This will happen with or without your collaboration

“Shut up and do as you’re told and everything will go smoother”, he says.

You’re lying on your belly, he’s on top of you. You can smell him and his excitement. You think about resisting like you’ve done countless times before, but you know it’s futile: he weights almost twice as much as you, all muscle. You decide to do nothing instead.

“This will happen with or without your collaboration.” He grabs your hair and a rush of pain runs through your scalp as he adds: “either you make things easy or I’ll force my way inside you.”

You can feel the threat of his hard cock brushing against your asshole and you instinctively clench your cheeks. As if that is going to help you.


And it starts. He pushes, you cry in pain as his cock enters you, centimetre by centimetre. You now try to resist, but he pins your arms down by the wrists using only one of his hands. He licks your left ear and talks into it.

“You know you’re enjoying it, little slut.”

As much as you would like to, you can’t deny it. The pain is overwhelming, but you’re as wet as you’ve ever been and he knows it. He forces a hand beneath your belly and you feel a finger running along the soaked exterior of your vagina. He laughs and takes his finger to your mouth, forcing you to suck on it. It tastes sweet and salty and, before you can even realise it, your tongue is licking the entirety of his finger.

Meanwhile, he keeps pumping inside you. He hasn’t used any lube, so his penis barely moves inside your ass, but he keeps pushing as hard as he can, as if he were trying to impale you in a spear fuelled by lust. A few minutes into it, he seems to have enough and pulls out, not without some difficulty due to the dryness.

“Open your fucking mouth.”

You knew this was coming: whenever you don’t collaborate, things get nasty. But you still try to keep your mouth closed tight as his cock approaches your face. Two fingers on your nose let you know that your capitulation is not only certain, but also just a handful of seconds away. You try to hold your breath, but eventually you can’t keep your mouth from opening and he shoves his dick into you. You gag. You’re used to having things forced down your throat, but the taste…

“This is what you get for not doing as you’re told.”

But you already knew that, of course. You feel your make up running down your face as your eyes water. Looking at you, he laughs and slaps your face. He does it hard, and the wet sound echoes in the room. A second later, you feel the same hand that has just hit you starts stroking your pussy.

“You’re such a fucking whore. You’re being used like a piece of fucking meat and look at how wet you are.”

At the beginning, you used to feel ashamed of that. But that is history now. You know that you’re a whore, that has always been your purpose. You feel an orgasm starting to form inside you.

“Grlml,” you try to say something, but the dick going in and out of your throat doesn’t allow any words to form.

Laughing, he pulls it out and you try again: “I am *your* whore”.

You cum and immediately lose consciousness.