Urgent Need in the Middle of the Night

I cant sleep, thinking about your cock. Thinking about it sliding in so smoothly, searing hot and so, so tight. It makes me ache, just thinking about it. Giving up on sleep, I get up, slip on some flip flops and walk next door. It’s late, and I have no business knocking on anyone’s door at this hour, but my need is overruling my brain. I know you’re home, and I know you’re alone. Wearing just a tshirt and panties, the night air makes my nipples tighten, making it very obvious that I’m not wearing a bra. I feel exposed outside, dressed like this, and that adds to my exhiliration.

I knock softly on your door and wait, my anxiety about this whole thing increasing by the second. You don’t answer so I knock hard with the side of my fist, rattling the door frame. Again, no one answers. Before I leave, I try the knob and its unlocked. I creep into your house and make my way to the bedroom, standing in the doorway, I let my eyes adjust to the darkness.

You’re sleeping on your back, arms and legs sprawled out, completely naked except for a navy blue sheet wrapped around one leg. Its a hot night and I can see a damp sheen of sweat on your chest despite the soft breeze from the open window. I zero in on what I want, what I need. Even in sleep, you are semi-erect. I pull my tshirt over my head, take off my panties and crawl up between your legs. I take your cock in one hand, put the head in my mouth, and suck gently. You moan in your sleep, and your cock starts to grow in my mouth. I cup your balls with my free hand and squeeze gently. I hear you whisper, “Aw, fuck!”

I look up and you’re awake, staring at me. We lock eyes as you place your hand on the back of my head and encourage me to take more. I go all the way down, feeling your growing dick in my throat. I feel like I’m going to gag, so I swallow fast several times, the muscles in my throat pulsing around you. I let drool escape and run down your shaft, then go all the way back down, slurping it up. You’re so hard now, and the heat from your cock is making my pussy yearn to be filled. I crawl up your body and straddle you. I rub my wet, overheated pussy along your long shaft, you feel my heat, my slick lips leaving a trail of my wetness. I’ve wanted this for so long; my whole body is vibrating, every nerve on fire in anticipation. I grind you like this for a minute or two, while I lean forward and kiss you. Your beautiful full lips push against mine, and your tongue pushes through. I suck your tongue deep into my mouth and groan. Without breaking the kiss, I reach down and put your glistening head at my entrance. I need it. I’m finally going to satiate my desire. I want it so badly that I’m trembling. I push back and so slowly, deliciously feel your hot, throbbing cock slide inside me. You groan into my mouth as I start riding you slowly. Rising all the way up before sliding all the way back down.

My pussy is on fire. Your cock feels unbelievably good inside me and I feel my climax start to build quickly. I reluctantly release your tongue so I can lean back. I put my hands on your thighs behind me and arch my back, pushing my clit into your body with each stroke. When I throw my head back, you can feel my long, thick hair brushing your thighs. I pick up the pace, but just a little. From where you are, you have a clear view of my bouncing tits, and your cock disappearing into my pussy, so big it stretches the skin, making my pulsing, engorged clit stand erect. I’m getting so close, my whole body feels like it’s on fire and my skin is hot to the touch. I slide all the way down, balls deep and grind your cock against my g-spot. My orgasm hits me hard, I moan and call out your name, squeezing you so hard you grunt. You feel my cum coat your cock and run out of my pussy, puddling on your balls. After stopping for just a second to catch my breath, I rise up off of your cock and spin around, straddling your face while taking your pussy covered cock in my mouth. You immediately grab my ass and pull me toward you. I can feel you licking my thighs, long strokes, like a cat cleaning its tail, then you suck my smooth, puffy lips into your hot mouth. Finally, you pull my lips apart to expose my freshly fucked pussy. You lick the length of it, settling over my clit, which you suck into your mouth. I’m surprised to feel it stiffening so soon after cumming so hard. You suck hungrily and I feel another climax building. I pull your cock up and lick your balls clean, taking each one into my mouth. My pussy is drooling onto your chin, your tongue flicking at my clit. I try to hold it, enjoy the feeling, but I cant stop it, I gasp, your name floating on my breath and cum again, dribbling into your waiting mouth. I feel your tongue darting into my still quivering hole, feeling the walls convulse on your tongue.

I feel so weak and my legs are trembling, but I manage to crawl off of your face and settle between your legs. I suck your cock into my mouth, running my tongue around your head in firm circles. I slide my hand up and down your shaft. With my free hand I gently apply pressure to your balls. You’re starting to grunt and you’re breathing hard. I feel your balls contract and I pull your cock from my mouth just in time for ropes of your thick, sticky cum to splatter on my face. It coats my nose and chin and runs down on my breasts. I crawl back up to straddle you, put your still spasming cock into my pussy. With your cock inside me, I start scooping up your cum and putting it in my mouth. Globs from my face and chest, slurped up and swallowed. I ride you, milking every last bit from your balls. When your cock starts to soften inside me, I dismount. You lie there breathless while I put my tshirt on, and pull my panties over my sloppy, wet pussy. I walk over to you, tenderly brush the hair from your forehead and kiss you softly. I whisper against your lips, “Thank you, daddy” and leave, locking the door behind me.