear my zipper release, My hand still in your hair. Knowing, hoping, that you will get to taste My cock. It is already rock hard, your submission, your efforts pleasing me greatly. If you could see it, you would see the precum glistening in the moonlight, you would moan to taste it, loving the flavour of it. Holding your head steady, I push My cock at your face, not your mouth, not yet. You can smell Me, your mouth salivates, as I rub My cock on your face. Trails of precum sticky on your cheek, under your nostrils, the smell you have come to love, to crave. You almost slip and I see your tongue almost lick your lips, but you remember just in time to avoid further punishment, although I am not truly sure the punishment is not wholly pleasurable to you.

Leaning down I whisper in a low growl in your ear. “Open wide slut” and you do, I have rarely seen you move so quickly, so desperate to taste Me. I drop My cock on your tongue, and give you permission to engage it. Your smile grows wide and you go to work on Me. You tongue working as hard as it can to savour My cock, as I start to slide it in and out of your willing slut face. Each time almost removing it completely, teasing you, making you hungrier for it. Releasing your hair, you understand that is not a full release and you keep your head just where it is, as I reach down and free your tits from the bra, spilling them into the night air. One hand on each, grabbing them, massaging them, squeezing the flesh roughly. Taking the nipples between My finger and thumbs and pinching them hard, making you gasp, using the opportunity to slip My cock deeper into your throat, gagging you. Holding it there, allowing you to adjust your breathing and your head position just enough to be able to keep My cock in your throat. Using My slut’s mouth like a pussy, thrusting deep into it, your head bobbing back to meet My every stroke, willingly choking on it every time

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  1. There we go, just what I needed to keep my week hot and exciting 🙂 God, I can’t get enough of this story, and I’ve read it several times now!!! Love your work!!!xxx

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