We argued, we made up, she pissed in my face [MF]

My FWB, Penny, and I had been in a lull for a bit. I think we were both getting bored of each other and, without a ‘love’ connection, there was not a lot of reason to hang out. We would still have sex on a regular basis — but where it has once been 3 or 4 times a night, every single night — it was now 1 or 2 times a night three times a week. The change was probably complicated by my work and living situation and the fact that she had returned back to school to pursue a new career. We had conflicting schedules, I had moved 20 minutes farther away, and being ‘the boss’ at work was killing me with stress.

I tried to break it off with her one night and she wasn’t having it. She drove to my place and a “Say Anything” like stand off took place where she lay on the hood of my car and called me non-stop until I agreed to talk to her. I wanted her off the hood of my car, so I let her in and we locked ourselves in my room while I hoped that my roommates wouldn’t hear our awkward argument.

She laid it out for me that she was mad about a young girl I had slept with a few months before and the fact that I was still talking to a few other girls from AFF or OkCupid. I pointed out that she and I were just FWB and that was part of our agreement AND that she was doing the same thing. She then let me know that she was mad because she felt I had lied about it. That I had sex with a girl and didn’t tell her — which would have violated our boundaries. I had no idea what she was talking about.

“I found this hair tie in your room. It belongs to one of those little sluts of yours!”

“It is your hair tie.” I calmly replied.

“Bullshit! I don’t have any like this. I didn’t leave it here, it has to be one of theirs.”

“100% has to be yours.” I was supremely confident in this, as I had not had anyone back to my new apartment save for one person who never went into my bedroom and who I never hooked up with. I explained that to her and she told me that she had seen the messages in my phone with that girl. “Wait, you’ve been looking through my phone?”

“Yes! And I know she came over!”

“Yeah, and nothing happened. She was the worst. We didn’t hook up, and she never left the living room.” I was calm about that, but furious about her snooping in my phone. I had never violated her privacy like that.

We argued for a while and eventually she calmed down — it didn’t hurt that I noticed at one point that the kind of hair tie that she ‘didn’t own’ was the same kind she had in her hair that day. She checked herself and apologized and we came to an agreement about not doing dirty shit to each other. We hugged it out… then started kissing… then touching… and before you know it we were nude and ready for makeup sex — the best kind of sex.

It is interesting how your body yearns for someone more after you argue. Something about the complex chemical mixture released makes your body simply feel different afterward. I was living pretty sparsely at the time; having just moved to this temporary spot. My mattress was on the floor and my belongings stacked in Tupperware containers. We stripped down and tossed our clothes whichever direction felt right at the time. She wanted me in her mouth as much as she wanted my tongue on her so she hopped on top of me and pinned me down.

She mounted her pussy over my mouth and skillfully took my cock into hers in a perfect — near instantaneous — 69. It had probably been a week — maybe two — since we had last hung out and we were both horny as hell. Her pussy was soaking wet, clearly she had been hoping this would happen all along, and I missed the taste of her. I sucked on her clit for a while as she sucked on the head of my dick. I decided I wanted to lick her asshole so I moved a bit to be able to lick from clit to taint to rim. We didn’t do that often but this time it drove her over the edge and suddenly my face was completely drenched. She hadn’t had an orgasm, I was sure of that, but I suddenly had what seemed like piss all over my face, neck, chest, and bed.

“What the fuck?!” I spit the liquid out of my mouth and yelped out my question. “Did you pee on me?”

“What?” She stopped her sucking, turned and looked at me, and saw me covered in wetness.

“Did you just… did you just piss on me?”

“Ohmigod, no!” She dismounted me and surveyed the scene more completely. She checked her vagina for any irregularity and shrugged her shoulders.

I sat up and let her wetness drip down me as I searched the area for a towel or sheet or something I could sop this all up with. I settled on some paper towels and we didn’t speak for a full minute or two.

Finally, when I was ready, I asked again; “Are you sure you didn’t just pee on my face?”

“I swear! I didn’t!”

“Okay. Well. I don’t know what that was then. But, if you piss on me again, I’m going to piss on you next time.”

“No you are not! And, I didn’t pee on you!”

I didn’t know it at that time, but that was a perfectly natural thing to happen on occasion. She and I had been practicing squirting and female orgasm for a few years and we were pretty good at making it happen on a regular basis — but it almost always took specific circumstances. Typically, it involved a ‘trick’ I had learned to do with my fingers paired with some pressure above her pubic bone. Additionally, it was always accompanied by an orgasm, never just a random wet event.

Penny and I continued and moved into more standard positions for ourselves. I went down on her until she orgasmed then I fucked her until we both did. She stayed the night and we made love a few more times which satisfied the need to make up effectively. She came over again the next night and the night after that for more of the same. It was on that third night that it happened again.

She was riding my face while she stared into my eyes and tugged on my hair when, without warning, *sploosh* her wetness was everywhere. My bed was soaked, my face, my shoulders. My mouth was full of wet and I felt like I was going to choke on it — and not in a sexy way. I pushed her back off of me and coughed her juices out of my mouth and let her cum drip everywhere.

“Ohhhhhhh my god! You pissed on me!” I jokingly barked at her.

She started to laugh and laugh, but she grabbed the paper towels and handed me a few to dry off with. “That isn’t pee!”

“I told you I’d pee on you if you did it to me agian!”

“Noooooooo!” She knew I wasn’t serious and was laughing about everything even harder.

“Fine, but I’m going to fuck the life out of you for that.” I discarded the paper towels and kissed her with my face still mostly covered in the flavor of her pussy. I took some of the wetness that was elsewhere on me and rubbed it all over my cock so that it would be slippery wet and I pushed into her. I wish I could remember the play-by-play details of what took place next, but it was so intense and so aggressive that I was lost in the moment.

I used her body like a sex toy that night. I manhandled her and put her in any and every position I wanted. I slipped a finger into her asshole, fucked her face and throat, spanked her ass red and pink, and ended up cumming all over her back and ass in one of the biggest cumshots I had, had in years. When I was done with ‘punishing’ her she just lay there panting for a good ten minutes. I got us some water from the kitchen then cleaned her up as we sat silently for a while.

“Oh my god.” She remarked finally, “I should start peeing on you.”

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